The Three Main Reasons Why Macs Suck

Why do people keep sending us hate mail telling us that Macs are better than PCs? They definitely aren’t. We have done plenty of research on the subject and have come up with three main reasons why Macs suck. These reasons alone give you permission to kick anyone in the face that uses one. Or tar and feather them. Whichever you feel is appropriate for the situation.

Reason number one is the fact that Macs can’t view pictures, be it a jpg, gif or png file. Most people who use a computer would like to view pictures. I know most of the staff here does. We view pictures all the time. This is one of the most important parts of the computer, besides Minesweeper. How can you view pictures on a Mac when they don’t have any programs! Where is MS Paint? Where is ACDSee? These programs are not available, thus, you can not view any pictures on a Mac.

Reason number two is not as major, but equally as annoying. Macintosh computers attach the string of words “Macs are cool” to every sentence you will read while using the OS. For example, try to open up an image file on a Mac. You will get the error message, “Cannot open image files on Macs. Macs are cool.” Why would they add this to every info, title and error message? That’s ridiculous. Who has time to read the fact that Macs are cool after every sentence when it is quite clear that they aren’t.

Reason number three is Macs can’t access the internet. Point being, you aren’t reading this if you are using a Mac! Steve Jobs, the president of Macs, said at a press conference a few weeks back that they were working on the whole “internet accessibility thing.” All computers come with the internet right? WRONG. On PCs, you can access the internet using AOL at anytime you desire! Macs don’t let you connect to the internet, it has something to do with INCOMPATIBILITY, something you better get used to if you use one. Why wait around to use your friends PC because you are on a Mac? That’s stupid, get rid of your Mac now and save yourself years of turmoil and stress.

Need more reasons? See The Three Main Reasons Why Macs Suck (Part 2).

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