Emo Kid Dies from Being Too Emo

Steve Widdle, former front man for the emo band “Forgive All the Blood,” died last week of undisclosed causes. Authorities would not release any information regarding his death. However, our team of investigators have found evidence that this wasn’t related to disease, badgers or even an accident–it was caused by being too Emo. We interviewed a couple of his close friends to find out more.

“At first, it was just a little bit of Dashboard Confessional here and there,” says his best friend and bassist Tom Ronalds. “You know, he was just about the music and having fun.” Tom told us that things quickly got out of hand right before his eyes.

“All of the sudden, he was straight edge, vegan, a goofy dresser and an all around pain in the ass. He never wanted to party, all he wanted to do was sit around and act emo. I don’t want to go see Yellowcard, they are sellouts, let’s wear eyeliner, let’s buy those thick ass black framed glasses even though we have 20/20 vision. What the F#%$! He then started to refuse to hang out with us after our shows to go home and cry his eyeliner away. I thought he was just acting Goth, but he got very offended when I would call him that. He would make outrageous claims like he invented emo and that everyone was ripping off his melodies.” Tom told us.

Mary Finkle, ex-girlfriend of Steve, confided, “I think it was because his shirts were too tight. He got so skinny from being a vegan that he could fit into children’s clothing. It became an obsession for him, wondering how small of a shirt he could fit into. The day I realized there was a problem was when he was listening to this stuff called Faded Nimbus [the band that basically started emo] which is the most insane emocore I’ve ever heard. It’s just basically crying and some guitar chords every once and a while. It’s really underground.”

Mary was the unfortunate one to find Steve’s body. She hinted at the fact he was listening to some ridiculously emo music, had X’s on both of his hands and had been crying his eyeliner away. We aren’t trying to say that being emo killed Steve, we are just supplying you the facts.

If you feel that you or someone you know is too emo, please do something about it before it’s too late.

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Do you ever stop to think about how lucky you are to be alive?

391 thoughts on “Emo Kid Dies from Being Too Emo”

  1. Thanks for this, my child was acting very emo and I didn’t notice until now. Needless to say, he’s in for the rest of the week.

  2. You never cleared this article with me. I clear all things emo…You’re supposed to come to me 1st! Who the hell do you think you are?!

  3. hmmm… well then, emo killed a kid huh…. kwen it was bound to happen someday

  4. Hi Mike, I’m not too sure if Emo can actually become airborne. My research in the field has led me to believe that it is transmitted through tears. Quite frightening really.

  5. emo…this story just killed emo. why does it always get such a bad rep?

  6. Everbody run! Emo is fun!…Im just being random…and Im not emo…blah…Did that boy wear girly pants too??? I wonder if he was a virgin.

  7. Just proves that emo is deadly, contagious, and should be kept away from fragile, impressionable ears, it infects on impact…be warned.

  8. you guys are gay and faggots emo is awsome im emo and love everything about it … you act like its a fucking desieas or sumthing , why do you people have to talk about something you dont know the first part of… ?

  9. OMG. Ha. Im going to go cry away my eyeliner, slit my wrists, write a little poetry while listening to Bright eyes, and then maybe ill complain to all my friends how my life is complete shit.

  10. Emo so changed my life! Without it I wouldn’t have realized how much the world is full of people that cry. I thought the only people in this world that bitched were the Jews! I was so wrong. I have encountered so many people in my journeys who cry for no reason. Those are the ones you have to worry about cause they carry the sorrow virus which develops through the emo gland which everyone has. This gland has been dorminant for centuries. It wasn’t till recently when a group called Faded Nimbus released it’s first song that this gland became over active. It seems that the gland mixed with some type of ebola virus which mutated the virus creating a stronger virus called the “Sorrow Virus” this virus escapes the tear ducts and then the wind catches it breaking it and evaporating the tear making the virus air born. There are currently three known stages of the virus.

    A-sorrow: this version makes a random person into a panzy.

    B-sorrow: this version makes the victim a writer or artist of some sort even when they had no previous artistic talent.

    C-sorrow: at this stage of the virus the virus makes the carrier cry at the act of staring into space or at another person.

    One must be aware of people with this stage of the virus cause they are extremely contagious. The virus has not been known to kill but the virus can lead to a condition known as the pill popping syndrome. When this is reached the user becomes used to pain killers and maoi inhibitors that may lead to overdose.

  11. Hey Dudes that kid werent emo he was just a little crazy in the head

    n im a happy emo 😀

  12. This guy was emo, but it wasn’t emo that killed him. I think he must have developed some kind of mental disease. Emos scare me, true, but if you have some kind of self-control Emo is relatively harmless. The lesson of this story: NEVER TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY!!!

    And for anyone who would rather NOT be depressed, become random, like me! It’s fun XP

    Not to say that if you like being depressed you shouldn’t stay that way. Personal rainclouds could be fun too, I suppose. ^^

  13. *sings to the tune of “happy little vegemites”*
    we’re happy little emo kids,
    we cry ourselves to sleep.
    we all despise this lonely world,
    and refuse to eat red meat.
    we’re drawing little X’s on our hands and on our feets,
    because we heard hellogoodbye
    and we all adore hellogoodbye,
    coz they made our liner run.


  14. My kid sister had a tickle me emo. He didn’t have eye liner, but he was red and furry. I think he was gay, though.

  15. I think this website is aload of nonsence. Emo people form around the world would never go to this website as it is totally untrue. I am going to tell all my faggy emo friends never to go on this site as it it bollocks. People don’t die because they are emo. People ie because they cancer and stuff! I might get on to my lawyer and close this fucking site down. anyway how can people de because they are emo! emo is the way you dress and the music you listen to. I am a sweaty fag myself i am no dying! If i am i would be fucking noticing it.
    Go fuck yourself
    Hadie x

  16. yeah cos he reali died beacause he was emo diddnt he?? theres no need for this emo nonsence & i dont see why people feel the need to labbel them selvs, i realy do feel sorry for them. yea i do listen to a bit of “emotional” music but do u see me go fuckin crying all the time. ” oh my goshhh this girl broke my heart &&&& i was like omgzz!!1!!!11 im gonan die!!. its pethictic realy.i mean whats emo about thick rimmed glasses?? seriously and wearing small tees?? cos bein vegan is realy emo isernt it?? As for dashboard i dont see the big fuss this chrissd guy is about 30 & he still wines about girls braking his heart, get in a reali fuckin realshionship.
    dont get me wrong i dotn have anything againts emo but its not emo that can kill some one is them being fuckin attention seekers & being depresd. like im goin to slitt my wrist but only across cos i just wont attion i dont reali wanna kil my self.

  17. hey emos rock my world.
    that emo peson was on sumthin.
    im happy bein emo y0

  18. I might get on to my lawyer and close this fucking site down.

    I’d like to see you try potty mouth…

    People, what’s with the terrible spelling? Get a spell checker for crying out loud.

  19. Some of my friends are starting to act emo. They have the wide brimmed glasses and everything! They say they’re being “independent” but I caught one listening to Brighteyes the other day. What do I do before it’s too late? Are there pills that supress emo?

  20. Hi Emily,

    I’m not sure if there are pills yet to cure or suppress the emo, although, I’ve heard from pharmaceutical representatives that they are in the works. I also believe Prozac would work here.

    My advice is to put your friends on a strict diet of Stevie Wonder, steal their eyeliner and dress them in nice clothing. I will warn you that they will be very mean at first, but, this should slowly subside as they become more complacent. Intervention early is key here, this may save their life. Good luck.

  21. Omfg. you guys are all crazy. Im an emo kid. and fucking lovin it! you dont know anything…

  22. heh, all you losers who said you’re happy bein emo, that’s a lie, because emo can’t be happy. boo yah

  23. I have a friend with a black, cotton, zip up jacket that will turn anyone from primo to emo in less than 5 clicks of a watch. It’s a neat trick, but reminds me how much i freakin hate emo-ans.

  24. this is some hardcore funny shit. first time ive laughed in days.

  25. To anyone who says that emo doesn’t kill people, I just have to say this: Emo killed my sister. It is a very serious disease and should be treated completely seriously. Losing that much water and salt a day through teardrops is extremely damaging to your health, especially when you’re not getting enough fat and protein from proper meat and animal products daily. This story is no laughing matter. I was worried about my sister when I heard her playing Bright Eyes, but it was a happy song about a doctor, so I didn’t think anything of it… then it got worse and worse until finally she was listening to some song about Oberst’s dead brother. I am currently in a law suit against Oberst for allowing my sister to die the way she did. It’s just tragic. If your kids start listening to Bright Eyes, lock them up. Trust me, it’s better that way.

  26. and if ur not emo YOU SUCK COCK AND EAT DONKEY BUTTUCKS and u know wut else. I am only three and a half years old

  27. Emo has replaced date rape as the number one killer of teenage girls in America.

  28. Hey! I have ever heard of a guy dying because he was emo. You make it sound like its a desease or somthing. Its not you know!
    Yeh yeh.. people say you emo because you cry. I don’t cry that often. That person was “depressed” because of something in his life I supose. Or he must of been a wanna be emo and to prove hes emo by slitting his writs or hanging himself or however he died.
    Sorry but thats my opinion.
    Luv abi xx

  29. Oh yeh I forgot to say Hadie shutup. Sorry but she is lying your just a dirty pedo hadie this site rocks and you are a swetty emo fag so Sh! Ilove emos but if I ever met you im sure I wouldnt love you. You hurt people feeling because emo is not just the way you dress and what music you listen to its the way you feel. Get that? Ok.
    Love abi xx

  30. Watch out for them emo kids. They’ll convert you, either that .. or .. cry about not being able to.

    ps. This is addressed to those emo kids out there:
    You may think you’re very cool, but all of the not emo people just think you’re stupid. Emo isn’t a cool thing. We all point and laugh at you guys.
    Have a nice day 😀

  31. I have so many emo kids at my school I cant stand them, they just sit there and act depressed and brag about how there way more deep than anyone else. There super cocky too and ther the most annoying people ever. Why would you want to make yourself be depressed and you cant tell me tight jeans and t-shirts are more comfortable so stop trying to make your clothing deep. Also I completely agree with Isabella’s statement.

  32. why the hell does everyone have to bitch?
    if someone wants to be emo theres nothing wrong with that, the same goes for goths, and even chavs *retches*.

    although NO-ONE should be labelled. you cant categorize people, were all individual.

    labels are for soup

  33. yeah, I’m pretty emo. I like emo music, but I don’t wear tight pants, eyeliner, cry all the time, or slit my wrists, I used to complain about my life sucking, but it had nothing to do with girl’s breaking my heart. I actually agree with some of this, I saw one of the biggest metalheads I know turn into more emo than I’ve ever been, it has been becoming a disease. Oh yeah, I have the glasses too, but my vision is terrible, I’m seriously like blind without them and that is a fact.

    PS-Whoever wrote that is brilliant, it’s hilarious.

  34. Hey.
    I think i might be emo. How can you tell.. I have been braking down in tears most nights and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I am emo or maybe because I am just depressed or something. I have not got the urge to slit my wrists or anything. I dress how most emos dress and listen to “emo” music. Oh My gosh.! I am emo???

    Oh well .

    Thanks you have just helped me discover what I am.


    Thanks Love Abigail 😀

  35. hey,
    Im not emo or anyfin but y bitch bout it u r wot u choose 2 b if u wanna b emo den go 4 it, dnt listen 2 any1 else, its ur life not ders…. anyway alot of emo’s r like really hott.. well dats my opinion..lol 🙂
    luv ya’s

  36. HEY!!!
    Awwww i think it’s sad wot happened 2 dat guy, i cnt believe ppl r callin a ded person do u no how EVIL dat is ewwwww!!!!! n maybe emo is a diesease or summet i wudnt no im not emo!! but 4 thos ppl hu r dnt go n slit ur wrist coz of a boy/girl just get ova it der will b uva peeps! n ya neva no dey might b betta den ur uva relationship…i like dis guy n he totally duz not like me in dat way n i felt sooo down n my m8s say der will b uva lads but i was like i dnt want any uva lad i want dis 1…. but i dint go slit my wrist even tho i felt sooo sad n depresed but im gonna get ova it eventually but i will……….just remember theres plenty more fish inda sea ( a whole bunch of dem) lol
    yeh so im gonna luv ya n leave ya’s bye bye xx

  37. this is the most stupied crap ive ever heard . he didnt die cause he was emo !!!! im emo …. all because some ones emo doesnt mean anything .. EMO IS A PASSION NOT A FASHION……IDIOT’S …. oh if you know someone’s emo be careful they might kill them self.. total crap …

  38. this is the most stupied crap ive ever heard

    Excellent point, I couldn’t agree more.

    god what kinda piece of shit is this site?!

    Don’t you think that is a little harsh there, Beth? Well, I have to give you credit as you spelled every word correctly. Way to go!


  39. ummm hardcore and emo arent even close to the same thing..
    so the only reason this article is funny, is due to the fact that the person that wrote it knows nothing about what they are talking about

  40. ok people, get real, im emo, and i have been for a few years, am i dead yet? no. stop talking shit abouth thingst that you have no clue about , and f.y.i. EMO IS NO CONTAGOUS…unless you are a posing follower of course


  41. oh yeah, to that lady that is keeping her kid in because he was”acting emo” thats bull. just becaues hes emo doesn’t meen hes gonna die.

    discriminating yer own child….thats low


  42. my friend, ray, and i were talking about emo kids. theyre all posers. at first, only the real emo kids wore gaged ears, chucks, bracelets, and i dont know wtf is up with those x’s on the hands, but emo is rediculous. its all a bunch of teens, who cry just because they think its the cool thing to do. emo sucks anyway. and when did emo become a style, or a fashion statement. it used to be music, music that opened up that sadness in you and just let you release all your pain and anger. fucking emo, i cant even do that now.

  43. yes, all these others are saying “im emo” well, news flash, yall are posers if you can admit it freely. labels are for posers. thats like running around in black clothing and saying ” i love satan, im gothic” we all know that gothic people arent satanists.
    society kills.


    It seems like everybody here either can’t spell and rants about how emo “maek tehm unike”, OR they pull some Buddyhead “yah brah, emo sucks” intolerant bullshit.


  45. fuck you and your views.
    waste of time dumbass story.
    emo and straight edge arent tied together, quite opposite.
    i dress emo, i listen to emo and also hardcore, yes I wear tight jeans and usually eyeliner…no its not fucking gay. another thing, when did straight edge kids become emo? .IDIOTS………people annoy me sooooooooo fucking much its frustrating to think that god didnt give everyone a real size brain that functions properly, maybe should hit the wizard of oz up or something YOU FUCKING IGNORANT CLOSE-MINDED BASTARDS…RESPECT WORKS BOTH WAYS FUCK YOU AND YOUR VIEWS they mean absolutely nothing to me, yes I care what people think but im certain as fuck im not going to change myself for anyone

  46. hi..
    Ermm.. just thought i wud say summet… you are what u wanna be! it’s totally up 2 you no one else! Does any1 actully know what emo means because i don’t? i don’t think :s coz people say “it’s someone who sits in a corner all depresed n they wear eyeliner n have a long ish fringe over der eyes wid a side partin” so im like really confused :s can someone please tell me what emo means because i hear alot of different things but i only wanna know if ya know what ur talkin bout!

  47. you know what . i reckon this is getting out of hand. yeah i found this website pretty funny its OBVIOUSLY SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE.but why catagorise these people .leave them alone to live their lives however , yeah i listen to ’emo’ sometimes .am vegetarian and my dress sense could be described as emo but really whats the fuckin problem?if people wanna live their lives that way .let em.thats what i say .so there .ha

  48. ps i reckon people should acquire some spelling skills before they start putting down peoples lifestyles.maybe that way i would take them a tiny bit seriously 😛

  49. .dont.[insult]emo.{its.a.way.of.life}::..[try].it.{you’ll}(love).it.i.swear.


  50. oh god i have to save my brother! i knew the tight jeans, one visible eye, poetry and eyeliner meant something!!!!!!!


  52. OK honestly this is stupid A) I think labeling is stupid because no matter how you dress you can act diffrent and B) Not all emos wear eye liner and slit there wrists and put X on there hands *rolling eyes* This is just some funny article someone wrote cause they needed something to do! and just to clear things up EMO ISNT CRYING IN A CORNER Jeeze
    has anyone noticed the “emo style of clothing” has gotten more main streem! ahh this is gunna be another group with posers now *sigh*

  53. Oh yeah and Mitch You need a life other then trying to push people over

  54. emo is just another style of music, and how pople are. like theres the rappers, preps, punks,…emo. its like just another things for fags to classify people as. just let people do whatever they want. yeah i listen to like metal, hardcore , and emo music. so what?!? i hang out with kids that like rap, broadway music, and like everything else. just chill out about classifying people. yeah sweet later guys -jack

  55. Yeah I agree with Jack Clasifing people is lame…Like I understand wanting to be part of a group But I have friends that are diffrent…..ha ha its funny but yeah nothing realy other then that leave the people alone if they wanna be diffrent

  56. hahaha i think this is too funny.
    go frig, its music & you can like what you want.
    youre all lame.

  57. Not very nice whoever used my name spell it diffrent please but were you referring to what I said was pure genious? Ok whatever lol Bye
    Peace out

  58. i fucking hate these things.
    all of you who label people & “groups” should prob go die.
    & half of you should learn how to type & spell.
    & this is retarted in the first place so everyone should get a life even though im one of the people commenting this shitty page.

  59. Um yeah…..Ok I think groups arnt bad its just when you start saying that people in this group should act a diffrent way…For example I have a realy dark color of hair Just dyed it over the weekend and this guy that sits behind me in Social says ha ha You have to be Emo now and I laughed he said No realy no smiling I was like WTF NO lol ok yup (giggleing even though Im now supposidly emo)

  60. Emo is a deadly virus. Female Emo Children are the most dangerous of all, I’m afraid. They spend hours kneeling in front of their mirrors, plastering their faces with eyeliner, and primping their hair. They then dress in some pseudo-artistic mtv-esque way and head out for the day.
    All the while, they think about if people will accept them at the LJ rating communities they have joined recently, and they wonder about their cam whore website.

    They most likely think they’re awesome, and act like snobs, or stare you down. They don’t associate with people that they don’t think are attractive, or “emo” enough, and try their hand at art. THEY FAIL AT ART.


  61. Well Kira I think your wrong……and a bitch Thats just plainly rude….and offensive I’ll have you know that it only takes me 5 minutes infront of the mirror including teeth and hair JEEZE and Emo’s do not think there better because some awsome “emo” people in my school befriended me when I had none (he he Im not a loner any more) And truthfully Im not emo But JEEZE Be decently nice

  62. This is stupid……emo is short for emotive………but the ’emo’ population is always defind as sad and depressed…..well happiness is an emotion isnt it?
    I find it so rediculous that people would hurt themselves because of a steriotype image….it makes me sick to here stuff like this.
    Sure the music is sometimes depressing but kids dont listen and just take it as being a sad song.
    I hate when people change because of the music they listen to.

    By the way ‘yellow card’ arnt posers.

  63. & so am i. i say people just shouldnt care so much about what everyone else is doing or looking like or what they are listening to.

  64. I hate how people cancel out who they want to be just so that they can be what there friends want them to be…..

  65. why are you takling? learn more about emo then start talking shit, i just might listen…dont label people, its just not cool…

    p.s. thi site is NOT shit


  66. What the hell is wrong with Bright eyes? I listen to Bright eyes and i eat red meet, party my ass off and haven’t cried since i got arrested? should i be worried?

  67. Why would you be worried you sound like a normal person *raises eyebrows* Bright eyes are good red meats good and crying is ok enless you have no reson

  68. Well. I’ve been reading this discussion for about half an hour. Honestly it’s quite amusing the ideas some people come up with.
    Personally, I think emo is music, that is how I have always catagorized it. Though I have some friends who ‘pay out’ kids at my high school who they think are emo. I tell them to stop because its catagorising and they could be taken to court for defamation if they take it too far.
    Though I believe emo is actually a catagory of music, I believe that the image people present it with, like being a disease and giving suicidal thoughts, is entirely wrong. I believe that if someone were to commit suicide, then they have some form of mental battle of illness going on.
    Though I was told a hilarious joke about ’emos’ .

    *How many emos does it take to change a light bulb?*

    ***None, they just sit there and cry in the dark.***

    This was not meant to offend anyone. I just thought it was funny what my friends came up with.
    Though I do not wish to offend those who claim/think they are emo. They have their own rights to believe, think and be whatever they want.
    I’m not going to go into a b**ching mode about others insulting each other on here. But think about it. Because of people who catagorize others as ’emo’ what do you think they are doing? They might be so spiteful and mean to that person because of prejudice reasons, that they could possibly be driving the ’emo’ towards self-hating feelings. I do not think music, or style would drive one to suicide. There would have to be more reasons.

    I agree with Alastaire on the issue about changing yourself because of music. You don’t have to dress like a hardcore punk or whatever to listen and be a fan of their music!
    I listen to My Chemical Romance, Bright Eyes, Slipnot, Yellow Car, etc and I don’t change the way I look just because of what I listen to.

    So…. now I’ve had a bit (or alot) or a ramble about my thoughts on the subject, just think about what I’ve said. And you all rock, whether emo or not for keeping me amused for the last near hour!!!


  69. Say that shit to a real hxc kid…or a real sxe kids…you will ge this shit kicked out of you…..emo….and hardcore are to varry diff thing…dooo some research….man i hate shit like…it breeeds hate


    True Till Death

  70. LOL that’s just Hilarious… i lve it man.. makes me kinda emo 😉

  71. Sweet really sweet and i think the kid above you got the hardcore thing mixed up a little. I mean he could be hardcore emo but he could also be a hardcore clown or a hardcore pot head kids these days take things to serious some times.

  72. WOW.. i cannot believe some idiots fell for this..

    ITS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE! he–llloooww..

    this guy doesn’t like emo (neither do i btw) so he makes up some ridiculous story about it..

    im just saying this because some morons are actually thinking its real..
    get a grip before you hurt yourselves.

  73. haha THats funny Ok I just read the banner….Yeah I know this guy was a joke I just dont like people bashing emo. Ok yeah thats all I wanted to say.

  74. emo is just an excuse for being a fucking pansy and any guy that wears makeup is a fag.

  75. Haha, thank you all for giving me a laugh, I enjoyed reading this, and I have no comment on the emo discussion. Xcore 4ever, just one of the thinks I love in life haha. Peace.

  76. Whilst remembering the fact that ’emo’ is emotive hardcore, is emotionally charged hardcore. It doesn’t mean emotional. It’s a freaking style of music… but then again, it pretty much died in the 1980’s along with punk rock and the good ol’ shit that went with all of that.

    Now we’re left with this trendster, moronic, crap? Well, appeal and media is all there is to it.

    Nice article, at any rate.

  77. dude… you rock, this one time i saw these emo people and i killed them cause their lives were so bad that i decided to end them. So not only emo kill hardcore emo people…. so do i.

  78. and I thought the article was hilarious, the comments are even funnier
    jeez people, go look up the words ‘pinch’ and ‘salt’

    personally, I’ve always had depression/been vegan, the music just tied everything together for me.
    don’t take yourselves so effing seiously!

  79. HAHAHA YOU idiots….one guy said its a fake site and your STILL bitching, jeez, i dont like labels, but it seems like people cant read or else they would’ve seen the banner, not only that, they can’t puncuate! hey, if your emo, dont try making a statment no one fucking cares if you try acting like a tough guy online. so quit wasting your energy on a fake article, and go listen to atreyu or some shit, while i go listen to blue grass 🙂 haha jkin metallica all the way

    though emo started as a style of music, but labels have turned it into a kind of person.

  80. my definition for emo…

    EMO= a girl trapped in a guys body. Long Hair (straightened or curley), black tight girl jeans, band shirt (either black or hot pink) skateboarding shoes even know they dont skateboard, (cuz they are too buisy crying) and usually a trucker hat turned backwards and cocked to the side. They like to bitch and complain a lot about stupid shit like cutting the grass and walking to the bus stop. They have about 3 guy friends and all girl friends. If they are hurt they always call somebody and express how they feel and make people feel bad for them.

    emo people are waste of lives. Save The Air….

  81. umm straight edge is a hardcore movement not emo.. emo is practically mainstream anyway wtf eyelinet is wat hardcore kids do.. go listen to some bleeding through or underoath and then compare that to a kid crying over his acoustic..

    why would u be offended if a kid likes emo anyways fuckers? judegmental cunts. wat u into rap OH LETS GO AND WEAR A PINK POLO CAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DOES??? oh and btw my best bet is in a few years emo will be fuken in every pop chart as it is already kinda mainstream and sooooooooooooft!


  82. Being ’emo’ myself i have to strongly disagree with these allegation that ’emo-ness’ killed this innocent boy. Sure, his pants and shirts where proberly too tight and he proberly poked himself numerous times with his eyeliner pencil but where is the scientific evidence that ‘being emo’ killed him?
    Is there a possiblity I can have an ‘Emo Overdose’? or prehaps some medication to switch me back into a Mainstream Teen? let me know what I can do to prevent my death.
    Rather then quoting a Dashboard Confessional song right now, i will leave silently…and go cry off my eyeliner…

  83. hey you all Emos are stupid little fucks who sit ina corner and slit there wrists and i would know because I have a emo friend and he does that but i listen to good music like gwar who actualy have good guitar and metal not faggy crap like all you listen to

  84. im emo and i wear eye liner and im gay and im english and i think im the shit you should all try and be more like me i cut myself everyday and wear tight jeans

  85. I’m harcore, dress harcore….. but me and all my hxc and xxx mates hang round and mosh with emos….nothing fucking wrong with them…. now all shut your gobs before we rip em out ya head! got me? lil bitches! emos rock and thers nothing wrong with being straightedge!

  86. Im sorry but that is like.. killing the whole sense of being emo. Lmfao. Being emo isnt just about being all the abovwe things, its about fucking knowing when to be emotionial and when not too and tight shirts and other bull like that sorry, but that is making me laugh, that si the STYLE it adapted. There is no such thing as showing too much emotion. The sooner people realise this and stop trying to be fashion icons, the better. By the way, Im only 13, so god damn I feel so laughed at now for just representing my views.

  87. ok, ok, enough is enough. This is really silly! I think you can not call something if you don’t no what it’s like. Why is everyone arguing? It was just a story! you all need to get a life! i have never read such rubbish!…………….. Like i said you all need o get a flipping like!

  88. if your going to be emo stand up and be proud and dont be like these gay ass people that judge you because you wear tight pants and small shirts, so the people that judge you just dont worry about it because it is pretty sad to worry about the way other people dress emo will never die

  89. i agree with you ryan! you should never worry about what people think of you! just be yourself!!

  90. okay, if you’re kids are emo, you might as well eat them. it’s retarded and if you sophomoric sons of bitches thing you’re in pain….think about the starving regions in africa and asia.

    fucking whining songs of bitches. suck it up or go cut urself to death.

  91. okay.. i am emo-ish and im not dying. alot of my friends are the same. emo is awesome so get over it biatchess!!!

  92. Hi.

    Yah know what, emo kids are fuckin cool. Like myself for example. Well…that si to say some emo kids are cool…other’s (such as this guy) are just dumbasses^-^.

    Love, Kisses, Bats, and other pretty things,

  93. if you judge emo’s because they wear girl jeans that is kind of stupid ,so to all the people that said shit about emo’s what the fuck do you have to say about me i’m fucking emo and being emo is bad ass

  94. what is wrong with being emo i mean if you actually listen to one song you will actually see that a lot of the new bands are emo and they love to sing about girls because there is nothing wrong with crying every now and then and small shirts and girl pants and eyeliner is awesome.

  95. I dont think so. to me it looks like all the emo girls are nerds not cool.

  96. I think there’s nothing funnier than walking past a que to get into a gig with a group of emo kids and having the whole damn que chanting “emo emo emo emo emo”

    (ps thats a bad thing)

  97. Hahaha This is hilarious. I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with being emo but this was worth a laugh. Emo killing people…hahaha. Very amusing. I’m called emo but I dunno, I listen to more weird stuff than emo music…king hippo…lemon jelly…data 80…ect. I personally think it’s just a way for gay guys to lie that they’re straight.

  98. Eeeeee Yeahhh Everyone in this Bitch is talking shit, but the farthest anyone will go is to type a few words of how there views on things should go. So the best thing you could do would be to not say anything at all. I’m not emo I consider myself metal core. Anywase. No matter what you do no matter what you say, People are going to be who they are no matter what any one says or does, get over it give it 10 years trust me it will DIE OUT just like red die on yo mammas bed sheets. Anywase cHeck us out at purevolume.com search Elijah it’s year old shit but its coo. purevolume.com search Elijah right now.

    Carly the difference between emo and hardcore is that…
    Emo is like a melodic sounding struming emotional sound
    That’s the difference. Anymore questions

  99. to tom i think your not funny your just a stupid asshole so shutup and to carl emo will not die your stupid ass metal music will

  100. hahaha
    I’m sorry but…where are all these serious “go fuck urself”, “d0n’t label us!!1″,”that c4n’t b tru” comments coming from??? I mean really!
    FAKE news hombres. faaaaaake.
    Right–anyhow…recipher…You’re a clever devil…I think I love you.

  101. (to tom i think your not funny your just a stupid asshole so shutup and to carl emo will not die your stupid ass metal music will )

    lol someone’s too emo!

  102. stop dissing emo! i love emo. and if u dont stop dissing emo, im gonna put Xs on my hand and cut my wrists. bahaha life sucks

  103. to bobbybabe at least i’m not a fucking fag and your little screen name sounds pretty gay

  104. Emo people are so gay. I think that everyone normal should just find an emo kid and kill them. They think that cutting their wrists makes them cool but it doesnt…it just makes you even gayer. If you are an emo person reading this, your probably finding the nearest razor blade and crying….whle listening to Taking Back Sunday or some other gay band. You thought your life sucked so you decided to be emo, but then you realized that being emo just made your life suck even more.

  105. why do you hate emo kids, what did we do to you is because we put x’s on our hands and wear eyeliner and wear tight pants and small shirts i just dont get why you people out there that aren’t emo care about the people that are mabye you should stop worrying about us and you might have a life or you could actually get to know an emo and realize we are not as gay as all you people think, you know if you read some of these coments that it seems like you don’t know what an emo is so why don’t you people find out what an emo is good bye.

  106. not as gay as all you people think

    Oh, I thought all emo people were homosexual. Thanks for clearing that up.

  107. What the hell
    Emo is just a ridiculous stereotype
    How could it change who you are?
    Emo=emotional. everyone has emotions therefor everyone is emotional. this whole thing is lame and madeup. the music you listen to could make you cry, dance, or become happy. you can change your style to fit the band members style but… okay if you believe in stereotypes then you can dress emo. this is annoying.
    by the way, im not some whining groupie or anti-sad music whatever. i am deeply in love with softcore, hardcore, punk, and all of that alternative music. i see guys that get this shit beat out of them because they where girl pants or tight band shirts and its completely outrageous. just because you dress some way doesnt mean you fit some certain fucking stereotype. people should consider all people “people” whether they where tight or baggy pants, have short hair or long hair, whether they like softcore or ghetto-ass rap. its amazing to see how low people stoop. stop catergorizing people! love kim

  108. err maybe u guyz needa realise that it was probly sumthin more deep than ’emo’ that killd this guy and insted of blaming the way sum people choose to liv maybe look at the way he was living, maybe he was just depressed all along? its stupid ur all judging people by the music they listen to and the stuff they were coz u dont hear stories about tryhard woggness killing people now do u? u all just needa find sumthing better to do with ur time than complain about this poor guy.

  109. Why the fuck do you put X’s on your hand anyway. whats the point you fucking wierdo’s.and to your quiestion why do people hate emo kids, its because. 1. they think its cool to take the piss out of goths, chavs, for looking all the same when all emo kids do it aswell. 2. emo = emotional. yes it does but why is it now ok for boys to cry at cinemas & concerts.go back 10 years. you cry’d at the cinema then you would be getting the shit kicked out of you for being such a pussy. some music has emothional feelings to it but that doesnt mean its EMO.emo music is basically failed musiciand who cant afford fx pedals and they cant play solo’s or there instruments properly so they play 3 chords in there songs.you said you hate stereotypes. what do you think emo is. do you honestly think guys like wearing kiddy size shirts and trousers that you cant even pull up. no. i mean some of my friends are emo but theres no way on this planet ill ever go emo just to follow there fashion. its pathetic. if you like a certain type wether it being emo. then you dont change it just coz your friends do. my emo cunt frinds take the piss out of the music i like wich is bands like, pantera, megadeth, slayer, metallica, iron maiden etc but i couldnt give 2 shits what they say because i know for a fact that these bands can actually play there instruments and they will be out for a lot longer than crappy emo bands will ever be. o and on another subject. go fucking die emo stereotyping hipocritical crying little kids and grow some balls coz you aint fooling anybody. i bet that story is true

  110. emo is so gay, wearing makeup, cutting youraelf, and being “depressed” doesnt make you cool at all its just makes you a pussy, and people in emo bands should actually take some time to learn how to play their instruments

  111. Funniest thing I have read in ages! Thank you for making me fall off my chair with laughter. Emo kiddies are so lame…

  112. HAHA! Funny stuff!

    i’ve got to agree, Emo is a Plague, an epidemic that must be stopped at all costs.

    They have gay ass haircuts and cry to much, someone shold takea gun to every emo’s head.


  113. I know a lot of emo kids and yup they’re all pretty gay.

    “to tom i think your not funny your just a stupid asshole so shutup and to carl emo will not die your stupid ass metal music will ”

    Metal has been around for 25 years and is still going strong
    Whereas Emo…has been around 10 tops and is ok
    Modern day emo, seems to of come from nowhere in the last 2 years and half the people in the world hate it.

    So i think i know which is more likely to die.

  114. fuck everbody that commented that dont like emo. i mean why the fuck are you searching for emo in first place if you can’t stand it? some of you are more than useless pieces of shit. emo is the best fucking music around, im emo, ive got emo friends, and fuck that story, couldn’t you have made a better effort>?????????

  115. You Suck. This site is Shit. Go Fuck yourself.

    Have A Nice Day, Fuckers =)

  116. I find the different opinions of this “emo” phenominon to be very interesting. I’m friends with some kids who hate emo, some kids who are emo, some kids who don’t know what emo is, some kids whose moms are emo, etc. and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that a person is still a human being whether their pants fit or not and they really shouldn’t be judged on that. It’s true that some cultures are more fitting to be friends with than others, but that all depends on the person who’s being friendly. I can’t stand the hip hop culture, so I’d rather be friends with an emo kid, but I still have friends from all cultures.
    Can’t we all just love each other?
    Also if you are looking for the history of Screamo, I advise you to visit this website as it explains it in detail. http://www.endeavormusic.com/bombshell/theory.htm

  117. u guys suck! some people like that music! and i bet the shit like rap is even better? what the hell! its music!!!! i fucking like it so u assholes better get used to it!!
    i like what the last guy wrote
    have a nice daty fuckers!

    not all people cut themselves who listen to it so u guys are fucking assholes who only give a shit about themselves
    fuck you!

  118. i wear black, and i wear the eyeliner and listen to what u all call emo music i write sad poetry, and sometimes i tell people how much i hate my life, but i DONT slit my wrists so am i emo or just under severe depression? Please im being serious i need help and thats the hardest step is admitting!

  119. Emo as fuck.
    Maybe you wouldnt be ‘under severe depression’ if you tried writing a few happy poems, or take of that stupid eyeliner, which you know everyone makes fun of you for.

    Being serious? in this blog? you’re havin’ a laugh.

  120. how r u emo if u listen to there music..mabye ur happy but like there music…i cant believe how bad u judge people lke this. and he people who judge about us likeing good music, dont kno shit about it..try listening to taking back sunday or fall out boy..get a life abnd leave people alone…go ahead and email me about how u disagree with me, u kno ill write u back

  121. lol this is so funny!
    lol i love it!!

    ok all u ppl who are like emo isnt bad y dose it have such a bad rep, and im aemo and i love it!

    emo is bad becuz its a bunch of whiny babies who chose to spen there free time cutting themselfs and complaing. if ur sad fine get over do something other ythan cutting ur self and isting to music about ppl who are sad wont help u! and if ur happy y would u listen to music about ppl complaing?
    and fall out boy is not emo there more pop than anything

    although i think its sexy when guys wear eyeliner

  122. i disagree with the bitch Sam who wrote above me- u dont have to fucking cut or be depressed t listen to music UR A BUNCH OF BITCHES!

  123. Ok I have read some of this site now and find it to be an awesomely funny place. People are so deep into their group that they can’t see a joke. And the only way to save EMO kids is an intervention and then get them into an EMO alcoholic’s anonymous class. And as a rule of thumb out there if you are a man or some semblance of please wear men’s clothing and don’t wear makeup, just please do it for the children!!!

  124. Today I’m going into a hot topic store to tell everyone there how pointless their lives have become. Maybe it’ll cause mass suicide! ^_^

  125. ok kiddlets, there are many forms of emo. if you havent noticed, some who claim to be just are in it for the fashion, others are all about the music or really are depressed ppl. as i read these other comments i noticed many different types. it really doesnt matter all that much. yes, im emo, i listen to the music, i wear the clothes. but one thing i dont do anymore is cut, cry, and become overly depressed because i used to think life was oh so shitty and i hate my parents, i hate my life and i hate everyone who wants to tell me otherwise, but as the days went by, i just got tired of being so mopey all the time, my friends worried for me and i realized i do have ppl who care and suicide isnt the answer! so, if theres anyone who needs a friend, or just someone to talk to out there, even if you think emo ppl are just plane dumbasses you can get ahold of me by my email: xxcheerup_emolovexx@yahoo.com or msn: cncord7@netscape.net or aol instant messanger: xhardcoreweirdox. also, its also ok if you do feel your truly emo/hardcore/straightedge/whatever, just dont kill yourself or believe what other ppl say cuz you must be happy somewhere inside to be your self!

  126. If your emo and you know it fucking kill your self, most people who have posted here are complete fucking idiots. If something in your life happens and its bad (cat dies/parents die/ your raped by your dad because he hates your or your mum was killed in a car accident because SHE hates you) then fucking get over it.
    the end-
    Emo Girls, are Ugly and fat, and thats ALL OF THEM EVERY FUCKING ONE. Yep.

  127. one of those ppl was right that you can’t be happy and emo at the same time cause part of being emo is also being depressed. depressed ppl aren’t happy. i dont’ hate emo ppl but i think they shouldn’t sit around and crying and complaining about all of their problems…they should go getsome help. i also find it sad and funny the comments that some emo ppl left like “I am emo.. so you bitches better shut up!! ” that sounds very imature and weird. it’s sad but funny how emo ppl also like listening to music that makes them cry and be emo. it’s creepy how they also cut their wrists…why would you do something so painful?

    you emo ppl are some interesting ppl….you also confuse me…i just laugh at you and feel sorry at the same time…why do you hate the world so much…ya there’s a lot of shit but without it you wouldn’t realize how awesome some of the other stuff in it is.

  128. Haha, I’m classed as an emo, and I loved this story. I thought it was the best thing I’d heard in a while.

    All these wusses getting all pissed off about it can go die, stupid pansies.

    I don’t whinge and cry and stuff, I’m not vegan or straight edge, but people still call me emo. I don’t care, this story is fucking cool.

    Tops as.

  129. To be honest people it’s all rather sad that you sit on your computers whinning about how emos are people too and yadad yada yada…seriously, real emos would give a fuch about what people say about them because they know they’re emo, whatever, who gives a damn. Subcultures are just a security blanket anyways so people know more about themselves. It makes life so much easier. Go find a friend and paint some sunshine pictures and smile. Life will be so much easier. So stop being so obsessed with yourself. You’re all gonna die sooner or later so just enjoy life. – Me

  130. First of all, real ’emos’ don’t label themselves, and that’s basically all that you people are doing. You’re all just freaking claiming to be ’emo’ or ‘hardcore’ or ‘scene.’ People who label themselves, are obvisly fake!
    Emo being contagious!? Like, what the juhobo? I personally, don’t label or agree with any of the labeling going on here but, emo is just certainly NOT contagious! It’s something that has happend in your life to make you be who you are. Everyone here who says there ’emo’, are just a bunch of fake fags.
    Just because you wear band tees alot and tight jeans doesn’t mean your ’emo.’ I happen to have alot of friends like that and they certainly don’t sit around & cry all day.
    I just happen to dress like that, and I go to all the shows, but I just don’t happen to be emo. I can cry extremely easy, but not alot. I enjoy my life. I live it how I want to.
    Label me whatever the heck you want.
    I could care any less.


  131. Oh el emo/screamo la lleva !! es lo mejor !!
    The used! Finch ! emery! underoath y toas esas weas muero con eso pa toos los weones que dicen que el emo vale caca vallanse a la mierda porque nisiquiera saben como es ! en chile el emo a sido distorcionado porque unos MARAKOS!! lo transformaron en una wea gay !! pero el verdadero emo no se basa en gorritos de malla y llaveros grandes y sonoros sino que en la musica al igual que el emo esta el SCREAMO que es la version con gritos que eso es lo mejor!! el screamo y el emo no solo dicen cosas de amor ..se dicen cosas expresadas por el vocalista refiriendose a sus emociones osea .. cuenta una historia dando a conocer sus emociones de algo que le aya pasado a el o a alguien o de algo que le esta pasando o cosas por el estilo pero no solo se trata de cosas de amor por eso para cualquier CHILENO que este leyendo esto!! no tomen a esos mamones como emos .. el verdadero emo y screamo se lleva en el corazon no en la ropa ni en los accesorios!!!

  132. Hellooo?? Some of you people cannot take a joke, this may be to piss off emos, and to make people laugh, but should not be taken seriously. Some of you are seriously considering it being contagous, saying: I dont think it is contagous, that is just being stupid… etc. Its a frekkin joke, ya frekkin idiots! DON’T BE SOO GODDAM SERIOUS!! LIGHTEN UP! And whoever said emo= crying and cutting anyway, because I am going to take up this statement with the person who said it personally, and ram a pencil up their ass because they have started a pathetic cutting phenominon, even I can see it. Dont cut you _idiots_. And for frookliboobs sake dont start crying all the time just because of some music. Sweet mother of Jesus, get a life, arrgh you make me- a calm person engulfed in pillows of serene- angry! You should be ashamed, shut up about emoism, and go away I don’t like there being so many its like a plague, it was better with only a few. Don’t dare cut it doesn’t do anything but show you are being very very weak. And YOU, yeh you, you can shut up aswell! I don’t care about your views your a nobody! A nobody! *Tears out hair* You are NOTHING: AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!! HULLABOOBAJAH! MUNKY MUNKY!

  133. hahahaha you emo fucks, thats awesome, and why don’t you emo kids just go cry in a corner and listen to dashboard confessional. or cut yourself to the tunes of ‘at the drive in’, hmm funfun I mine as well join the cutting band wagon, LETS TAKE THE CHICKENSHIT WAY OUT AND HURT WAAAAAY MORE PEOPLE BEACUSE IM A SELFISH ASSHOLE!!!:D:D well fuck emo its fucking gay and its tearing the fuckin punk scene apart.. you hardcore straight edge fucks! SCPP FUCKERS!

    BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IM GUNNA KILL MYSELF FUCK ME IM BORED, hey catlin read my other one its above this, but yea im emo and I cry every night and I like jesus, does that make me a pussy? FUCIN RIGHTS DOGGIE YOU LIKE IF LIBERATCHY AND ELTON JOHN HAD A BABY! bitches!

  134. Well, it sounds like he went from emo to goth but I cant say I see way to much of a difference in emo and goth. I think after one you usually go to the other. Since yea they both are said to be a trend to be sad and distant from others. But I am giving up thinking about these stupid things. People should do waht they like if its labeled then whatever I just say that person went a little far with being a style.

  135. erm, I nearly died of emo, too. that story bring bck all memories oh no… ´maybe i backlösh?
    emo is evil. I aminto metal mow nuch better ans very funny ans useless nost i hte tome

  136. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA a kid died from emo well my friend n mybrother are riight into em like hard n there awesome n there not sick at all I no aalot of kids who cut there wrist like they cut themselves so i dunno anyways nice storey i dont belive it

  137. Rawr o.O
    Not all emo kids are depressive you no…
    i turned out just fine xD
    Well..okay im a little wierd.
    and sometimes im a little depressed…
    but im still more Xcore than you. mwuahahah

  138. some emo kids are faggets just like theres fagget metalheads punks hardcore kids…it doesnt matter what type of music u listen to cuz ur bound to find at least one guy that sucks dick in each scene…and by the way hardcore and emo are pretty much the same thing. all these bands that call them selves hardcore or some form of it sing about the same shit all u guys are hating on…fucked up relationships and other things that make them feel bad…emo is just a form of music and a way to get the shit out that u feel and dont wanna talk about with ur friends when ur just hanging out…i actually think that would make them less gay cuz they would rather say it in a song then actually say it to somebody

  139. To quote a poster on my friend’s wall:

    “Hey emo kid… QUIT YOUR WHINING!”

    [freakin favorite poster of all time]

    *funny because i listen almost exclusively to electronic music (trance/techno/drum&bass).
    + I know that there are loads of people who for some reason have a problem with this kind of music… at least i’m not whining! *

  140. gosh im emo n emo is awesome u all are jerks
    im a little wierd.well allot weird
    depressed…allot but i still have fun being me n all ill ever b is me n like if people are emo thats them being them n they cant help who they are its there life let them b them n u b who u are ………..
    n i dont think it was emo that killed that kid at all ……. so get over it and stop talking about us like we are a disease !!

  141. My cousin got emo from a toilet seat at Denny’s. One day he was fine and acted normal, then all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, –BAM– he started writing crappy poetry, wearing womens pants, chopping his hair to make it constantly look like he just got out of bed, and COMPLAINED about everything. The good news was that the doctor gave him a suppository to make him better. It was real easy considering that a side effect of the emo disorder is having no fears of (and in some cases actually having an urge for) foreign objects inserted into the deep end…

  142. we all conform to certain societal norms; some people conform to a guise of dressing “normal” and saying that they like led zeppelin, some people conform to leather combat boots, some dress indie, and some people conform to tight jeans and eyeliner.

    you are all just as stupid as everyone else.

  143. How many emo kids does it take to change a light bulb?

    -one to change it
    -the other to write a songs about how he misses the old one

  144. Wtf!?!?!?!?!? u ppl don’t have the slightest clue wot emo means!!! it means emotional….kinda helps looking at the word…u should have known tht, wot the fuck, emo is not contagious….emo’s can hate their lives for many reasons…but u guys are so gullable thinking u can die from bein emo…”oh damn, i’ve decided to be emo…i have 7 days left til someones gonna find my body!!!” tht kid probly had a a crap life…and chose to take his own life…which i’m sure many of us have tryed to do…but before u guys start researching stupid facts bout emos, tht its contagious through tears!! find out if ur facts are f**kin true…EMO ROCKS!!! CHAVS SUCKS!!!

  145. ookk i dont even think that kid was emo…..but i got called one today just cuz i wernt talking it was actually cuz i was listeing to music and not actually paying any attention whatsoever to anyone around me sooo yeah….

    toodle pip


  146. How Many Emos Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

    NONE!!! They all sit there crying in the dark…


  147. omg EMO kids broke into my work and stole the computers i thought it was really funny cause they wrote EMO KIDS FROM PLANET 13. but yeah i have nothing against EMO kids i use to be one ha j/k but i guess if u want to be EMO go for it listen to BRIGHT EYES be sad and cry emotion is the way of the world ha i don’t know i’m bullshitting but they really did break into my work and it was really funny.

  148. im a emoooo and i think ur fukin gay! and i eat penis! and i live in 9 tikini court Chelsea, Melbourne, victoria, australia and ill be waiting for u all muhahaha69 😀

  149. this is alot of crap i live in souther california and my high school is half emo and there i know alot ove hard core emo kids and none of them are like this. being emo is just being rebelious, inteelagence, artisic. not sucicdel. im an emo kid to so is my brother my cousin an all my close friend and know ove them are sucidle and we dont sit there and cry eyeliner off. in fact ive only seen a few emo kid at my school wear eye liner. and infact all the hard core emo kidds hang all the time and have fun. we all are less likely to do drugs compared to then the pot smokking jocks and bros hang out every weekend in their lifted truck out in the desert getting stoned and fucking bro hos. (wich are at least at my school the same). so piss off . you dont know what emo is so dont start blaimg crap about emo kids that arnt true. actually beinng emo is being rebelious to the idotice and ignorence in today society. and the person who blamed the emos for that guy dieing is the kind of ignorence emo kidds are rebilling against. think about. we have a saying down here among us emo is that you have to be mature to listen to emo music. so grow up and stop being so ignorence.

  150. Hey,I don’t know what your probelm is,but I’m a emo girl and I find this a bit offensive.In fact,you just need to shut your mouths if you have no idea what you are talking about…..That’s including the fact of that any of you can’t spell and/or have no puntual skills at all.Pick up a grammer book and go back to school….Oh,and don’t forget to pick up a life because your miserable existence needs a cause. – The Emo Girl that could kick your ass on a heart-beat.

  151. emo is awesome…. you people have no idea what your talking about….im emo but im not about to kill myself

  152. about 5 years ago i went goth (its the same as emo but goths wear chunky boots black clothing, just little differences but the depression was the same) i went goth for a few reasons, one because i thought it would make me cool (i was desperate for friends) and two, because all my life people would put me down harshly because of my weight (i use to weigh 178 now im 135) . He probably just wanted to feel important in the world, im a vegan too but im not depressed anymore. My friends are all emos i tell them its a stupid thing, yeah,your life may suck ass but crying about it isnt gunna help whats wrong. I find people who commit suicide weak, but i learned that you cant just tell them its gunna be okay because you know its not, so do they. Life sucks, its sucks really bad, especially when you find the truth behind the meat and milk industries and you know that the human race (that isnt vegans) doesnt care(fuck you JLO i hope you burn in hell). im not saying he died from being vegan but, he (i am assuming) died cuz he was calling out, he needed someone to tell him its gunna be alright and mean it, and from reading this it seems no one did that for him. and a note to any of the parents who own emos: dont yell at them, or call them stupid, it makes the problem a hell lot worse if youve never heard of it its called a damn psychiatrist and you actually being there for once and MEAN IT
    but of course, not all emos are like this, i love emo music but im an extremely happy person, so happy its scary
    you guys who dont give a damn for ex:
    “serves him right emo is fucking gay”
    Comment by jeremy — 8/15/05 @ 6:29 pm
    why do you bastards even waste your time posting stupid shit like this? if you think hes stupid then go post on a topic that you think isnt stupid you fuckin dipshits, it shows how pathetic you guys are when you say pointelss stuff like that, why dont you guys just go carve your stupid names into trees and stuff to show how COOL you guys are.
    and why am i wasting MY time posting on an old topic!? i dunno! IM BORED! im gunna go color something…

  153. You have totally changed my life.

    By reading this article I was able to recognize my emoness and turn my life around. I now understand how to cope with my own problems and not be a whiny bitch about everything!

    Thank you!

  154. Well . … All i can say is sucks to be that kid, He should have just sucked his “problems” up and moved on with his life. I mean god… Wtf was goin on in that cracked head

  155. .okay…to.sit.you.all.strait.
    1..we.all.chose.to.be.emo.If.you.have.a.problem.with.that.it’s.your.probem.We.have.our.own.already. thanks.
    3..Being.emo.doesn’t.nessesarily.mean.you’re.depressed.It.means.you’re.not.afraid.to.show. your.feelings.whatever.thay.happen.to.be.

  156. Wow … can’t you guys see this is meant to be a joke? All you people who are getting defensive and cursing are just making it funnier for the sane people who read this.

    Emo is all about the music, not eyeliner or tight pants.
    And it’s ridiculous to say that all emo kids (excuse me for labeling) all cut themselves or do drugs. Just get over it and let them be. A friend and I were standing outside when the bus came around one day and some preppy girl yelled at us asking if we smoked pot. But there’s no need to get mad ( referring to emo kids). I think it’s idiotic and shows how simple and close-minded some idiots are. So to sum this up (and adding some things) just accept people. Whatever they’re influenced by whether it be sports, music, theatre, or other forms of art. IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! Live and let live. You don’t have to hang out with them just leave each other alone. If you don’t understand why certain people do certain things then maybe you could ask them nicely about it or just go about your merry way.
    No need for harrassing. Well, this is pretty long so I guess I’m done … later … or not

  157. wtf
    ur RETARDED!
    who the hell ru 2 say wats wat
    and hun
    ur son isnt acting “too emo”
    -ur emo friend


  159. due, you don’t know what emo is she you shouldn’t even be talking about that, if you don’t know then you should’nt say shit about it…

  160. lmao you guys are so dumb it’s halarious!! accept the peeps who are actually making GOOD points!! I’ve been reading this for ages and it’s amazing the things people come out with! so I thought I might make my a point to for everyone that reads this shitz leaving aside the fact that this site is a JOKE.For one, I do not label myself as ‘Emo’ even though I am labelled as it. Only instantly because of how I LIKE to dress and the music I LIKE to listen to! I do not wear tight jeans, I think they are ick….but I don’t care that others do, why should I? And why should you? Your not wearing it!! Not all the people that you label as ’emo’ listen to JUST ’emo’ music, I most certainly DON’T. I love the way people don’t concider the fact that being depressed can be in someones general nature..I am quite a depressed person and it’s not because ‘I’m alone’ or ‘My bf dumped me’ as some people seem to think is every ’emo’s reason..And I’m not bloody surprised if ’emo’ peeps are depressed with all this bitching about them, who wouldnt be!?! Not all ’emo’ look-a-likes follow your shitty stereotypical veiws of them at all! I don’t, I’m probably the most varied labelled ’emo’ ever! I love all types of music!! Even r’nb nd drum and base!! Why does it matter what people listen to or dress like?? or do with their lives?! If theyre people that wana be followers and can’t think for themselfs let them… if people dress the way they want because the like it let them…they are people just like you or me, get to know people before you judge them!!! ‘NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS FUCKING COVER!!!!’ I have the bestest friends in the world and we are the most diverse people, we are so different it’s unbelievable and we all get on great so what’s the fucking problem here? ’emo’ peeps only bitch about other styles like chavs and goths because they do about them in the first place!! If everyone just agreed to disagree things and life would be so much better! why do you think there is a fucking war in the world!? people need to wake up to other problems in the world and stop going on about how fucking people like to dress and what they like to listen to! Do you know how pathetic that is!! All you people that complain about ’emo’ peeps are most probably jealous that they are getting more attention then you!! If your not, then prove it by fucking leaving them alone and minding your own business…oh yes! and ’emo’ is not a disease it’s not contagious it’s a style in clothing and in music and the personality is just the person! IT WILL NOT KILL YOU!! YOU CAN ONLY KILL YOUSELF!! unless you actually suffer from cancer or aids etc…bless you if you do.x
    That is all…. I could have said more but this just turned into a rant and I am sorry if i wasted your precious time….Not so precious if your still reading!!!
    luff ME!! xx

  161. [Pinky], I’m going to take it easy on you since you like drum and bass. However, next time use the “Enter” key please. Your post makes me want to stab myself in the eyes.

  162. OMG guys, its a type of sissy ass music, thats it. its a way for gay guys to feel like rockers is all. and i cant stand ppl calling me emo, i’m depressed dammit, so i slit my wrists, burn myself, write morbid poems and fight too much but hey if that classify’s ppl as emo, slipknot is emo as hell. unless your popping vicodin and prozac 50 times a day, your gonna go thru a blue funk every once in a while.

  163. also, i agree with pinkey, it’s the person that makes the emo, like ppl who do shiz like cut and hurt themselves for the attention. and the ppl who wear the tight pants and the plaid punk stuff. And i dont know any emo’s who listen to the music featured on this site, the faded nimbus and recipher and the … well i cant spell it.

  164. make me wounder how you can have a happy emo? and for the guy emo’s wont the tight pants, kinda get pain ull? seems all daft to me.

    Yes I’m TALKING to all you haters
    I used to think emo was stupid, until I found it in me…
    Now I think before I act or say something
    I dont judge, like you do…Its the inside that counts
    Much like, Don’t judge a book by its cover,
    Emo is inspiration, meaning, faith, hope, love
    That’s what I think…Although it is difficult to explain
    You would know what it would mean if you actually listen to it, feel it, think about it.
    Haters piss me off so much…
    Where is your meaning?
    I agree this is pretty amusing, these hate words, i could just laugh at them

    Why do you even care about hating this?
    Emo is not about cool or popularity or whatever
    Its the individual

    Sometimes even to live is an act of courage -great quote
    Truth is people die because of differences
    This arguement could go on forever…
    And it will end up at the same thing

  166. I tried to Google “Hardcore Elmo” looking for the naked Tickle-me-Elmo” and was brought to this page. Freakin Tease.

  167. After reading this story i have decided to become emo because Steve widdle has died:( may he r.i.p and may i join him in hell where i belong

  168. he is honestly my hero and he rocks. i give you 2 thumbs up. congratulations.

  169. All you stupid people who think this is actuly true and that hate emo people…YOU SUCK THEY ARE JUST NORMAL PEOPLE…they just like diffrent things..it’s good to be diffrent.so,shut-up you people who hate emo people..

  170. hahahaha emo is soo much more cooler then u will eva be!!
    i think u guys need to shut the fuck up and get a life. emos are just normal people.. get over it…. im emo as ii said b4.. stupid mother fuckers ……

  171. im emo… hmm i think i might just go sit in a dark corner and cry all night… while i cut myself as well… wtf?? my god.. emo isnt about that.. thats what u asshole emo haters like to think but it isnt.. i think i would kno im emo and its not about that… soo stop acting like u kno everything about being emo wen u dont… and dont judge them by their apperance either.. their just normal people.. u lowlife idiots

  172. emo is just a music shitr happenns like that cause they let it get to them im SxE but im not going to fuking let anything hold me bak fuk that stupid emo fag hes fuking dumb… dash board is pretty fuking gay… but umm theres alot of meanings to SxE theres to be a vegetarian… and no sex, drugs, alcohol, no caffeine. all that but thers more to it too but i just take it as no sex drugs or alcohol… its pretty dumb how ppl cant eat meat.. or stuff like that its fuking insane… well it was his fault it led him to death for beaing fuking emo, i used to listen to all these emo bands like hidden in plain view rufio NFG the used MCR fall out boy, motion city sound track something corporate well shit like that but now i listen to basically HxC but still sum emo though cause i likethe melody but its not getting to mer at all but fuk emo fags that are into it to the extreme… well i dont care fuk all those fags…

  173. Hey everybody. Peace and love man, peace and love. I love stereotypical “emo” music.
    -Deathcab-Dashboard-from first to last-taking back sunday-over it-armor for sleep-dead poetic-anything with “die” in any of their song titles-even a lil fall out boy. So I guess I’m a emo music whore. I’m also a myspace whore—look me up, be my friend. Or else I’ll cry.—-No, I probably won’t cry. But it’d be really cool cuz’ all my friends are rednecks and gangsters.

    So about the whole “emo” thing….look, all i know is that i like boys with long hair that wear eyeliner and fake glasses, and girls who try to look like those boys. If lovin them is emo…I don’t wanna be non-emo.
    from Tasha W. with

  174. why does every one judge? So What if someone is emo. I dont care what some one is as long as it isnt an asshole. But the story was funny. It sucks when people take themselves to seriously.

  175. silly boys and girls. you’re supposed to be in control of your emo by the age of seven.

  176. You emo kids need to really grow up! There are wars, people getting killed for no reason, and children starving to death!!! I know most of you don’t seem to care but in the work force you will have to change and behave normal. So quit all of this nonsense get an education grow up and try to help the world instead of crying about it! So do what you must but in ten years your really going to be depressed because you wasted very important years of your life, and you will be ashamed of what you use to be.

  177. Oh by the way instead of telling people to shut the fuck up tell them what an emo is and maybe we might understand!!! If you even know what an EMO IS??????????????

  178. WOW! there really are some gay dumbasses commenting on here Recipher, (I am so sorry!) For all you people who are like *oh emo is gay, all you emo kids are fags and poseurs* and all that crap, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES!!! I love emo, I am emo, but if you knew me you would know I’m actually generally a very happy person, and i can get along with anybody, (unless your a total asshole or a big dumb ass)
    but to all the nice people standing up for all the emos Thank You
    X P we really appreciate it…
    and forr all you other ass holes (I’m not going to leave you out)

  179. What is it with people here, is it some kind of Emo law rthat you cant spell anything properly? ‘I iz totaaallllly emzoo’

    Just face it, Emos are the dregs of society, As i see it Emos are just wannabe goths and rockers, all the music is shitter than a Kill Bill film and the style that has crept to Emo…… How gay do you wanna look?

    Tight clothes usually mean gayness anyway and those glasses, i bet poor people in africa would love to have some extra plastic for some buildings or something, but you have used it all on your shit glasses… are you completely unable to go to specsavers and buy normal thin rimmed metal glasses?

    Quite frankly i think half of your new Race (and its spread to a race yes) Deserve to be killed…. sooner by a justifying hand rather than later by a Razor blade or lack of water in the body (Yes, from all the crying)

    Go down to the local Music store and buy a Megadeath CD or something that is honestly hardcore death metal…. who knows, it might be the cure.

  180. You know what i find funny, these Emo kids have no idea what the actual story was about the only reason why they are posting is because they think this site is all SCENE now and if they dont post a dumbass comment they will be out of their little SCENE.

    P.S to the guy whom stated his gonna try and get his lawer to shut down the site “Mate you are the biggest dumbass i know, i bet if i saw you walking down the streetand you said that to me i’d kick the shit out of you”


  181. hey all wow i never thought a emo kid could go that emo i know some emo kids but there not messed up like him….that kid died from that it sounds like he was trying 2 play the party of a emo kid to stand out maybe?idk but that kids messed up bigg time why would some body do those things to them self?Did someting happen in is life?I mean every ones had something go wrong i mean come on i was mulested for like 3 or 5 years but u don’t see me blocking every one els out & crying like a little emo baby what the fuck the kids these days i gess is all i can say….. I might be emo but not that dam bad i wonder if he was emo a nuf that he shaving his legs….

  182. well this is my story of EMO k. This guy was sitting at home playing on his guitar crying wearing a scarf singing about his girl friend breaking up with him. This musica called EMO. Then since no girls would date them they had to wear girl pants to feel a connection between girls. Emo is just these punks on estrogen. THis is what i think. And the only reason they play guitar is to get girls which is still not working for them. Now at my school now the Emos are making shirts and stuff that say i love to be emo and they get these nasty chicks to wear shirts that say i like sesitive guys emo guys wtf my school is messed up so it is true emo can spread so get the fuck away from them.
    Our jocks are about to beat the shit out them to so its all good. I love school.

  183. go fuck yourself you dumbass losers the more you say its bad the more i become so ha stick that up your yippie asses

  184. hey all you who say your emo are liars! Because Faded Nimbus started emo so they could be original not so you could become biters, so all of you are posers. And don’t say I’m bitching cause anyone who thinks they don’t do. Also for anyone who wants to be original be a regular, cause that’s what no one is today a regular.
    Just like the the song says “HERE COMES A REGULAR.”

    (P.S. “Do you not know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit whom is in you who you have recieved from the lord you are not your own so honor God with your body” 1 corinthians 6:19,20 )

  185. wow… nick, you should really take this story down… emo kids whine a lot and you’ve just gassed their fire… i love the posts that say “i like emp just because you don’t!”… kids are hillarious… i mean, how do you think they find this? they’re at home all day and night googling the word emo so that they can be more emo than the next kid…

  186. This story is stupid, and that kid was nowhere close to being a hardcore emo.

  187. And to whoever said “Kids are hilarious, they’re at home all day and night googling up the word emo so that they can be more emo than the next kid” is wrong. I googled the word graffiti and I followed the links to this site. So most people don’t purposely look up this gay stuff. Also, people dress what some people call emo because that’s where they feel that they fit in. Gangsters wear ridiculously large pants and usually a lot of “bling”. “Emo” kids feel that dressing in tight pants and eyeliner distinguishes themselves from the rest of the crowd. Don’t judge if you don’t know. Fools.

  188. And if anyone knew shit about being emo, you would know that not all emo’s wear eyeliner. And eyeliner doesn’t go away when you cry. It only comes off with make-up remover or soap. There is also waterproof eyeliner, so if they were “Emo” which apparently means they cry repetitively, all day long, they would not want to re-apply their eyeliner, emo’s are smart enough to know that. God, all of you are idiots.

  189. how tuff are u emo’s, wot r u guna do? slit ur wrists an bleed on me?? or just cry?? stop sayin “u betta shut up coz im emo” wot ru gunna do emo kids?? fkn weak fags

  190. Why the hell is emo even a fad?
    Its a friggen state of mind! It shouldnt be something that people see as desirable.
    Emocore is just a genre of music, where the singer cries or something like that.
    Emo, short for emotive, is a state of mind.
    Emo-fags, people who copy a certain style because they want to be cool.
    Its no fucking wonder emo kids get bashed. Because its just another cliché, a clique, a stereotype. Just as Wiggers get bashed, Hippies get bashed, and the so called GANGSTER gets bashed.
    Bein depressed and manic depressive is NOT cool.
    Pretending to be black when you are white, or whatever, is NOT cool.
    Being yourself, dressing your own style, having your own state of mind IS cool. Even if others disagree. They disagree cuz they are not open minded, and cannot percieve things from an individualistic point of view.

  191. Well said Erin, I just hate all those losers that say they went to Faded Nimbus shows back in the day. They really only had around 5 shows in Chicago before they broke up and had only one CD. But every Emo poser in the world says they have their whole collection and saw them gig just last week. Priceless.

  192. not punk enough for the punks too hard core for the emo scene. everybody has emotions and i think your stupid if you act like you never get sad every human being has the right to feeling but if your sitting around your house all day crying like a baby and worrying about what you should wear the next day to make people notice you you have a serious problem and you just like the rest of the world needs to wake up and realize what is happening to our country and things that affect the american people directly listen to the music you want fuck who you want to fuck i dont care WHAT WE REALLY NEED IS UNITY emos, punks, hardcore, straight edge, industrial, rap, whatever join together once again in the fight for freedom and quit filling your little minds with petty shit

  193. Emos are gay. End of Discusion there’s nothing you can say… lol

  194. HEY!
    stop slagging emos off we ROCK! Emos r the best, if u dont like it fuck off!

  195. this kid doesn’t sound very hardcore emo to me, especially not if he’s a straight edge mancho-guy douche. hardcore emo kids actually listen to emotive hardcore… not dashboard. that dude just died from being a douchebag.

  196. Spooky, I checked out your Xanga and you are indeed emo. All I needed to see was the acronym FFTL and the Edward Scissorhands photo. It doesn’t help that you also have Tim Burton movies and “being veggie” in your interests. The smoking gun is that you actually have “emo” as an interest as well.

    Sorry about your Grandmother, but, that isn’t what is making you emo. Move towards the direction of the saxaphone and send me some samples for my electronic music. It’s your only salvation.


  197. Do you dumbass emo people not realize this story isn’t even a real one. Everything on this site is fake, so stop being so offended about fake stuff. dumbasses.

  198. Lmao, awesome site! Thank F*ck i’ve been Emonised.
    Lol get a little variety in your life you little emo dudes.
    I saw a group of emo girls today, i couldn’t even tell them apart.
    The word is actually making me feel a bit sick now…

  199. hahahahahaha all you emo kids suck dick! I love having you guys around though, just seeing you in your gay clothes is a pissa, it cracks me up every time, there’s so many of you little fags at my school.
    And what’s with chicks finding emo guys hot – they wear tight pants which will prevent them having kids one day, and they look like a bunch of homo’s. And they cry so much, what’s with that, i’m a girl and they cry a million times more than me! your lives can’t be that bad you whinghy bitches
    All emo’s should leave Australia, they ruin our country

  200. this just made my day. i think this is the best blog i’ve read in like forever. you make me laugh. i wish i could meet you and have arb conversations about being too emo and about llamas. llamas are cool but they spit. they do however make every nice mohair blankets. i wish there were more people like you here where i live. there are no lions running aroung but there are a whole lot of people that don’t know what emo, punk or anything else other than jock is. south africa is in dire need of some cool people. come and save us

  201. i. dont. find .anything. wrong. with. being. {emo}i. think. its. a .nice. style. all .the. people. that. dislike .it .are. just. jeaoulous.u. dont. got. to .be .sad. all. the. tim.,u. can .be. happy. like. me.

  202. look, that guy wasn’t killed by emo! he was killed by the amount of serious mental health.

  203. hey y dont u emos all turn HARDCORE???i mean there is nothing wrong with being emo i dont got nothing against it,but i just prefer hardcore better.is it emo to but x’s in your email address?

  204. lol emo is the gayest shit ever most the people that are emo .. are social rejects that wear small clothes that my sister would wear they wear make up which is not acceptable if your a man … being too emotional cant ever be a good thing I will personally beat down any emo homo that stares or glances at me.. if your emo your not even allowed to have muscle so if wont be a hard thing to beat down some vegetarians… lmao

  205. Why don’t you all get lives and stop arguing about whether emo is good or bad. It is both and you all need to get a life for arguing on either side of a pointless argument i came across this site and i think its funny and disgraceful. Simple as that.


  206. Im too emo for my face taste me and waste me and stick that gun in my mouth as i pull the trigger or suck the bullets out of the gun

    Doesnt matter because im a fuckign slut bag

  207. i have a friend who used to cut. but he isnt emo… he’s ‘skater punk’…… i’m emo…i dont wanna die though… i am very emotional though…

  208. okay first off this website is just so gay.. this kid was maybe emo.. but emo isint deadly.. well can be if ur INSANe but ..i’m emo .. yes i am depressed all the time .. i am so emotional.. but . all you people who diss emo’s … go suck a mouton.. you people have no idea what emo is … this website should be shut down for good.. all this is bullsh!t..like WTF .. just cuz one Emo kid killed himself .. it don’t mean every emo will.. yes maybe we are very Emotional and yes we get laughed at ..and yes i live in a town where the are not very many of us emos .. but i think emos are awesome.. ..but anyways hey .life suck..deal with it .cry over it cuz thats what i do.. but all this none scense of people bashing emos.. its gotta stop.. but whatever.. i am not gunnuh go cry myself to sleep ..

  209. Emos are teh suck and all emos deserv to die they end up suiciding anyway.

  210. hey guys ,fuck everything emo fucking rules this world.Today emo has dominated everything ,so eveyone go to the extrem get high get drunk fuck gurls fuck guys.i dont fuck guys.what i mean is be as much as an emo person as you can be becuase emo rocks

  211. why does everyone label everyone jeez if they wanna be emo thats there choice you cant change that its like people being goth or homosexual. i happen to love bright eyes but im not emo. I dont wanna die im happy with my life and just because people wear eyeliner doesnt imediatly make them emo you guys should stop labeling people. If you werent so bored with your own lame lives you wouldnt anyway

    peace out molly

  212. Molly. Imagine yourself actually using grammar and proper English. It would make a world of difference in terms of posts being taken seriously.

    1) I’ve never heard an actual argument – why is labelling people inherently bad? I’ve been asking this for years. Why?

    2) “you can’t change being goth or homosexual” – umm, last time I checked “Goth” wasn’t listed on any census forms, and I’m pretty sure Goth is pretty much a decision by most as to how you want to look, think, and carry yourself. I have never seen any conclusive scientific proof that people are born homosexual.

    3) No, I’m pretty sure I would still label people anyway. Label them friends, or enemies, or aquaintances, colleagues, losers, etc. Yup. Bored but still labelling.

    Peace be upon you, oh living example of the failure of the public school system!

    I LOVE EMO PEOPLE…sides..its only deadly if u cut too deep…
    but whatever.. doesnt matter.. its a funny story.. in any case..
    did u know sum emo kid in the uk was killed for being emo??
    thats so kewl… not that he died… cuz he was my cuzinz best friend..
    but becuz.. it just was..

  214. Geez, can you imagine a world without lables. No one would know whom you are talking about.

    Also, you need to specify which emo you are talking about

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Emo may refer to:

    * Emo (music), a subgenre of hardcore punk
    * Emo (slang), a slang term used to describe a wide range of fashion styles and attitudes somewhat affiliated with emo music
    * Emo Philips, the American stand-up comedian.
    * Keith Emerson, famed British keyboardist/pianist
    * Emo, County Laois, a town in the Republic of Ireland
    * Emo (oil), an Irish oil company and filling station chain
    * The Villa Emo, a 16th century villa by Andrea Palladio
    * Emo, Ontario, a Canadian town
    * Eric Moulds, wide receiver for the Houston Texans (formerly Buffalo Bills) (fan slang)
    * Emo, a character in the movie Elephants Dream

    EMO may stand for:

    * Electronic Money Order, a type of online currency, or eCurrency
    * Emergency Measures Organization, an agency of Canadian provincial government responsible for emergency preparedness
    * Emergency Machine-Off operation, more commonly referred to as an Emergency Power-Off
    * Extra Man Opportunity, a synonym for a lacrosse or hockey power play

    P.S and can someone tell me why Eric Moulds is in there?

  215. Dude, I think this is one of the funniest articles I have ever read. Classic…
    It made me think of the first time I realied that emo guys where women’s jeans. I couldn’t believe but the girl I was with completely called the guy out on it and he got excited that she noticed that they were women’s jeans. I wanted to punch him but I didn’t want to hear cry for hours afterwards so I just laughed at him. Needless to say he still ended up crying. I hate emo!

  216. wtf, this is so f**king gay. If anyone believes,being emo kills, you are wrong, it is the people taht surround you, and your environment. this is a load of BS!

  217. being emo doesnt kill u. & wtf is this bs bout emo being a disease. im an emo kid cuz something happened & now ive been pathetically & publically been melting away to the point where now im just tears & and sad poetry. screw those h8rs!!! let us b what we want!!!!!

  218. you all suck. this website is full is shizit, and EMO IS NOT A DISEASE. it’s a genre of music. this website should be pulled…

  219. *tee hee* this is all so funny, like, 300 people have posted on this cause of just one little storey, and i really think, everyone should shut up! emo kids are rad, intolerant rednecks suck ass, and pandas rule the world! ps emo dose not mean “emotional” cause that would be totally lame if it did, cause that would make every artist out there “emo”.ahh i think it means “emotive hardcore”
    or sumthin.. ahhh.. bye?

  220. You can call me emo or say I’m a poser, I really don’t care… But all you preps and popular assholes have an almost perfect life. Where as my life is fucking crap!!! My dad left us, and my mom is never sober… A day in my life would mean suicide to all you happy individuals!!! My drugs and emo friends are all I’ve got… We’re not bothering you and we’ve got enough shit in our lifes, So fuck off and leave us alone…

  221. Don’t even try to make people feel bad you. There is someone out there with worse. My best friend is what you call a “popular asshole”. He lost his dad to the first gulf war and his brother to the second gulf war. His mom is heavy on drugs and alcohol. And yet he still looks forward to the next day. I’m sure a day in your life would be a breeze for him.

  222. harharhar you guys are all silly. i hate emo posers, theyre just faggy wanabe goths. has anyone ever heard th emo song???? it rocks:D. . .. . . . . . . hey everyone, make the eartha happy place! kill an emo today!!!!!!

    huggles nd kishes

    ps my band rawks:D
    so bleh

  223. every emo kid in the whole world is gay. all you do is bitch and bitch and bitch about nothing. omg your life is so bad, you live in goddamn suburbia, hang out at the mall and wear faggy makeup and tight pants. big fuckin deal. try living in a 3rd world country where you have no clothes food or shelter and have to worry about possibly being shot, dying from hunger or being enslaved. they have something to fucking complain about. !!EMOS ARE GAY!!

  224. You can call me emo or say I’m a poser, I really don’t care… But all you preps and popular assholes have an almost perfect life. Where as my life is fucking crap!!! My dad left us, and my mom is never sober… A day in my life would mean suicide to all you happy individuals!!! My drugs and emo friends are all I’ve got… We’re not bothering you and we’ve got enough shit in our lifes, So fuck off and leave us alone…

    U know what, pussy? my moms an alchoholic crack addict, my brother left home when i was like 10, got arrested and put in jail, my shitty house has been robbed like 8 times, my mom and step dad are both unemployed so were poorer than shit, and my sister died just over a year ago, but you know what? im not a little pussy faggot who bitches all the time, cuts my wrists, listens to gay music, and wears tight pants. u know why? because if i did it would only make thing worse. y don’t u try making shit better for yourself, because complaining and drugs only makes thing s worse

  225. ..pathetic….this story is simply pathetic….emo dosent kill someone…and if someone obsses over it…thats even more pathetic….blah! people who think there emo are poseurs!

  226. I don’t see anything wrong with emos. If that’s how they want to live then let them. I say we should stop labeling people and get on with our lives. If you have time to make fun of emos then you deserve to die as much as they want to… It’s just a scene. God, get over it!!! Every body has their problems, let them deal with it how they want to… I have friends of alot of scenes and some do complain but I got no problem with it and neither should any of you, cause it’s none of your business. and with last words “Emo’s are people too” and “Get a life!”…..

  227. I agree. It’s like racism at another level. People hating people just because their different. As she said “Get a life!”. And I say move on with your lifes and stop being butt-holes to people who didn’t do anything to you.

  228. good point Brittney and Nicole. It’s just pure prejudice. Just cause they don’t have a life dosen’t mean they have to give the weak ones more problems… It’s like falling down and looking for someone to give you a helping hand. But instead they kick dirt in your face…. I wish they can move on and die! So we can once again be happy……..their so prejudice…………………

    P.S. Read Brittney and Nicole’s comments, it’s the truth.

  229. jeez will u just shuta fuck up u stupid dumbass horny bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whatta hell is ur fuckin problem trying to offend and tell other stuff 2 people? get a life ERIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  232. emo guys r hot.and i think and know that emo is so……. cool 😀

  233. okay, so im confused on how wearing eyeliner, slitting your wrists and crying make you emo. emo is like emotional isnt it? i wear eyeliner, ive never cut myself, but ive hurt myself, and im totally emotional. being emo isnt a way of life. you dont wake up one day and go “well damn, i guess my life sucks so bad im gonna be emo” its about emotions. and if your emotions make you hurt yourself, you might need help. but if you like eyeliner, good for you. if people wanna call themselves emo im fine with that, but its just like saying “all jocks want is to score off the field and on the field.. so we should just kill them. why dont you go fuck a football frat boy” or “cheerleaders are sleezes who sleep with everyone. they should die” its just some label. its no big deal. once we all grow up no one will give a damn. im serious. this is all crap. if youre one of those idiots who came on here and said “omg you all need to die” not only are you an idiot, youre also an asshole. would you appreciate if i said ‘all ignorant people need to die” or “all nerds need to die” or whatever youre labeled as. if you dont want emos around, stop labeling people as emo! that would solve the problem. let them act how they want. you can only change yourselves, and you need to grow up.

  234. What the fuck ever. Being Emo is not going to kill you. However, Being Stupid Will. Carving Is one Thing, Cutting Is Another. Emo Is A State Of Mind and A Way To Dress. Its Not A Diease And Certianly Isnt Going To Be Passed By Tears. Thats Fucking Stupid as hell. I Dont Get Why There Are All These haters That Post These Websites To Kill The Spirits Of Goths, Emos, Skaters, and Punks. It isnt you so keep the fuck out of it. Okay. Damn!

  235. ohh myyy, well, hmmmm, my personal opinion of course, but emo is a genre of music, to all of yoo that think emo is a label, it isn’t.
    but ch’yeahh that story was amusing, blahh i’m bored. and ohh myy, how many posers are there, jeeprs i wanna shoot em with a gun.
    =) happy? nah i didn’t think so, meep, i’mma guinea piggie.
    -flys- a flying guinea piggie.

  236. so you people are all retarded. stop labeling people! gosh wtf is your problems?? emo is emo….its the same with preps too. no matter what you say they’re not gonna change for you. bash them all you want, but they’re still gonna be emo.

    But I like this story…fucking hilarious.

  237. why does everyone slate emos? its not like its some sort of life threatening disease is it? its a way of life jezz

    i am emo and i am fine…so whats all tho comotion about?

  238. dude! emos rock! im emo-
    there are two kinds of emo, ok?
    1: the cutting, depressed, poetry writing ones
    2: the punk/hardcore happy emos with awesome haircuts (like mine!) they are usually vegan-like me, and sometimes write poetry, but poetry is cool.
    dont bag out emos, some people judge us too quickly! we are cool/ and awesome peopl, that are fun to hang with!


  239. Yo Emo’s rock!!! wish i had staright hair so cud have some cool cuts but i straighten it a bit. tried cutting but failed miserably. too scared 🙁

  240. You Guys Are Fucking Rediculous…
    I’m Straight Edge, Yet I Listen To Death Metal.
    Straight Edge Has Nothing To Do With Being Emo.
    You Can Go Fuck Yourself.

  241. and first things first…
    to be straight edge you have to listen to HARDCORE MUSIC!
    dashboard confessionals is far from that…
    learn about shit before you go and make fun of it…
    it all started with the drummer from Minor Threat…
    hardcore has evolved from there…
    but still has nothing to do with the fucking emo kids…
    emo isnt emotional.
    emo is emotive.
    and just because you have bangs and wear girl pants doesnt mean you’re emo…
    not every kid who dresses different is emo.

  242. In case you didn’t know, Emo is short for emotional or emotive.
    It doesn’t mean if you are an emo you cry yourself to death!

    Emo is a style of music and fashion and doesn’t relate to personalties!

    I’m not an emo myself but I know plenty of emo people. Some are fun and cool, some are arrogant and complete asses, so saying somebody died because of being an emo is a complete LOAD OF CRAP!



  244. emos are so gay they always want someone to feel srry for them boo hoo It aint gonna happen emo shits so quit your crying and face the facts change or be a moron and kill your self the choice is urs damn emo kids.

    Heres a emo poem for all u gay emos

    emos are gay
    wait theres more to say
    Just piss your eyes out ok
    because emos are gay
    the ycut themselves for no good reason
    emo should be considered treason

  245. e


  246. Man Fuck all you cocksucking douchebags emo is the shit and will be around long after you all die

  247. Oh My Fucking god im 12 and i think emos are the funniest fucking shit. i dont know why. im like not full on emo but i can understand were the emos are comming from. i try to understand everyone. Hey i cant talk im calss clown but thats only on the surface. when ever i here people dissin emos I think the wankers. P.S wear some better close and dont be hard on youre self o yeah im a guy

  248. ha ha ha. just because we have hearts doesn’t turn it into a disease, it also doesn’t mean we cry about lame things, it just means we have passion. i’m pretty emo, and i typically don’t cry for myself, i’m usually crying for the struggles of my friends. you need to get over yourself, the only emos that need to get over themselves are the posers. losing someone isn’t something to laugh about. put yourself in my place for instance, you look at your buddy’s wrist one day and it’s got scabs coating it, making the pain tangible, you think she’s gonna kill herself, and there’s nothing you can do but be there with her and cry. you’re helpless. what are you sposed to do? forget her pain? laugh at her? ignore her? go to everybody else and spread a rumor? open your goddamn eyes.

  249. uh? im not so social but i will post on here listen to me people!
    First of all i am emo
    second of all i cut myself why cares?
    third of all…wtf its not emo that killed him
    i listen to fuckien hardcore emo music
    and parents this is for you 😉 oh and im 16 hah.

  250. 4 goodness sakes. U guys really are to dumb not to know what emo is! Here is emo-

    U dont care if u live or die.
    U dont care if your with your family now or family in heaven
    U dont slit your wrists, eyeliner, or any of that rubbish
    U dont have to like what people call emo music
    U are unique and dont dress or copy and other people
    U can be happy (im happy)
    U can be sad (just like a normal person)

    Thats all! Im emo, happy and proud. Unique as well.
    By the way….People who do that rubbish who call themselves emo who dress up, n’ slit their wrists…..Their not emo..They are just a bunch of nutters….who needs to see a physcologist.

    Thank u 4 reading this message

  251. thanx to the author of the article…i had lotsa fun reading it, and reading the replies of the emo lovers. as for the emos out there, whats with you ppl? theres the group of wannabe emos who dont yet cut their hands open and shit….my advice, if u wanna be a wannabe, dont be an emo wannabe. as for the real emos out there, i wish i could put a bullet between each of your eyes. only prob is, you would all prolly want that, and i dont wanna give you the satisfaction. i’d rather punish you all by taking away your eyeliner.

    you guys are the same compost heap, the same shit that this world pisses on. and trust me, this world pisses on you, and craps on you. and you guys just enjoy it. just sitting there like the shit of the nation. your parents oughta commit suicide, i feel really sorry for your nonemo siblings, and anyone who has to come in contact with you guys

    i’d tell u pissfaces to go to hell, but ur already worse off than that, so i wont bother

  252. What the fuck is your problem?! Not all emo’s cut themselves. What do you know about this particular subculture anyway? You are just some piss poor excuse for a fucked up human being! I would tell you to go to hell, but your already there! Oh what the fuck. . . Go to hell you stupid mother fucker! I should slit your wrists, drink the blood, put eyeliner on you, and then piss on your corpse. People like you disgust me! How can you be so closed minded?! I would shoot myself , but I dont want to give you the satisfaction that you rid the world of one more Emo Kid! I’ll see you in hell, and when we meet in Tartarus, all of us emo kids who will dwell there will rise up and shit on you until you beg for death to end your eternal torment.

  253. All you people here need to get a life. Why is it that everyone has to be constantly judged because of what they wear and what they belive in. It’s majorly retarded. This guy who died probably died because of a medical reason that we dont need to know about, and posting this story all over the web is a lack in respect. Just because he dressed diffrently, and was into his music, dosent mean it killed him. Damn people are really starting to get ignorant!!
    Laters Later Alligators!

  254. That’s to bad that happened, and the weird thing is how and why it stared in the first place, to see a friend go from the most social person to be putting eye liner on a second then crying it off later, it just doesn’t make sense, it frustrating when troubles come to hard endings, and what makes stories like this more eye catching, is, I have HUY friends that I share eye liner, wears littler cloths, but they are the MOST funniest people to hang out with, and when the word”EMO”comes to mind the style is the first thought when seeing a male were the kind of cloths, and with the songs about emo kids, there’s a emo song on You Tube, that is funny in a way, but kind of rude, its just to bad the stereo type comes out more then it should. Its just frustrating how people can see it by the difference of male clothing’s, I AM SOOOO SORRY THAT HAPPEND, I hope that more people will read this and get something out of it, the writer should send this in to a show like dateline, or a talk show, this is a very interesting story, more people should here it, no matter what,

  255. wow all u ppl wat is wrong wit you maybe that story is true but there is nothing wrong with emo’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Thats It NOT All Emos Cut Themselfs And Emo Can Be Happy SOMETIMES Emo-tional Meaning You Have [[Emo]]tions Which CAN Be Happy Too! Whats It To You If People Are Emo Anyway Just Stay The Fuck Away From Us If You Have A Problem Instead Of Being So Sad And Pathetic To Take Your Time To Try And Insult Us. GET A HOBBY FUCKING SHEEP DOSE NOT COUNT!!
    See Im Happy Right Now Reading The Comment FuckYouAsswhore Sent Its Fucking Hilarious Thank You For Wording It Like That Couldnt Have Done It Better Myself. So Till That Happens STAY THE FUCK AWAY From us emo kids if u dont like it right?! just go try and light a bush on fire take drugs and kick in us shelters thinking your “Solid Man, Pure Solid” U Fucking Freaks Yeah Thats Right The Emo Kids Calling YOU A Freak

    Thats My Wee Rant I Feel Better Now

  257. ummm
    wtf is wrong with u people, I mean the ones who posted this article????
    Dude, the hardcore emo people really do exist (the ones that slit their wrists and cry their make up out)
    Their are also the once that are just emotional and get depressed or happy really quickly .
    Emo is a style people, not a sickness that is transmitted throught tears.
    Emo clothes is also a small imitation of punk and goth. So because the punks and goth were dark clothes we ll call them Emo now???? NO! cause their gonna kill ya in the first place.
    Listening to the “depressed” songs like H.I.M and My chemical romance etc. (not james blunt caus ethat ll make u a fag -.-) does that makes people turn emo???I don’t remember anywhere in the news papers written down ” Emo kills people”, i only hear “murder” or”suicide” but emo doesn’t tell us to go and kill ourself.
    Listening to hardcore metal doesn’t turn people emo -.-
    Emo is a masochistic way to live ur life, and EVERYBODY ahs a bit of a masochist inside themselves. Tatoos, piercings etc. basicly that mean s that we all have a bit of emoness inside ourselfs ^^.
    Why do only the teenagers get affected by moods like that? O well we all know, we all pass by this adolecent age, where we have th horrible mood swings and when we sometimes cry our make up out of our eyes an dcry ourself to sleep. ^^ do we call that emo??
    Like I said emo is a style and way of life that helps us to express ourselfs in a different way. It doesn t kill us and it isn t contageous. It’s just the way peole are, sometimes cold sometimes a bit to emotional.
    I m only 15 and I experienced plenty of things that u can t even imagine.
    and y I know so much? Its cause I m one myself ^^

  258. o I forgot one thing,
    God, not all of them at least -.-
    and actually they are really smart, their amazing at writing poems and so on…
    anyways, deal with it people their are stuff that is worse than Emo…

  259. OMG that was so touching i no what you all mean i went thro it and almost died now 2 of my best friends do i recieved a call just only last nite and she passed out from the bleeding i ameatly rand her mums mobile its bad stuff guys do other stuff keep a journal about ya life and burn it when its conplete thats what i do

  260. hay,
    Im 15 dnt live wid me parents been in foster care for like 4 years and i have been abused physicly and mentally.
    i have had wolts on my legs and back, i have seen people die right b4 me, have no real family i dnt sit around and cut my self thats fuked yer maybe iv cryd once or twice but fuk sake get the hell ova ya self guys. my mate lives wid her mum dad and sister she gets everything she want she has amazing friend and is very intelligent she has been cutting her self i seen them a few days ago and i layed into he big time so seriously dnt be fukn studip think of the poor people and the people that dnt have homes and thing ………… arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shit yous all make me angry……..

  261. this story is rad
    I just dont like the part about being straight edge
    I am
    I like it
    Its a postive thing
    about ANTI drug, smoke, drink and permisouse sex

  262. i think emo are grate i love emo boys but im not an emo my self i listen to my chemical romance and fall out boy they rock

  263. You people have no idea the meaning of emo! But to keep it basic, an emo is a depressed person of whom punishes one’s self by hurting one’s self in any physical or emotional way. For some emos, this is seen as a ‘cure’; not a punishment. Get your facts right! If you’re truly happy, you can’t be an emo! But there is one thing I must agree with: Being an emo does not kill you. But BLEEDING does. This is sometimes brought on by what i mentioned before: the ‘punishment’ (or ‘cure’). Hope you understand what I’m trying to say here

    And if you don’t, here it is:

    I’m emo. I know what an emo is. I’ve researched it. I’ve tested it. I’ve hurt myself. I’ve caused myself such emotional pain. The only difference is that I’m afraid of dying.


  264. There are sum hoo think an emo is an atention seeker… Sometimes its true, but somtimes not. I’m emo. My friend’s emo. He hides it so no1 wil no. He dusnt wont atention coz he likes to b alone. I dont hide it, coz i dont care. I don’t wont atention. i jus dont care. Like that guy sed, im punishig myself. But he forgot to mention Y its a punishment. Well, is hard to explain… It can b for dierent reasons depending on the person. Some people want to die because the level of their own emotions frightens them. Others just like to get away from their minds by causing pain ‘relief’ upon themselvs

  265. He’s right. You ppl hav NO IDEA how strong my emotions are… my anger frightens me… my happiness is neva everlasting… my sadness is unconquerable! you jus dont understand wot its like to hav such strong emotions… u dont understand how hard it is! u dont hav strong emotions! so i can c y u dont understand… but u dont hav to bag us out! it jus makes us with strong emotions feel even wers! wen u hit 1 of us, it hits hard!

  266. Emo can b 2 diferent things:

    1. A genre of music

    2. A passion/emotion/feeling. A deep form of sadness.

    But thats just basically putting it. There’s a fuckload more to the ‘passion’ emo than just a depresd guy in the corner crying.

    By the way, an emo may cry at any random time because of several different things, somtimes being jus that the deep form of sadness is unbearable, and musnt be held back. Tears are all that is needed to hold back the sadness another day.

  267. Oh, and the only reason that i dont spell properly is bcos its quicker to type this way. i dont like wasting time, so if u can read this, its good enuf:) gets the job dun quicker.

    To tell u the truth, i am a good speller. but like i sed bfor, this gets the job dun quicker

    Now u no y ppl dont spel properly 🙂

  268. normal? NORMAL?! wtf is normal? there is no such thing as ‘normal!’ everybody is different, so get over it! emo ppl r emo. get the fuck ova it! jus bcos u dont undertsnad them dusnt meen u need to bag em out like that! u fuking retards!

    thnx themeaningofemo, that helped:)

    by the way, im not emo, but iv got heaps of emo frends hoo tel me y they cry and stuf. they dont cry for no reason! they cry bcos they jus need to let their sadness out every now and agen! sum ppl dont hav as gd lives as u, so of cors their gona get sad! deal wit it! not everybody is gona b hppy! IT WOODNT WERK IF EVERY1 IN THE WORLD WOS HPPY! things wood jus fall apart!

  269. god is perfect…
    man is Not…..
    man made beer….
    god made POT!!!!!!!!!!

    ta all ya haterz, i say go plug a bean n ur ass!!!
    Maybe dat’ll shut u up long enough for me to get back stoning!!!

    Just think of it this way… Without us emo’s.. U wouldn’t be wasting your time typing dumb shit about people that u really want to be…
    So just be happy that it gives u something to do other than be a self-centered chronic masturbator…. Yeah i said it!! We get more pussy form hott girls than u can imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So go fuck your fat hoe if she hasn’t already left ur ulgy ass!!!!!!!!
    Stupid virginz….

    alil bit of ecstacy…
    alil bit of u and me…
    alil bit will set you free…
    alil bit of Ecstacy……

    Emo’s a lifestyle.. something you need… a lifestyle bitch!!!!
    I’m rollin!!! Peace

  270. Let me start off by saying, none of you are emo.

    If you admit to being ’emo’ then your not.

    All my friends are scene kids and i guess i kind of am aswell.

    Emo is no longer a fucking emotion dumbasses, its a trend.

    No one takes emo seriously anymore.

    If you have black hair and wear eyeliner your considered emo.

    Its got nothing to do with slitting your wrosts or wear fuckign ugly glasses like in this story. NO ONE DOES THAT ANYWAY! for fucks sake.

    If you wanna look like a retard then go ahead and do all of that.

    But in actual fact, your not scene unless you wear a cammo hat and have macbeth shoes.

    Its just s stereotype and trend.

    not a personality.

    your all fucked in the head.

  271. Okay what the fuck.
    All emo kids aren’t depressed. They don’t all cut. It’s a style of music. Okay… quit being so stereotypical. It doesn’t even affect you personally.

  272. OMG guys, some of u cn b so thoughtles nd rude. 2 b an emo its ur choice. bt dat dusnt mean its da ryt choice. seriousli if a guy wnts 2 b gay nd f#@* otha men ur happy wif it nd make it ok by law bt ur nt happy if a guy wnts 2 wear makup???? OK bt i dnt undastand it. besides mst ppl dat luk emo rnt ne way. they just dress it. werid bt tru. i hav m8s dat evn dress emo nd attnd their fings onli 2 take da piss owt of it. i personali fink we need 2 b ther 4 em nd show em hw much fun u cn hav bein norman. i mean they claim 2 b individuals bt they all luk nd act da same???? yea i knw it weird bt u just gotta b ther 4 em. nd instead of pushin em away nd makin em mre emo u gota b ther 4 em nd help em b NOT so emo nd mab we cn stop dis emo epidemic….. WHT DO U SAY????

    hola bak aye i’m currentli writin an articl on emos atm so wht u hav 2 say wud b gr8.

  273. Well, this story is about retarted and a half.
    Not all emo’s wear wide brimmed glasses, eyeliner, and wear straight leg pants. STEREOTYPING. Hello. Next time you write an article make sure it’s worth while, and is actually stateing true facts. I can’t belive I even bothered to read this.


  274. Wow, KT, I stand corrected. Your extensive knowledge on Emo leaves me no choice but to delete not only this story, but the site itself. Also, your Zanga site makes me want to punch a cat in the face.

  275. Okay i have things to clear up here… anyway emo’s (most of them) have had something “horribe” or bad happen in there lives that have really impacted them and now they probably don’t know what to do and are lost. But i really don’t know what goes on in there minds. Really i just whish someone was there to help them and not well abandon them but if they just start acting like this for no reason there NOT emo there a poser and i KNOW this will get alot of peeps pissed but it’s true real emo’s have had something bad happen in there lives that they can’t get over or have had a series of events happen in there lives that well sucks. NOw to clear things up more emo’s can vary in diffrent stuff emo music, emo clothes, emo poetry , and emo everything. I like the stuff they were sometimes and sometimes like the music like jimmy eat world. I say emo is just another way of life but really I beg people please domn’t take it so far as to kill yourself there is a good piece of life out there somewhere although it may not seam it now just plaese don’t think life is useless. Oih emo mean emotianal so that means they probably have really deep thoughts and might be complicated to deal with but please don’t let them waste away they are people and they just need some help. say go ahaed and write emo music poetry make emo clothes wear em’ too. just don’t take emo overboard the last thing i want is another PERSON to die from been emo. I love emo music it’s awsome but i like other music to and when i feal like it i wriet emo like stories and dress emo cuz i like too. But im not saying im emo im just i gues a listener to peole so yeah if you know anybody who’s emo please don’t let them kill themselves that is the last thing you probably want. So i ask help them and don’t hate them, or say there stupid just realise there lost in this world and need some help… ~*Niomi*~

  276. i saw this and decided to see how bad the epidemic had become, so i pinged all the emos – see “how to ping everything” – and my computer has been continusly returning emos for six days now.
    is it possible that emo is an std?

  277. ok .. the guy was just phyco .. thers nothing wrong with being emo im emo and im still alive…. and wtf .. this is thye crapiest site i have ever seen!

  278. i think my emo is broken. do you know of any mechanics in the nantucket area that specialize in the maintenance or repair of emo?

  279. you know i am emo and i have been emo for a wile since grade 8 i am 18 now finnishing grade 12 maybe you people dont know but you dont just become emo your life has to suck i wish that people wouldnt give it such a bad rep and lable us this way we are people to maybe we need help to get through our tough times but we really just need people to love us and understand us its really not a joke i became emo because my grandpa killed himself and i was really depressed and just when i was over it people started to bully me and they still do people who make fun of me or joke around about being emo your half the reason why emos kill themselfs because its still bullying and its mean you didnt owe it to me to be a decent friend you owed it to me to be a decent human being i deserve to live on this earth as much as any other and you will let your friends smoke or drink but you will open your mouth and critisize some one who is emo someone who has done nothing to you SO…..


  280. thats pretty sad considering that its just a label !


    i mean im a bit emo …. but i dont let most things get to me like that kid obversly did… i love watching clouds go by in the day and stars at night … i moo frequently too 🙂

    dont lable people people, cuz lables are on cans of soup and its not that nessary to call people cans of soup??

  281. Hey emo!—it was all done before.There´s nothing new under the great blue sky…sorry about it and don´t kill urselfs,unless u want to…”…down on your knees,should be left behind…”

  282. Kis,Alice Cooper=Marilyn Manson

    sorry,and better try and be more original,not just find out a new name for something that already exists…

    for exemple,and advice listen to Year Zero from Nine Inch Nails–that might open up eyes and make finally realize that our planet is rotten….stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something,like Save the Planet!

  283. and as a closure to my monologue,read this again:
    Im 15 dnt live wid me parents been in foster care for like 4 years and i have been abused physicly and mentally.
    i have had wolts on my legs and back, i have seen people die right b4 me, have no real family i dnt sit around and cut my self thats fuked yer maybe iv cryd once or twice but fuk sake get the hell ova ya self guys. my mate lives wid her mum dad and sister she gets everything she want she has amazing friend and is very intelligent she has been cutting her self i seen them a few days ago and i layed into he big time so seriously dnt be fukn studip think of the poor people and the people that dnt have homes and thing ………… arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shit yous all make me angry……..”

    think about it….do u really have it bad,or only your society influenced, giant,unreal feelings are playing with u?

  284. OMG.. i love emos they are so hot
    i am emo.. and i love bein random.
    yes, yes i do..
    who wants an emo girlfriend.
    if you do write me an email to lover-punk@hotmail.com
    i want you emo boy…
    please i want an emo boyfrind so badly,,

  285. Oh stop it. you are making me feel horrible
    i just want to crawl my way to a dark corner, cut myself and write suicide notes with the blood.
    all while listening to some music1
    quit hurting me. jk

    gosh why does everybody have to take everything so seriously.
    why dont you just let the emo kids just do wat ever the f*&# they want.
    they arent’ hurting anyone except for themselves.
    and besides it’ll be one less person
    in this world that sometimes really acts gay!!

  286. so whoever sammy is, she’s definatly eleven. how long did it take everyone to notice he was dead? he could just be crying very very quietly.

  287. so a goat walks into a bar and asks who wants to butt hump 10 lame drunks raise there hand.

  288. hey everyone… this whole pagge has been around forever haha my freind sent me a link to it today and i think its hilarious… ok first of all suicide is a stupid concept, if there is really anything that wrong in your life then fucking deal with it. you will never get anywhere feeling bad for yourself… instead why not make a name for yourself. i want to be remebered. i dont want to just be a nothing i want to make an impact on this world. and alot of you people on here are assholes. stop with the whole emo shit. i am what you would sterotypicly call “emo”… i have my lip peirced i wear band tees and tight pants. i am NOT straitedge and i am NOT a vegan. my life is a hell of a good time. i dont hang out with “groups” of people and most everybody loves me.

    well yeah dont be depressed
    dont be suicidal
    instead put a smile on
    its alot easyer to get laid =D

  289. THis was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. Way to go idiot.

  290. You’s all have different veiws on emos maybe people should realise were all good people.. some just show there emotions in different ways which makes everyone different please understand.. Don’t criticise

    xxxas the blood drips from my wrists my meaningless life turns to black and for once in my life im happyxxx

  291. i think the story was truth but then he said he died from being to emo lol but the story is so sad it touched my heart in alot of places and emo people are cool to be around

  292. you guys are all fucking retarded, id rather lick all yall dusty grandmas pussys than listen to your stupid bullshit, lick my clit all you emo gay faggot asses :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  293. wow u stupid emo bastards, u always complain saying “i wanna die” and on top of that shit u cut urself and common sense says that if ur saying u wanna die then u would kill urself. i mean hell save everyine else the trouble and jump. stupid emo bitches

  294. Being emo is a stupid way to lose all your friends and start hanging around a big group pf douche bags. no one really likes straight edge people. they are just losers who are afraid to take chances and live life to the fullest. what is the point in dressing all weird, wearing makeup, and wearing girls pants? i think it is just a new way to hide homosexuality. think about it. girls tend to cry pretty easily, wear makeup, listen to panzy music, and dress like girls. Emos do all these things. Why would anyone want to be sad all the time? and people that say they are a happy emo are just posers. Being a sad, depressed, loser is part of emo. you cant cry constantly and be happy. its just not natural. Some people say it is a mental illness, to cut yourself and be depressed all the time. yes, depression is real but using emo as an excuse to ACT that way is just stupid. i have no pity for anyone who cuts themself. if you want to hurt yourself, do something worth while and entertaining for the rest of us. jump in front of a bus, or maybe be a street performer who lets people hit them in the face with a 2×4. you might even make a little money on the side. if you want to end your life, quit talking about it and just do it. im so tired of hearing people bitch about how they want to die. its not too hard to kill yourself, people do it all the time. that is proof that emos dont have the nads to do anything they bitch about all the time. I suppose i rambled a little but i suppose the moral here is stop being a loser and dress normal, listen to some decent music, dont be a fag and inflict pain on yourself. if everyone just realizes how stupid this whole fad is us normal people wont have to deal with it anymore.
    If any of you stupid emos have anything to contest with what i have said my email is raybuck72@verizon.net go ahead and send me your bitchy little rebuttles, i dare you. but if youre emo then you probably wont because you started crying halfway through this. LOWLIFE SCUMS!

  295. wow…376 comments on Emos…..thats dedication to the cause that is emo hatred

  296. hiii i think (emo::kid.girl.boy.guy) is really good butfl way 2 be broken and i love emo,broken girls 2 and i have a broken heart sooo plz dnt say anything about emo coz they dnt say that 4 noting just coz they r very broken and they say them feelling plz understand them byeeeee 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

  297. why you say that i just want to know!!!why you gays dnt have heart you dnt understan them feelling right :@ :@ :@

  298. Hii again i love emo people to death and i love them picture i have 500 pictures for them if u want talk to me or see my picture go to my e-mail adress
    (skulls_soul@hotmail.com) i’m now online call me ok and i will be an emo girl ok byeeeeeeeeeee 😀 😀 😀
    talk to me oook c ya

  299. I am emo, emos r cool! shut up, jut coz they hav a different way of letting out feelings! JEeeeeeeeeeeeZZ!

  300. Sorry but as if emo kids didnt get bullied enough at school people are starting online. Its like you guys just hate anything different?
    Yeah when it goes to an extent of hurting themselves thats when its too far.
    Its just another fashion.
    Each to their own 🙂

  301. Omg, why is everyone so sycho about being scene? I’m scene, dress like it too, have the hair, but I’m not cutting my wrists or anything. Most people are scene because of what happened in their life. I had alot of shit going on, still do, so why go making fun of emo’s because they already have ENOUGH GOING ON. Btw, if they don’t they’re just posers, go make fun of them. I cry a bit yeh, that just means I have feelings me all cry. If you wanna say crap, go cry to someone else because us scenies don’t wanna listen to your bull shit. Go die mutha fuckazzzz!
    I love you guys fro Escape the Fate!
    Btw, God bless America ._.

  302. not all emo people cut their wrists….i use to,but not anymore……

  303. for one dont dis emo people you fucking idiots. EMO stands for emotional most teens who are emo come from broken homes or have problems with there lives being bullied causes it and i use to be emo most of my friends are emo and emos fall in line with skaters i am a skater and you know what at least emo’s wear there pants up to wear there underwear doesnt show like those stupid fucking wanna be gangsters

  304. u all just think your so funny making fun of emos dont u well i dont think its funny im emo and im done with this wher not that diffrent from u so u all can just shut up! more emo kids get made fun of then the schools hore and i think thats messed up wher just like u but most likly tuffer and done with life so just shut up bc one of thes days u will mess with the wrong emo kid and wish u neve said anything!

  305. Fuck all you I’m emo and y’all are BITCHES AND FYI EMO IS NOT CONTAGIOUS DUMBASS

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