Koch Brothers No Longer Denying Climate Change

It’s common knowledge the Koch brothers are financially entangled in denying climate change. Up until recently, they are one of the two largest supporters of climate science denial, sitting proudly next to Exxon Mobil. At a summit in Washington DC, David Koch of Koch Industries is officially changing his position on denying climate change and even providing a much needed solution to the problem. where can i buy cialis online cialis online

“We’ve realized over the past few months the science is sound. The figures are facts. The denial is done,” David Koch huffed into the microphone in a room full of Tea Party supporters.

Moans and groans filled the audience, mostly because of how COLD it was last winter. How do you even explain that if global warming is real?

Speculators have speculated David Koch was feeling the pressure from the media and environmental groups and had to take action. In a recent study on Science Stuff Magazine Monthly, scientists confirmed David Koch is directly and personally responsible for a large part of man-made climate change. It is reported the air coming from the David Koch’s mouth is roughly 300 times more potent than methane as a heat-trapping gas.

“We had to do something,” David Koch gargled from his cake hole. generic viagra pills not take viagra

The Koch brothers unveiled a bold new strategy for solving climate change: a 5 million square feet white blanket which will be gently placed over the fast melting Antarctica. current price of viagra in india

“The blanket will do two things: it will keep things nice and cool in Antarctica by reflecting more sunlight. It will also slow down Russia’s polar expansion as they were set to spend nearly $30 million to boost their five polar bases in 2014.” David Koch explained to the audience. “Safe to say, they don’t quite understand the concept of sovereignty.”

Polar bears were unavailable for comment because they don’t live in Antarctica ya dope. And, they also can’t talk.

David spent nearly 3 hours explaining concepts such as science, scientific probability, facts and other stuff to the room full of bewildered Tea Party participants. Towards the end, 2 members from the audience finally were grasping the important concepts such as ‘we are all going to die.’

“The Free Market is hard at work on solving this crisis… unlike this administration,” David chanted to a scared and largely confused crowd.

Once Koch is finished implementing the large white blanket, he’ll be able to get back to more pressing issues. safe website to order viagra sildenafil 50 mg tablets

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