Koch Brothers No Longer Denying Climate Change

It’s common knowledge the Koch brothers are financially entangled in denying climate change. Up until recently, they are one of the two largest supporters of climate science denial, sitting proudly next to Exxon Mobil. At a summit in Washington DC, David Koch of Koch Industries is officially changing his position on denying climate change and even providing a much needed solution to the problem. where can i buy cialis online cialis online

“We’ve realized over the past few months the science is sound. The figures are facts. The denial is done,” David Koch huffed into the microphone in a room full of Tea Party supporters.

Moans and groans filled the audience, mostly because of how COLD it was last winter. How do you even explain that if global warming is real?

Speculators have speculated David Koch was feeling the pressure from the media and environmental groups and had to take action. In a recent study on Science Stuff Magazine Monthly, scientists confirmed David Koch is directly and personally responsible for a large part of man-made climate change. It is reported the air coming from the David Koch’s mouth is roughly 300 times more potent than methane as a heat-trapping gas.

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The Three Main Reasons Why Macs Suck (Part 3)

So yeah, I got a Mac. And I have some new reasons why Macs suck. I fucking hate this stupid ass thing. I’m about ready to literally throw it in the trash and get a Surface Pro XP, those things are awesome! My friend has one and there are a million apps for it!

I think Macs suck hard and here are more reasons to not buy one and avoid them at all costs.

First things first, no games! Where are the games on this thing? I googled “games mac” on bing and what came back was shocking: nothing. 0 results.

What the fuck Apple? If the smooth talking techno dude with the beard at the the Apple store had told me there were no games for it, I would have told him to shove it. I need my damn minesweeper! How else am I supposed to distract my children from my failed marriage?

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