Apple Buying Beats for 3.2 Billion, Why? Synergy?

Wow, so, Apple, the company with the “UI” expert Tim Ive, think they can just buy Beats and form synergy? They are seriously being misled by Tim. Why Tim? Why would you do this? Purchase the second shittiest company in existance as the first shittiest company in the world?

The Beats Music app is terrible in it’s own way and probably needs it’s own post. The last time I used that crap it was three straight hours of Gloria Estefan.

Um, I had already listened to her all morning. It was annoying.

Let’s talk about Beats headphones–they’re garbage for a few reasons. The first reason is this stupid ass banana plug adapter. Am I supposed to just have a dual banana plug to 1/8″ stereo (two mono channels) lying around? I mean, I did, but, that’s besides the point. Why make things so much more difficult for their users?

Secondly, the DRM limits certain types of music. I enjoy throwing down some good ole Christian Country music from time to time. It’s good stuff. All that twerk music is for the birds IMO. Banning certain types of music from playing on your headphones is something Obama would do. I have to pay an extra $20 to listen to Christian Country, Country Rap, or, Rap/Rock like Puff Dad? I’ll pay the money, but, I’m not happy about it.

The third reason is I can still hear the sound of my screaming wife. “There’s hair all over the bathroom floor you scumbag!” Ha! It’s like shut up and never talk again, you know? If I’m able to hear Susan over my damn headphones, why did I spend $300 on these things?


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