Surviving a Zombie Attack

Monkey StrikeRecently, on the forums, we have been debating whether or not we would be able to survive a zombie attack. How long do you think you would survive? What would be your weapon of choice? What would you do if you were infected? Here is my reply.

My ideal weapon for slaying / slowing down zombies would be an aluminum baseball bat. That way, when the zombies step, they’ll get a nice smack to the head. I’ll swing the bat so hard, the zombie’s head will explode on contact. The main thing that you would have to watch out for is people that say they aren’t infected, so you trust them, and then they try to bite you a few hours later.

If I was infected, I would commit suicide by jumping off a building for the greater good. I wouldn’t hang around waiting for it with people who weren’t infected. For my hideout / safehaven, I would be all about the military bases and naval yards. I would get there as soon as possible to avoid being shut out or quarantined in another part of the city. I hear zombies are afraid of water. Those pussies.

After the fact, I would also like to add an elephant gun to my arsenal of weapons, with unlimited ammo of course. You might say, “You cant have unlimted ammmo, theres no such thing!!!11” Remember, this is fictitious scenario involving cities being taken over by zombies, so I get my unlimited ammo.

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Do you ever stop to think about how lucky you are to be alive?

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  1. Hi funny article,

    the best weapon I guess would be 2 lightswords (starwars style) or maybe the combatsuit of spawn (with the side effect, that you have to sign a contract with mephisto (the devil, bill gates, darth vader,…)


  2. I would try andmake frinds with the Zombie. This stratagy has worked in the past andshe is now my wife! although this is by proxy as i’m a zombie my self! – so Im not happy about this thread at all! it should be how to kill a HUMAN!! aagghh! slurp!

  3. My weapon of choice would be an iron fire poker. The kind with the sharp bent point on one side.

  4. I’de want some sort of sharp, lite sword. The faster you could swing it and the sharper, the better. Nothing could drive back a horde of zombies, hand-to-hand like a nice small katana of some sort (not a dai). One slice and you’ll cut hunks away.

  5. i would use a good old sawed off double barrel and my trusty desert eagle

  6. I would use my incredibly erotic powers and sex appeal to woo the zombies into becomming my sex slaves 😉

  7. The best weapons to use in a zombie outbreak in hand-to-hand combat would be a simple heavy machete, a chinese spade, or a trench knuckle. Chinese spades are like huge spears with a half-moon shaped blade at the end of the sides (its 6 feet long), and a trench knuckle is like brass knuckles with a huge spike that will penetrate the brain very nicely, disposing of the infected zombie. for long range combat, a carbine rifle will work nicely, because it forces you to sparingly use ammo by having to make each shot count, and they are very accurate.

  8. I think the best weapons would most likely be a solid metal baseball bat, an m-16, and lots of adrenaline. A bat needs no reloading and can be affectively used by almost anyone. An m-16 would be good at defending against both large groups and single zombies, as well minimizing the risk of close quarter combat. And well running from shooting, and beating the hell of zombies really takes it out of you, hence the need of excess adrenaline. Then again the best bet may be reverse psychology, what does a zombie fear the most? NECROPHILIAC. Sex up a zombie once, and you’ll never have to worry about the undead again.

  9. I would want a lightsaber,Force Lightning,a SPNKR Rocket launcher,a c-10 canister launcher,and a FURY Tactical nuke.

  10. a trench spike just has to be used… amazing weapon… and as the only way to kill a zombie is to penetrate the brain, the trench spike was designed to hammer throught bullet proof helmets 😉 yeah anyway… a trench spike and an AK-47, most reliable assault rifle…. none of this M-16 or M-4 carbine tosh…

  11. I would use an X-box, shovel and big kitchen knifes for close quater combat the X-box due to the fact that you can’t brake it and the heavey wait would crush a zombies head no problem the shovel puts a bit of distance between me and the zombies and the big kitchen knifes.. need I say any more
    for long range weapons it would be multibarrle-firework box throwing knifes(kitchen knifes would do) and a guess a Air rifle
    the multibarrle-firework box because of the fire power and the pushing power so it should send those zombies back, An air rifle why because they have a little or no recoil (their’s little to no guns in england) throwing knifes their sharp and can pin zombies to a wall

  12. Zombies are afraid of water!?! To hell with water dude, I’m using a freaking flamethrower, or molotovs, or something!
    Either that, or I’d keep some nice bludgegoing weapons lying around, since you know, after society colapses from a zombie invasion you wouldn’t have any place to go and buy bullets for a gun now would you!

  13. Dix Galoor u got that from the Max Brooks Book “Zombie Survival Guide”

  14. I would use swords and knifes. For long range i would just leave them aloone until they get closer. if there is alot of them, I would use a rifle. Only thing bad about guns is that you need ammo. Homemade explosives would work for crowds to.

  15. ok first off, say you were in an extravogent predicament were zombies HAD actually taken over, where the hell would you get a shaolin spade or trench knuckle, a fruggin rockect launcher, or an x-box? The only means of defense you would have probably be at best a shovel or maybe a machete. You might be able to make some homemade bombs if you were an extremist of some sort.If you were a hunter you might have a rifle or a pistol.And of zombies did attack and you got bitten, then fuck the world, dont be a whimp and kill yourself, the world is ruled by zombies and you are at the top of the food chain again, kill everyone you can!

  16. zombies are hard to kill, flamethrower wont work cause then you just get flaming zombies and thats never good. id have to say a sawed-off shotgun, and M-4 same caliber as the AK-47 but i think ammo would be easier to find cause its american. perhaps a baseball bat or a shovel if they get too close and of course that classic the Colt .45 1911 handgun.

  17. The ideal weapons of choice for a prolonged zombie epidemic would have to be a parking meter. Stay with me folks. saw off a parking meter say, about 4-5 inches above where the pole is stuck into the concrete. still with me? Good. now you have a virtually INDESTRUCTABLE (ever try to break one open?) club with a 3 foot long iron pipe for a handle. It would probably help to wrap the handle end with grip tape (those zombie guts can get slippery).

    Now, I am fairly large dude (6’5, 240lbs), I would have no problem swinging a sawn-off parking meter like a war club and bashing some serious zombie skulls.

    As a matter of fact, I would probably enjoy it.

    Imagine the sound of your high school guidance counselor’s zombified skull squishing like an overripe melon when you bash it’s friggin’ head in with your improvised ClobberMeister!

  18. Short range: Flanged battle mace, and that Shaolin spade sounds pretty good too 😀

    Long range: sawed off double-barrel, rocket launcher and maybe some grenades

    add a good hard metal song to get me pumped up.

    Honestly, I’m not too sure how long I could survive. Maybe if I was kept on a constant stream of Red Bull, longer than most of the people I know. If I became infected though, I would commit suicide by shooting myself in the head.

  19. First of all zombies are not afraid of water.For weapons I would have a 1911A1 with hollow piont bullets. I would also have MP-5A2 with navy ambidexturus triger grip in case my right arm gets cut off. An M-4A1 carbine would also be useful. A M-1910 trench knife with brass nuckles. Fireworks would also be useful because zombies can’t take thier eyes off them unless they are advanced zombies. You can by dynamite and add manuer, it makes a bigger explosion. A totally closed vehicle would be best. You would want to have brick walls and steel gates. Dual Glocks would not be good, too hard to load at the same time.

  20. We would use a Challenger 2 Tank fully armoured with unlimited ammo and stocked up with Fosters for the ride. also loaded with 2 sawn off shot guns (just incase) and 1 napalm airstrike. for close combat we would have knum Chucks used with the Matrix so they are basicly fucked.

  21. I would take–
    Long range:
    Carbine rifle, lots of ammo.(I could not aquire this, unless the gunshop down the street had not already been raided)
    Medium Range:
    Shaolin Spade.(I also could not aquire this)
    Short Range:
    Trench spike (I could get one of these with a pair of brass knuckles welded to a railroad spike), English mace(no idea where i could get this, but they are about as heavy as a hammer and are as efficient at busting skull as you can get), and an ice axe (light, has an axe on one end, annd a pick on the other, the handle ends at the base with a sharp point, and as for aquisition I have one sitting on my kitchen table)

  22. Oh yeah and as for safe haven? Well that depends on how many zombies there are. If there are less than 100 zombies in the area I simply won’t need one, I’ll be out hunting zombies down one by one, if this is a class 3 or 4 (using the guide scale) i would go for either a tower north of town that is in a secluded area, or I would go Dawn of the Dead, and hole up in a mall.

  23. if zombies did attack half the population will be dead within the first couple of days so Im pretty sure you could have the weapon of your choice, the problem is getting it. You would have to start out with something around you thats useful like a fire poker. Or if u dont have a fire place you could grab just about anything that could damage a persons brain and kill them.
    Another thing you dont have to worry about buying ammo you can just take it, duh!

  24. yeah, i would use a the weapon that will make there heads explode when i want the heads to explode, that way when i walk about the corner and the zombies see me, they think “HOLY SHIT IT IS GEORGE, HE’LL BLOW UP OUR HEADS,RUN!!!!” and so yeah, and if i couldn’t get that i’d say i’d want 2 Straight Katanas and a HK USC with a siper moded barrel and a 9x scope. O YEAH!!!!!

  25. i would use the trusty katana (samuri sword) i would put toger a crack team of guys NO MERCY

  26. well hello, this is what i would to keep me living.

    as i live in england there aint to many gunshops and i dont know where any are but im sure if u popped down to the closest army bace im SURE they would be happy to lend me some guns … not

    anyway my plan is to go to a place called warwich where there is a really big castle which was built to be defended have really big high thick walls made of stone , and big fuck off oak doors and iron gates behinde them , also has the dich where the old moat was and u can sore loads off food and wepon.

    talking on wepons you wont really need to use them once you have it under your control
    but the castle has a large ammount of wepons including swords axes battle hammers bows and crossbows plus arrows and amour

    And when you run out of food becuase its in a city you can just nipp out side and get more and becuase you will have a large ammount of men with you you can make a group that are well armed and trained to get it with out any trouble and we will be able to drive a car or small van right in to the castle which is handy.

    and becuase the castle has a large ammount of ground you can grow enough food to support your self and it i beleave has a well so you can get water from there

    and you dont need to tend to the feids all the time so you wouldent need to worry about defending them and plus they would be on the inside of the outwall

    so there you have it my plan and it is pretty good and relable becuase if a castle could be defended by about 30 or 40 people from a army with wepons thats think about getting in im sure 150 or 200 people could defend it from a army of mindless zombies walking at the walls and cawling in the diches

    thank you and good night

    if you have anymore idea or you have spoted a flaw in my plan plz e-mail me

  27. its me again i put my crack team toger we’r are practicing on hookers and hoboes we made an enclose 4 when hell full dead rise to feed off the liveing we will kick ass with =
    2 base ball bats
    1 katana
    1peir of num chuks
    and knives hamers and axes
    from the no mercy =no zombie team

  28. It is a good thing that not only am I a civil rights attorney for the homosexualistic underground population, but I am also A+ Certified in ZomBat (that’s short for ‘Zombie Combat’ for all you technically challenged people) by the Walla Walla Military Correspondence School Of Walla Walla, Washington.
    After I completed my three week ZomBat Certification course I began recruiting men for my super secret underground brigade -the 100th AntiZombie Corps- that I plan on actually getting commissioned by the government one day.
    If you (or you and some of your friends) are curious, meet us at The Nut and Bolt on Spring Street every Tuesday at 9 for some hot, sweaty…. training… Yeah, training -that’s the ticket….

  29. An aluminum baseball bat is only good for 1, maybe 2 fights, but after that, they’ll start to bend and break. The best blunt weapon for zombie combat is a crowbar. They’re light and portable, so they won’t tire you out when you have to run with them, they’re constructed sturdily, so they won’t break, they have a semi-sharpened hook edge so that you can possibly get a hit into their eye with that, and in a pinch, they can be used as…. well… a crowbar. Prying open doors, lifting heavy stuff, and the like. Also, if you’re strong enough to carry it for long times, a big prybar might also be practical for its reach.

    The best edged melee weapon would be an authentically made Samurai Katana, because it can cleave through bone no problem, and keeps an edge very well. However, those aren’t very readily available, and the next best thing would be a machette, preferably the military versions with the blackened steel to improve nighttime stealth.

    The best ranged weapon would be a bolt or lever action rifle. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain, and if you have an assault rifle or sub-machine gun, you get that adrenaline rush and set that switch for full auto and end up wasting ammo, something you don’t want to do in a survival situation.

    Shotguns are a good option to have for when you’re cornered, but with a shotgun, the farther away you are, the less chance you have of scoring a lethal blow. Plus, shotgun shells are the bulkiest form of ammo, and you could make just as many kills if you carry around more ammo for your rifle and pistol. And pistols tend to become more and more inacurate the more nervous you get, and should only be used as a backup weapon.

    Now, for my personal arsenal, I would rely on a crowbar, a machete, a winchester .357 rifle, a .357 pistol, so that they could use the same ammo (I’ve done that at the firing range, sacrifice a bit of range and power for some versatility, and the winchester can still reliably hit at over 100 yards), and maybe keep a sawed-off shotgun within reach in the “fall back” room in my fortress/house. You also don’t want to think just about weapons, but about tactics, and survival. If there is a zombie apocalypse, you want to have a base of operations, fortified, and find a way to repopulate after the zombies have decayed fully.

    Oh, and without a doubt, trench spikes are a great weapon, seeing as they were used in WWI to go through helmets, and thus should have no problem with zombie skull.

    If you have to use an assault rifle, for the love of whatever divine being you may or may not believe in, don’t use an M16, that’s gotta be the most poorly designed assault rifle for durability I’ve ever seen. The chambering mechanism is unnecessarily complex, the stock is made of rather hollow plastic and won’t stand up well to being used as a melee weapon, and the chamber is small and jams easily when dirt and whatnot get in there.

    If you want an assault rifle, go for something in the AK-47 family, that’s usually regarded by gun people to be one of the best assault rifles out there. The stock is made of steel reinforced wood, the chamber is spacious and hardly ever jams, and the chamberimg mechanism is simple, thus not jamming as much. The only downside is that the gun is heavier, and has more kick, but you can get a dampener if that bothers you too much. However, if you’re considering using a shotgun rather than a rifle, kick shouldn’t bother you.

    Also, consider ammunition availability. Not many places will have 7.62 NATO rounds readily available, so your M16 might not have alot of ammo around for it, but if you’re using a 30ot6 (I can’t write that correctly) hunting rifle, then you can pick up ammo for that in most Wal-Marts. Anywho, I’ve ranted about this for way too long.

  30. I would probably use a shovel or a cricket bat as a weapon or grab a large bread knife for safety until I leave my home. If I actually survived to be able to leave that is. Before I’d leave I would obviously phone all of the emergency services just to make sure that they could help if I was desperate, even though they would more than likely be dead.
    As I leave, I’d grab my parents car, and attempt to head to my school- if it was open that is. Not at a weekend. But, judging that it is open I would definitely head there because It has big, heavy doors and two floors with large amounts of stairs, as well as our CCF- the Combined Cadet Force who have rifles situated in the bunker at the end of the copse- a wooded area at the end of our playground (I’m being serious, honest!). I would take the shovel and bread knife as weapons for safety.
    Even if the rifles are air guns or whatever I would still use them because, in close range they could do some damage (if they are shot at the eyes) and the bread knife I brought could be stuck on the end like some sort of freaky bayonet.
    Obviously, by now the zombies would be hungry and crowding round and the infection rate soaring higher so the doors and windows would be boarded up and I would be checking to see if the computers and phones are still online- the school has over 1035 families on their contact list meaning somebody could help me. If they are not online the art department could give me the materials for a rescue beacon to be displayed on the roof. If the police or anybody drove past they could try and help me. That would be my (rushed) escape.

  31. id have to say id use twin katanas, a SOCOM 45., and a springfield sniper rifle. the katanas, i would spin in 360 degrees and take off anythings head that got close. the SOCOM pistol would help if they were getting up close. and the springfield would b good if there was a group of them far away. Also i think id want an aluminum baseball bat for when 1 or 2 of them were gettin up in my grill.

  32. well AS A REAL PERSON IN REAL LIFE we dont have force powers and real light sabers and crap from Star Craft and other games some morons are puting on here I’d use some thing more real like the battle Axe i keep in my closit you can bust thru in one Swing swing openly and you can get a good number of them if you aim At the heads the end of my axe handle is like a big meatle hammer wich can be use if swong upwerdly well knock one down then alowing you to use the head of the axe to bust its way in a skull killing off the brain and also use if i have to a 9mm with halow shells with flatin on impact caseing more Damg no matter were you shoot the thing i’d have a few clips of thos a shot gun for Crowed controle and a Rifle with sniper scope i happen to live next to a gun store but the funny thing is its a 2 story building with barded windows and a meatle shutter wich locks in place in side the gun story thier is of couse guns and alot of ammo and the weird thing is food and drinks and a boom shelter under neeth the building…now as i think of it i think the guy was in a few wars and is a little freaky haha he also has a buss and a alot of Welding stuff and scrap meatle every were in his back yard wich has a fence and its pritty strong and im sure could hold off a few zombies if any thing like that ever happens wich i highly dout any who if id does come to Arzona lol.

  33. oh yea if you came by you would be body cheaked if you were biten you would be taken out back wright a letter to your loved ones then shoot in the head i shall take no Chance’s in infeacting my self or any other people that come to the gun store for a safe place to stay.

  34. and plz people to take things you have seen off of movies like Maveric did who has a post up aboce mine he got it from Day of the Dead dude really think of your own stuff your lazy bastared lol

  35. There’s only one thing that can stop a zombie:
    COWBELL. ‘Nuff said.

  36. Primary side arm: 9mm pistol
    12 – 16 clips of ammo depending on carry cap.
    Secondary sidearm: .22 handgun (Silenced)
    local gun shop has one in case
    5 clips of ammo + 30 boxes
    Etc Sidearm: .38 Special in paddle holster in front
    pouch with 36 – 42 rounds atched to belt.
    Small Hand axe or hatchet in hip holder on belt in back
    Primary gun: M14 from gunshop (semi-auto)
    w/ night vision rifle scope
    5 clips of ammo + 10 boxes of ammo
    Secondary gun: 12 gauge pump shotgun w/ bandoleer
    10 boxes of bucksot + 10 boxes of slugs
    Heavy belt knife or dagger
    Army back sack
    – Flashlight
    – Flares
    – 100ft parachute cord (200lbs test)
    – Heavy plastic binders
    – 2 large water bottles
    – 10 power bars
    – Large bag jerky
    – Map of city
    – 2 pcks aa batts, c batts, and d batts
    – Lighter fluid (Zippo)
    – Picture of little sisters
    Heavy-duty large shoulder-strap map bag
    – Shotgun ammo
    – 1 hand night-vision scope (monocule)
    – C.B. walkabout w/ scanner
    – Small hand flashlight
    – Medium bag Trail mix
    – Whetstone
    – 2 packs of Marlboro Reds
    – 1 pack of Kool’s Green pack
    – .38 special ammo
    – Zippo
    Canvas clip holders: x4 for 9mm clips w/ 4 clips per holder
    x1 for .22 clips w/ 4 per holder
    x2 for M14 clips w/ 2 per holder
    x2 for Shotgun ammo w/ 20 shells per H
    2 pair of Boot knifes
    Shin Guards
    Combat Boots
    Skater knee pads
    Lower Atire
    – Long Johns
    – Thin leather pants
    – Blue Jeans
    Belt on blue jeans
    Heavy gun belt holding gear
    Upper atire
    – T shirt
    – Short sleeve chainmail
    – Heavy denim button-up shirt
    – Leather Guards over lower arms
    – Skater elbow pads
    – Paintball fingertip-less gloves
    – Suspenders w/ ammo & gear clips on gun belt
    – Denim jacket
    – Earbud w/ mic for C.B. on line running under shirt to hip
    – Ski mask with ear holes and nothing over eyes
    – Paintball mask
    – Chain mail helm and neck guard
    – Boonie hat
    Bat’leth from hobby store

  37. note this is just hypothetical, but i have checked out locations for aquirement of all items and their closeness to my normal haunts. this is all available within 20 – 45 minutes depending on method of transport.

  38. “The zombie survival guide” by Max Brooks tel you all you nead 2 know!

  39. i truly disbelive any of us would really survive because we are all just so damn arragont or i am anyway:P u see peoples zombie were once slow moving creature and only had hunting instincts will as we have advancved they have to ……. we well start to miss those old day when they were slow when they could no think when they were scared of fire(notd) there just growwing more and more powerful my bestt bet for zombie i would fight would would the one from (sotd) we could act as zombie and get a way and we would all be problem free or would we muhahahahahahahhahahah>

  40. i’ve bee reading your comments for the last hour or so, and just to interject a note of seriousness. Yersinia Pestis Orientalis, a cousin of Mongolian marmot plague has caused what could be considered close to your generic concept of ” zombie “. A swelling in the foramen magnum, 106′ fever, drunken state due to lack of oxygen, vomiting sputum, uncontrollable dehydrating diahreha, heamorraging from all mucus membranes, all contact…even with discarded clothing is infectious.

    thi struck a village in N W mongolia in 1981, killed 250 people. Chinese gov’t sent in rescue and aid workers, and with their samples at the xinhua bio warfare research facility, have had 25 years to waeponize it. we have it at fort detrich MD, and formerly at plum island RI. ( now classified as a contaminated wildlife preserve on most maps. i’ve seen it from shore….very …patrolled. ) long story short, 2 hours to 3 days max from infection time victim dies. such a threat would be very fierce, but of a limited duration. CDC classifies as terminal 85%, short duration threat. much like lassa or ebola. minimal soil contamination.

    has anyone mentioned a chemical suit, waterproof garments, splash infection, and the impracticability of close combat with plague carriers ? As for weapons : I see a lot of people Knocking the AR-15. I’ve had one for 12 years and never had a jam or misfire. you all forget the practical aspect of being able to carry 1500 rounds of light weight highly accurate 5.56 x 45 mmammunition for a low recoil rapid target aquisition firearm. would be the reason the soviet army DUMPED the 7.62 x 39 mm ak-47 for the newer AK-74 in 5.45 x 39 mm, wouldn’t it ? hole up until your food runs out, or the CDC and army sweep through killing everything in the quarantine zone ? see uninfected people loot and riot as police walk off the job to pretect their own families….this is fun.

  41. that is the biggest load of fucking crap ive ever herd. 1 if u were going to fucking kill zombies, not slay u redard. i would not use a base ball bat because u would not be able take out more than one at a time let alone hold of against a group.
    2. the weapon of chouse would be a spas 12 asult shot gun, this way not only will they go down but they will stay down.
    3. if u think u could make some ones head explode with a base ball bat well then you are a mother fucking geek who sits at homes and fingers yours.

    all of these coments are the worst things ive red in my life!!
    i dont think none of u hve grasped how to deal with a fucking zombie u bunch of little fucks.

  42. Dre 2000. It’s a shame you can’t spell assault, you dolt. If you study hard you might win the spelling bee this year! I mean, after all, you’ve been in 4th grade for almost 5 years now, right? It’s your turn to win. Don’t let those other 4th graders push you around, you are bigger than them.

  43. i would use a big heavy mg, a fencin foil minus the blunt tip and sharpened,(i am a fencer so i would also wear all my gear mask,chest protectror, jacket so on…
    i would find a bulldozer or some thin an armor it and make it openable only from the inside. i would use my air rifle with its scope for long range and my dads shotgun. and molotov cocktails would be easy to make as well

    (finnaly never ever ever efver hide in a mall there are lots of entraces and the mall would be full of evil zombified valley girls LOL.

  44. First off, a big pat on the back for those of you with the shaolin spade/trench spike comments. Max Brooks would be proud, knowing we haven’t overlooked his wisdom.

    Now then, as for myself…ehe….

    A medium range scoped hunting rifle with moderate firepower, thus giving me lighter ammo and enabling the feasable amount I could carry. As for side-arms, I’d prefer to sport two Desert Eagles with laser sights mounted below the barrells. With the dual Desert Eagles, I’d choose my shots rather than ‘rock and roll’ through town, poppin caps off at my leisure, rather more for when the zombies get too close for a scoped rifle and are swarming too fast. In addition to the preceding, a couple sticks of dynamite wouldn’t be too bad either. Dynamite, as opposed to grenades would knock the zombies off their feet in a swarm and wouldn’t pose a threat to me with shrapnel compared to the ‘nades. Melee weapon? I’d like to consider myself more of a lead pipe kind of guy. I’ve done some long distance packing so the weight shouldn’t bear me down too much. The durability of a lead pipe is second to nearly none and it’s length and shape coul provide for some good swinging momentum. As a salute to Mr. Brooks, I’d pack a trench-spike (makeshift) for good measure.

    As for transport, an ATV would be great for quick in-and-out missions in the urban environment. Otherwise, my Explorer Sport would be sufficient transport for long-term transport.

    F.Y.I.: I’ve got a video game design in the works called No Man’s Land. So when it debutes, think back to this humble message-board, and know your comments were not overlooked.

  45. Also, what outposts would you hole up in? If so with what size and type of team?
    Pre-Concieved Ideas:
    -Prison (Pre 1967, Also my personal pick!)
    -Watertower (A personal choice for a temporary
    base, being as only 1 in 4 zombies can climb a ladder)
    -City Hall
    -Retail Store
    -Fire Department
    -Police Stations
    Note, all these are aside from military bases. But come on people, be creative!

  46. for ranged weapons, .22 caliber all the way. I know most of you think .22s are for wimps, but think about it:
    -.22s have the least amount of recoil, making it easier for non-trained civilians to get headshots with
    -.22 bullets are very small and light, allowing for more ammo to be carried
    -its also to have lighter gear when on the move

  47. I would get a chainsaw, a machinegun, shotgun, samurai sowrd, fighting skills, and anything else thats powerfull. For hideout I would go to somewhere where there is lots of food, water,ammunition,and guns.But i would take a car for transportation in order to get there and look for more survivors.

  48. i wood have the following group of weopons:unreal tournament 2004
    full set of weopons ,unlimited ammo, leviathon (vehicle), 8 buddies,and god mode. oh,and shaolin weopns of course

  49. well if this is nofictional and u can have unlimited ammo then i want a weapon that u fire once and all zombies disinagreat

  50. I would use a flamethrower and napalm as they destroy everything in their path. For close range I would use a crowbar. I would hide out in a fighter plane as I could fly around blasting zombies. For sleeping and eating I would dock at a hot air balloon.
    These ideas can be used by anyone.

  51. I would like to point at the book the Zombie survival guide by max brooks. This basically covers anything you could possibly think of in terms of weapons, attack, defense, and what actual zombies are and are not afraid of. For one, they are not afraid of water or fire, since almost all of their nerves are gone. also, a flamethrower would do little if you are not going up against a hord of like a 100 of them since a flamethrower uses fuel, and it weighs like 70lbs on your back, plus, human flesh does not burn immediately. thats all, oh and read the book, it helps.

  52. 1x Trench Spike
    1x Titanium Machete
    1x FX-05 ” Xicoatl” Assault Rifle (Once it comes out)
    8x Extra 5.56mm clips
    1x Silenced Beretta 92FS Elite
    1x Beretta 92FS-C Compact
    8x Extra clips for the Berettas
    1x Bokken made from “Palo Santo” wood. Straightish edge.

  53. First of all, Ive read this shit and you would all be dead in about three days or less! hunting zombies, nuclear weapons…XBOXES!? I happen to know that instead of overwhelming firepower, you should instead be thinking of a place that is secure and scarcely populated and try to get there immediately!! A small town wal-mart or other such store would be ideal to me, not only would you have means of finding protection (sporting goods, hunting supplies) but you would also have a decent stockpiling of food to keep ten to fifteen people sustained for quite some time with careful rationing. And in the event that the area is scarcely populated and a small team of people could make it out and back, it would be good to take note of your surroundings; gas stations, hardware stores and other such locations that may be beneficial should you be able to reach them.
    secondly, skipping all the hoo-hoo of geetting yourself and whoever else that may be with you fortified and armed and in the know about what’s going on around you, you should then make sure you have some type of escape plan should you need it, and also a backup escape plan should that be needed in the event plan A fails. once everything is settled to some level of reassurance. you should try contacting the outside world (assuming there’s any of it left to contact) phone lines by this point would obviously be down so perhaps locating and implementing short wave radio would be the better choice. in the event that no way of communicating is available…too bad! yer fucked on that!! you should then try to concentrate on escape and survival and trying not to kill anyone in your group (cabin fever can grip the best of us) The only way to truly escape would be to make your way to a almost metropolis size area of rurality. canada or some other such unpopulated place would be ideal, but even then, there’s no guarantees that you’ll be safe forever. the only true way out of a world that is overrun by zombies on the apocolyptic scale would be to join them or die trying not to!!!!!!!!

  54. Official Survivor
    Congratulations! You scored 79%!
    Whether through ferocity or quickness, you made it out. You made the right choice most of the time, but you probably screwed up somewhere. Nobody’s perfect, at least you’re alive.

    took the test and I’m alive…..fuck your high minded ideas of high force and hunting……you’re all dead!!!!

  55. I don’t know how many times it’s been said, but it should be restated. Quick, accurate weapons, (IE semi-automatic/ bolt-action weapons) light, melee weapons. (Blunt is good, edged can be better.) Sparcely populated areas will have less zombies, so farms and the general wilderness are safer. Kill zombies with massive, irreparable damage to the skull, because nothing else will finish them completely. Move fast, don’t stop, keep quiet. And yes, the Zombie Survival guide has it all.

  56. First of all, anybody who thinks of using a melee weapon should just lay down waiting to die, all of them exept the ones thinking of using samurai swords. First of all, I would gather a small group of trustable people (about 5 with me)to go to have our headquarters in a place without a lot of hallways, because that would be great risk. I would carry a .44 caliber magnum revolver (too much recoil, that is, if you’re a wimp) and an assault rifle. Trust me, I was in the army and a bunch of people won’t even be able to hold even a bb gun straightly. And also, I would carry a grenade in case I get infected, I just cook the grenade and wait for it to explode.

  57. I would get on top of a clock tower close to the City administration so I could steal valuable documents for exclusive use of bribery. All I would need is a Sniper rifle, my choice would be a Winchester and also a pair of submachine guns (because you won’t be able to kill everybody with a sniper).

  58. I read the Zombie Survival Guide, but there is a lot of stuff in there I wouldn’t be able to get. My favorite hand-to-hand weapon would be a modified shovel, kinda like the shaolin spade, just easier to get. I could sand down half of it and sharpen the edges to get a clean kill. I don’t have to much experience with guns, all I’ve worked with is a hunting rifle and clay pidgeons. A nice hunting rifle would probably suffice, paired with a handgun for tight spots. I know how to weild a katana proficiently but getting one is another matter. During a large epidemic (a large class 2 or a class 3 by guide terms) I’d probably set up base at the local high school. It was built like a prison but has great supplies for everything from maitenance to cooking. A few molotov cocktails would take care of the stairs. If I got infected I don’t know… maybe strap a bomb to my head and body and run to the highest density of zombies.

  59. my hand to hand wep would be a big warrior axe and for range weapon eum a likely m249 with unllimited ammo and for hiding place… a nuclear bunker with a mortar with a big nuclear launcher

  60. First things first,

    Big guns are hard to find, and most people will go and raid the gun shops, so the best idea is wait it out a little and look for dead cops, take their glock and use a trusty sharp object, the longer the better and chop off legs and heads, putting the zombie out of use no moving no bitting, if it still moves stab it a litte, if there are alot of zombies, run….
    by the way we are talking about zombes, which are dead rising, not an infection and to be zombies there would have to have a myth in process therefor the zombies would be slow as, lure your zombies one by one, watch you back, take a few legs,
    zombies only have one objective, killing and mabye feeding, if the zombies to to feed they need to die, so waiting them out could be good,
    The hard part is to survive after the zombies are gone, rebuilding the world under the rules of people that brutally survived a plauge of undead zombies, which would be pretty screwed up (the type of people that beat there wife cause they spent all there cash on hookers and beer) so growing food wouldnt be the easiest thing…

  61. Also

    Chain saw, the greateast zombie killer of all times, easy to find, eaiser to use and doenst require much stamina, to keep the chain saw going everything is free so finding some gas to keep her going shouldnt be a problem, you main troubles is that it can be hard to start, so make sure you start it before the shit hits the the fan eh?

    Warning do not keep a fat person in your group, they will slow you down and always bring ‘Micky D’s’ to the conversation.

    Stay fit, Weight, sit up, tred mill they are all good

    No Electricty bills, use the tv, radio and all you can find, keep yourself entertained while waiting out the zombie invasion

    No gay people, not trying to be sexist but it will just start alot of trouble eh?

    If you have your ideal stupid blonde girl, leave her at home, she will slow you down or run up some stairs.

    Open places, but closed doors, dont leave your back open, roofs and floors can be a danger zone too.

    try to lock up a zombie outside to see it starves out, dont go to much trouble doing this as you could be killed, make sure it cant escape (chop off a leg, or two) and chain it up.

  62. all you need is a shotgun loaded with rock salt & a 67 Chevy Impala! WOO GO WINCHESTERS!!!

  63. I would get grenades and used them Vietnamese style, and everybody that says unlimited ammo are the people who’s never used a gun. The zombies wouldn’t even touch y’all everyday computer geeks. I only got in here because of the survival, not because I played a crappy resident evil game.

  64. 2 model 18s in a army surplus filled with m4s and m16s and midevil time armor so i cant get bit .with a sword next to me.

  65. i would need would be my actual pair of 357 blackhawks,my cold steel warhammer,my cold steel trailmaster bowie,and my own two feet.Run run mothafuckas theres zombies on the way

  66. First of all you have to think about a few things before you decide on a weapon… and don’t forget about armor either (we will cover armor last).

    DO NOT USE EDGED WEAPONS!!! Hello fools, we’re talking about a CONTAGION spread through bodily fluids. Slice open a zombie and you get covered in goo and blood without stopping the zombie.

    Not every person out there is in peak physical conditioning. Ever try swinging a baseball bat or heavy pipe more than fifty or so times in a row? Try it.. see how long you last.

    Your weapons should be light, have considerable stopping power, and be easy to use.

    To combat zombies you will need different types of weapons depending on your situation.


    When you are holed up and under siege your weapons should be large (preferably automatic) rifles and explosive ordinance (hand grenades, pipe bombs, incindieries, anti-personnell mines) , and booby traps (See Army Field Manuals TM 31-201 and TM 31-210).
    Say you are trapped in a building.. IMPROVISE.. take out as many of the zombies as fast as you can before they build up and overrun your shelter through sheer brute force and numbers. The more you kill outside the shelter the less there are to kill when they get in.

    Drop bricks (bowling balls, furniture, or whatever) on them from the roof. Make a sling or use a slingshot and shoot them through the soft spot on the top of their heads. If you have a lot of time on your hands – build a catapult, trebuchet, or other kind of medievel type siege equipment (as a bonus you can use stones as ammunition.. save the bullets for when they get in).

    Inside your shelter create “kill zones” – set mines, dig a pit through the floor so they drop on spikes or into a hole they can’t climb out of, use a large net suspended from the ceiling and drop it to snare the first wave and to block the second waves ability to get at you so you can kill them in a more leisurely manner.

    Use a short barreled shotgun to take out two or three at a time at close quarters.. remember that in a combat situation even the best trained soldiers aren’t going to have time to line up those head shots.

    If you are going to be in close combat and only have a bat or staff-like weapon DON’T SWING IT – JAB IT LIKE A SPEAR AT THE HEAD AND FACE. This may seem counterintuitive but it gives you a lot of real advantages..

    A. You won’t miss as often or tire as fast.
    B. The smaller area of the end of the staff, pipe, or bat increases the crushing FORCE of the hit instead of distributing it along a larger area.
    C. The Zombies will not be able to grab the weapon as easily.

    Try it with a broom handle on a cardboard box and see the difference in the damage. Have a friend try to grab the staff as you jab at them.. do you get it?

    My personal favorite is a “tamping rod” – 4 feet of solid iron an inch in diameter with a sharp end. The incredible weight of it is offset by the sheer crushing force it delivers with a minimum of effort… I GUARANTEE it will kill you instantly with a swift energy conserving jab. You can pick these up around rail yards and along railroad tracks.

    Next best is brass knuckles or trench spikes .. this has already been covered in other comments but there is slight drawback.. most people have no friggin clue how to throw an effective punch or properly situate themselves to use a trench spike effectively.

    Another good weapon is a MACE or FLAIL.. I once practiced with a modified (modernized) version of a flail.. it was a good solid spring (like they use in shocks or in commercial applications) wrapped around a stick with several inches of spring left free and a metal ball on the end wrapped in electrical tape. It was nearly weightless and the force of the ball was the equivelent of a .38 caliber bullet. I smack you in the head with it and you aren’t getting up.

    In close combat your whole body is a weapon. Wear steel-toed boots and STOMP down on their knees and shins… It won’t kill em but it will keep them from chasing you or bring them down low so you can crush their skulls more easily.

    Now we get to talk about armor..

    First of all, PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND ARMS, wear gloves and a thick jacket if you don’t have anything else. If you get the chance (or are really bored) you can by 16 gauge wire, cut it into inch long pieces, and fashion yourself a chainmail suit or cut a leather jacket up and boil the peices to create armor for your arms ( Instructions for chainmail are also on the net.


  67. Some Booby Traps…

    This applies to people under siege.

    These bombs come from army manuals that are easily found at Military Surplus stores and on the net so don’t come knocking on my door Mr. FBI / ATF / Jack-Booted-Thug Federal Agent, It’s still a free friggin country.. go kill terrorists and stop reading blogs about zombies.

    If you have a lot of spare ammo or access to black powder (fireworks etc) there is a couple of good booby traps you can improvise to use as you retreat from the horde of zombies coming in your shelter. As a matter of fact there is even a way to make explosives and black powder out of piss (urea nitrate) and dirt (Potassium Nitrate).. I won’t tell you how but the info is out there.

    LIGHT BULB MINE (needs electricity or a fuse cord)
    Carefully cut (or file) a small hole in a large ( the larger the better )light bulb.. fill it with gunpowder and cover the hole with tape. Place nails or small metal objects on strips of tape and wrap them around the bulb (shrapnel) – TURN OFF THE LIGHT SWITCH IDIOT !! (preferably the switch is in another room) and screw in the bulb. When the light switch is turned on the bulb explodes and the shrapnel is above their heads (pretty clever, huh?)

    DUST EXPLOSIVE MINE: (Turns 5 pounds of flour or a few liters of gas into a powerful bomb)
    Drill a hole in a tuna can, fill it with black powder from your bullets or shotgun shells, make a blasting cap out of a light bulb mine using a string of christmas lights (If you don’t have electricity, improvise the blasting cap by using firecrackers or flares etc.. you can also create fuse cord by making a paste out of gunpowder, twisting three shoelaces or strings together, and rubbing the paste on the strings).
    Place a sack of flour or a half gallon of gas in a plastic container on top of the can.. for fun you can fill a box with 5 pinds of flour and some nails to increase the devastation. This explosive will destroy a 2000 cubic foot area (10X10X20).

  68. Unfortunately for Joe, shrapnel is completely useless against zombies.

    Also, lol at the guy who said that melee is useless against zombies. Get back to us when you’ve read the Guide.

  69. SCENARIO 2 – On The Run:

    So the horde of Zombies got through your defences. You killed a few dozen outside the shelter and a hundred or so more as you executed your exit strategy. One your way out the escape tunnel you set the dust explosion mine and sealed the hole.

    You’ve made it.. or have you?

    Now you are on the run. You’re by yourself in the middle of Zombieland.. where do you start?


    Hopefully you packed a smart “Go Kit” with the essentials.

    1. Water
    2. Weapons and ammunition
    3. knife (notice this is not included in “weapons” ’cause you aint gonna make it far using a knife as a weapon unless your extremely friggin lucky)
    4. A way to make a fire
    5. A steel cup
    6. Fishing line and a pack of hooks .. (Note: you can stitch a wound, patch clothes, create snares for small game, set tripwire alarms, and fish with these two implements.. UNBELIEVABLY USEFUL)

    So you’re probably thinking “what about flashlights, radios, sleeping bags, and FOOD?” or all the other bullshit people seem to think they need. Forget the bullshit camping gear and batteries etc.. you don’t need ’em. You can get them wherever you are going.. need a blanket? Take it. Need a flashlight and some batteries? Take it. They’re everywhere.. in every house.

    The idea is to be FAST AND LIGHT. Mobility is crucial. Water weighs ALOT.. your weapons are gonna weigh ALOT and you are gonna be tired and stressed with no place to be secure for very long.. at least not until you find another shelter and the leisure time to build defences.

    How to stay alive?

    1. Distribute the equipment you made it out with around your body, load your weapons, and head for the woods.
    2. Pick your fights.. is it really worth taking on the horde of Zombies mulling around outside the 7-11 for a box of twinkies?
    3. Watch out for other survivors. People do all kinds of things when they are desperate. Don’t assume other survivors are gonna have the “Let’s join together to defeat the Zombie Horde and Rebuild a New World” mentality.. most likely they’re thinking along the lines of “That shotgun of his is better than the baseball bat I’m carrying now”
    4 If you have to fight, be as silent as possible. Don’t attract attention.. blasting away at everything that moves means everything that moves is gonna find you.

    If you’ve really prepared – you have somewhere to go and have acquired the basic survival skills necessary to survive a long walk with little or no supplies.



    Water is the primary concern. Don’t be fooled about it.. you aren’t going anywhere without water. Water is HEAVY. You aren’t going to be able to carry alot of it and move fast. So.. you are going to spend alot of time looking for water.

    Sources of Water: (In order of preference)
    1. Bottled water – nuff said
    2. Water heaters in homes, businesses, and buildings.. didn’t think of that did you? The average home water heater tank holds 20 to 50 gallons.
    3. Wells.. worst case scenario you can look for old stream beds and low areas and dig to the water table. Near rivers the water may only be a few inches down. Dig a hole and let it fill with clean water.
    4. Streams – boil or treat this water if you can. In the US there is a 70% chance the water you’re drinking is contaminated somehow.
    5. Ponds or standing water – Make sure to look for antibiotics when you get done drinking here.


    Our society is simply flooded with food and the ingredients necessary to make food. Chances are you are not going to have much trouble finding food along the way. The big problem is that most places with food (like restaurants and stores) are crawling with zombies. Hunt small game, pick berries, eat fruits, dig up onions, potatoes, and wild carrots.. learn how to identify the edible plants in your area. If you have to raid for food be quick.. snatch, grab, and run.


    Your choices are simple.. small and fast enough to manuveur through the twisted jungle of Zombies, metal, and debri littering the roads or large and powerful enough to smash throuth it. The key to the choice is the availability of fuel where you are at.

    I’d have to say that a bike, motorcycle, or ATV are simply the best choices.

    A bike is silent and most people can peddle fast enough to avoid pursuing Zombies. If you have to, you can carry it.. that’s a good thing to be able to do for a myriad of reasons.

    Motorcyles are fast and fuel efficient.. unfortunately most people are in more danger from trying to ride a motorcycle than they are from the Zombies.. never ridden a motorcycle before? Don’t even think about using it. ATV’s Rock!! Their benefits are self explanatory.

    Cars and other large vehicles aren’t going to fare so well in a Zombocalypse. Cars (the most available form of transport) are obviously the worst choice. Every major thoroughfare is going to be blocked and you can’t get far offroad in a Cadillac. The tires and rims won’t last more than a few days.. especially if you have to jump curbs to avoid or go around obstructions.

    Large vehicles have some of the same drawbacks as cars only with worse fuel efficiency. Tracked and large wheeled construction vehicles like loaders make excellent choices for getting somewhere close (say within a hundred miles) .. If you can’t go around it, smash thru it or lift it up and move it. If you don’t know how to operate the equipment, it is likely that you won’t kill yourself trying to learn (unlike a motorcycle) Major drawback.. Diesel aint as easy to get as unleaded.



    If you planned correctly you already know where you’re going.. you have checked the maps and have chosen a less travelled route to get there. You’ve considered which roads may be obstructed.. which areas are likely to have high concentrations of Zombies and where you can easily scavenge supplies on the way.

    Now you’ve reached your destination.. A National Forest? A desert? A mountainous region?

    Good luck.. now you just need to find a few women, some liquor, and some gardening supplies. Life is going to be very 19th Century for awhile.. better learn how to plow and milk cows.

  70. Cameron.. I agree with you for the most part.

    Note that the primary damage is from the explosion itself. Secondary damage is from shrapnel and falling debri… you can direct the trajectory of the shrapnel by placing the tape on the bottom of the light.. a few dozen nails or steel shot in the top of the head can kill ’em.. the idea here is to slow them down while you escape.. if you kill a few in the process, even better

  71. Some words on Ammunition interchangability… then I promise to let someone post something 🙂

    An M-16 uses 5.56 mm (5.56 X 45) NATO rounds and are approximately equiv to .223 caliber. You can safely use commercial Remington .223 cartridges in an M-16 but it is somewhat unsafe to use NATO rounds in a .223 rifle.

    Armalite AR-15
    Ruger Mini-14
    Remington Model 7615 Police Patrol Rifle
    Remington Model 700 series bolt-action rifle.
    Winchester Model 70 series bolt-action rifle.
    Steyr Scout series bolt-action rifle.
    Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle
    Australian F-88 Austeyr assault rifle
    Belgian FN FNC assault rifle
    Indian INSAS assault rifle
    Israeli IMI Negev, Galil assault rifle and Tavor TAR-21 bullpup assault rifle
    Japanese Type 89 Assault rifle with lesser performance Type 89 cartridge
    Russian AK-101 and AK-108
    Singaporean SAR-21
    South African Vektor R4 and R5
    South Korean K-2 (rifle)
    Swedish Ak 5 system, derived from the Belgian FN FNC assault rifle
    Swiss SIG 550 with lesser performances than the round for which it was built: the Gw Pat.90 cartridge

    REMEMBER – M-16’s (and AR-15’s) are cheap, require constant maintenance and spare parts, and jam easily.

    7.62 NATO (7.62 X 51) Ammunition is nearly identical to .308 Winchester .. It is safer to fire 7.62 NATO in a .308 Winchester than it is to fire .308 in a military rifle.

    Kalashnikov-pattern Saiga firearms
    FN FAL
    FRF2 sniper rifle
    Heckler & Koch G3 rifle
    Heckler & Koch PSG1 sniper rifle
    Lee-Enfield L8 series rifles
    L42A1 sniper rifle
    Enfield Enforcer rifle
    L96A1 Sniper rifle
    M14 rifle
    M21 sniper rifle
    M25 sniper rifle
    M24 sniper rifle
    M40A1 and M40A3 sniper rifles
    M60 machine gun
    M134 Minigun
    M240 machine gun
    M1919A4 machine gun
    MG3 machine gun
    Mk 48 Mod 0 machine gun
    Ishapore 2A/2A1
    Israeli Mauser Kar-98k rifle
    Remington Model 7600 rifle
    Remington Model 700 rifle
    Steyr Scout rifle
    Type 62 Machine gun
    Type 64 rifle
    Winchester Model 70 rifle

    7.62 mm WARSAW (7.62 X 39) can be used in the following weapons

    Vz 52/57
    Vz 58
    Rk 62
    Stoner SR-47
    Rasheed Carbine
    Ruger Mini-30 carbine
    CZ-527 Mini-Mauser style carbine

    I tend to avoid 9mm’s.. gunsmiths are gonna be hard to come by when they break. Semi-auto pistols are nowhere as reliable and sturdy as revolvers although the rate of fire, the number of shots between reloads, and the speed of reloading make these attractive in many situatuions.

    I prefer the .12 gauge shotgun.. Deadly, relatively accurate, and extremely easy to scavenge ammunition for. If it breaks, you can discard it and keep the ammo.. you are definitely gonna be able to pick up another .12 Gauge somewhere (If you’re in the US that is.. sorry British dudes you’re pretty well screwed in your choice of weapons) also if the Zombie is too far away to use the shotgun then he’s not worth wasting a bullet on.

    My personal sidearm is a Titanium Taurus .357 snub-nose revolver. Taurus revolvers can use .38 special and .357 magnum – a good versatile weapon.. it only has 5 shots but it is made of Titanium and is a very effective club (a bit heavy though).

  72. i would take to the sky i a hot air balloon
    or hold out in ur attic zombies arn’t smart enough to find you

  73. Lets be realistic, if Zombies are really realistic. The best weapon, would be the trench spike for close combat, and .45 Calibur semi-auto rifle(M1 carbin), machete for decapitation..45 calibur semi-auto pistol with a sliencer and Maby a Shaolin spade for decapitation at a distance. Zombies, have no nerves, they don’t get tired, they don’t fear water,fire, or anything for that matter the only way to KILL a zombie is to scramble,shoot, or just plain bludgeon it’s brains out. the reason I would like .45 semi-auto rifle/pistol is so that they could share the same ammo, and so that you don’t go crazy with the FULL AUTO. If the police arrive, and you have an entire room full of dead bodies, and your the one with the guns, knives, machetes what ever, you’ll be considered crazy, and incarserated. THAT is why your need to decapitate 1 and hold that head as PROOF that zombies exist. I don’t even think that people even read this anymore.

  74. i would take an alumunim bat also,paintball helm,neck guard,my hocky crap,and a water gun.:)

  75. I will give to the zombies all the naked mothers of all the jerks that are in this forum, hahahahahaha….

  76. I would use a vintage ’60’s General Electic pedestal mounted 6 barreled (instead of the pussy 3 barrel) .308 firing, 5,000- 6,000 round per minute MINI-GUN, with unlimited ammo, (this is fantasy anyway),. unlimited power for the MINI-GUN, and 2 AK-47 with 75 round drums just in case you get tired firing the mini-gun, and/or you have to move the shell casings out of the way, Plus it keeps the smelly fuckings chuks a distance away.
    It would a blast.

  77. i didnt read thru all the relpies, but from the ones i did see, no one said a chain saw! it is a must-have in any zombie survival situation (however, i would only use it for large crowds as to not waste gas). then for personal protection, i would go with the masses and say a metal bat, maybe with some atatchments, (i.e. some sort of sleeve you could slide over the bat…spikes, a blade, whatever have you.) in the way of firearms, a pump action shotgun, and a very small caliber, semi auto pistol with a high clip capacity… the way i see it, i dont want to fire 6 huge rounds (un-needed power) and then get over taken. : ]

  78. Ok, first good job Joe I to enjoy reading your posts and yea there was a chainsaw mentioned but thats one of the wordt weapons to use in an appocolypse because well I cant think right now but it is ask anyone who read Max Brooks guide. Ok, what I would use was a semi-automatic rifle a good trench spike if I could find one and of that wasn’t readily available i would use the crowbar in my garage 😀 and finnaly I would use the ultinmate weapon I had my brain. P.S. I know theres the chance of me getting the urge to “Rock and Roll” but I doubt that I will, I know the consequenses.

  79. Oh, Btw this is how I scored Kick ass
    You scored 82 % Surviver It’s 99% higher than everyone else Booo yah!

  80. For all that dont know, zombies die through pure headshots, starvation, or decomposition.

    Must needs for zombie fighting:
    Explosives or Flammables (dont go crazy with em)

    Any rifle with a wooden or metal stock, preferably M-4 or most of the AK brands. (Suppresors needed for picking off single zombies).

    Side arms (Most high calibur pistols will do, although they do lack clip size.)

    Heavy Machine Guns: Browning Rifles, etc. can be used but do not kill the zombies. They merely knock them over or incapacitate them. Use as a last resort from above them, giving a better chance of hitting the head.

    Blunt Weapon: Avoid Aluminum bats, they will dent and bend after 3 or 4 hits, Hammers are short ranged and heavy, throwing you off-balance or putting you at risk of being in “bite-range,” go for a good ol’ steel crowbar. Sturdy, also partially sharp, and capable of utilities.

    Sharp Weapons: Popular, but it is rare to find one that is battle-ready. Machetes and one handed swords are an easy decapitation, but when it comes to breaking through the skull, it may lack power. Two-Handed swords and Katanas are the most lethal weapons in close-combat. However Claymores are heavy, and may throw you off balance, however the katana (assuming it is traditionally made) can tear through several zombies in one swing, and are lathered in Lacquer to make sure it makes a clean slice. Hatchets and axes are very easy to cave-in any skull, and can be used.
    On top of all these, is the good old fashioned trench-spike. Equiped with an old-style knife and brass-knuckles all in one, this makes it a lethal close-quarters weapon.

    The “Shaolin Spade” and European Scythe make excellent ghoul-killers. The Spade’s blade style makes a decapitation quick and easy. The Scythe is very popular and can slash a zombie in two, But has a One-Sided blade, making partly inefficient.

    I would choose Trench-Spike, Crowbar, M1 Garand or Carbine, and an M4, AK-47, or M3A1 “Grease Gun,” all with a laser-dot aim, Scope, and suppressor. For back ups, a .357 Magnum, and Beretta.

    I got most of this from Max Brooks’ “The Zombie Survival Guide” book.
    And HELL YEAH I get nerdy with crap like this.

  81. so im working on a zombie story right now and hit this page up for reaserch lol thanks for weapon ideas but if it was me this is what i’d go with

    Some kind of helmet weather it be a football helmt or a militery issue bulet proof bucket.

    A kevlar vest and some of those bite proof limb protecter things that shark divers wear to prevent gettin there freakin arm bit off.

    Steel toed boots and i’d probablly end up welding a spike to the right one.

    Brass knuckles

    A crowbar for opening doors and head busin

    a good length of rope since ya never know when that may help

    A machette

    A fire axe

    Whatever guns i could find and ammo i could salvage for them (i figure it would be best just to take the weapons that the unfortunates left behind and stopck pile so i have a constant arsenal)

    A reinforced short buss for salvage missions

    And probablly try to make it to like a grocery store to hole up since food wouldnt be a problem.

    Well have fun zombie obsessed fools lol

  82. PoXadeliK, zombie obsessed fools? lol? We aren’t the one “working on a zombie story” and doing research. Just saying. 😉

  83. short range: M2 carbine (with flash hider)

    long range: US Army M24 SWS Sniper
    melee: Trench Spike or Shaolin Spade

  84. ok so for short range i got a 9-iron

    midium range is a compound bow, arrows w/ exploding tips

    long range i would have a 50 cal. berreta sniper rifle

    for groups i would have granades, molatove coctails, and, duh, an M-79 (looks like a shotgun but smaller with shells 3\” diamiter that make an explosian that destroys anythin whithin 15\’ on contact)

    to survive put everything listed in a stollen military hum-v drive to utah, hide in the mountains and snipe-em all out!!!!!!!

    ohh ya and you can’t forget the thowing knives and throwing axes!!!

    if i was infected…… FUCK THE WORLD ima zombi im wth the master race now…….. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

  85. the weapons i would use is a riot shotgun a sniper for far shots(and for fun) 20 grenades a machine gun and a colt 45 and a partner just i case there a crowed of zombies i would also get a ak-47 and a bb gun and armor so they can’t bite me

  86. (skrew the last 2 notes) why the hell would u use a b-b gun they suck………………….. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. loads of people getting anal about the zombies so heres my weapon..
    a massive amp with my bass gitaur,
    the music will send freak vibrations across the earth destroying all the zombies.,

  88. Alucard, that is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I feel the need to join you with my Custom Gibson Flying V!!! Between my insane metal solos and your unstoppable driving bass, we will destroy them through the sheer primal power of ROCK!!!! WE WILL SHOUT AND SING AS THEIR HEADS EXPLODE FROM THE INCREDIBLE FORCE OF OUR MIGHTY AXES!!! AND AS FOR THOSE THAT SURVIVE, THEIR HEADS SHALL IMPLODE FROM UTTER AMAZEMENT!!!! And the gods shall look upon us and see our plight, see our just cause and lend their power to our hands, creating a sound which is the embodiment of humanity itself, each note, each chord resounding with sadness for this destruction and madness, screaming with rage at the injustice of our fate, and a new power will awaken as our fingers pour out the melodies which lie deep within our souls, a power that defies reality and the limits of mortality. A final concert for all humanity. Entire CITIES will be leveled, along with the zombie filth they contain, purging the world of its corruption and madness. The very demons of Hell will see our power and tremble in fear. They will close up the mouth of Hell which opened to free the evil which plagues the world, the Waking Death. And the righteous and unrighteous will be destroyed without distinction. And when it is finished, we will stand together and look upon the destruction and ruins of the world and we will weep openly for that which once was and is no longer, for the lives lost to the plague and those sacrificed to regain our world. And yet, even in our mourning, a new order will rise from the blood and brokeness of the old, and the world will begin anew…

    …..Sorry, I got kinda carried away there. Well, ok, i’m not sorry. But seriously, some comments. You guys are getting almost ridiculously unrealistic with these weapons and tactics. First of all, regarding Max Brooks’ “Survival Guide”… though it is, in all likelihood, the most in-detail guidebook for this sort of thing, and an excellent read (I own it myself… along with another brilliant work of his, “World War Z”… which you will ALL read or I will kill you in your sleep) one has to remember that it is a work of fiction based almost entirely on Mr. Brooks’ imagination, and is by no means the final word on any of this. Although Brooks brings up many solid points that I, as a zombie fetishist, agree with, he also makes many statements that are riddled with holes and issues. The Shaolin Spade, for instance. It simply wouldn’t work. You see, Brooks fails to mention a number of things. First, the spade is cumbersome and heavy, usually anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds. These take an awful lot of practice and skill to use effectively. Aside from that, the weight would wear any average person down in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Now 10 pounds may not sound like alot to all you superbuff zombie-slaying machines, but imagine swinging it not several but possibly hundreds of times over the course of a few days. Are you still swinging it like you did on swing one? Yeah, right. In anime, maybe. Another omitted fact is that the spade was much more commonly used by monks for their holy duties, primarily burying the dead, hence the “spade” head. So, unless you happen to be an experience martial art master trained specifically for that weapon, you’ll likely just end up missing or beating the poor zombie to death with the staff. Neither method helps much. And as for the trench spike, ah, the trench spike… a device truly engineered for delivering death with ease, both to the living or dead… to an extent. To those of you who have never seen a trench spike, go to and scroll down until you see “Death’s Head”. This is a basic version of the original trench spike, in this case combined with metal knuckles, as you can see. It is a beautiful weapon, if just for the sheer brutality and efficiency of it. However, I must question its effectiveness against the undead. As Brooks said, it was used as a close quarters weapon, designed specifically for punching downward, puncturing first the helmet and then skull of the victim. As such, it could indeed easily puncture a zombie’s skull, especially a partially decomposed skull. This would, in theory, eliminate said zombie. However, the spike requires the user to get in very close proximity with the target. And we all know how zombies tend to “lunge” that last couple feet or so. The chance of being caught off guard by that sudden lunge, as well as the possibility of panicking, as almost anyone would at such range, is just too absurd for practical use. Remember, a human would never lunge at a man (or woman) brandishing a 4″ spike of stainless steel death, but a zombie sure as hell would. And as for all of you that said,”I would use [Insert absurdly overpowered machine gun that you saw on a video game] and [Insert other ridiculous device of destruction, e.g. sawed-off shotgun, riot gun, falme thrower, that thing Millie uses on Trigun] and [x amount] of grenades/molotov cocktails/RPG’s/incendiary napalms. Then, I would snipe them from on top of a building with [sniper rifle you could probably never find without breaking into a heavily defended military armory]. And for backup, [insert tons of shit to show off your incredible knowledge of guns and reveal your tactical ignorance]. Now, by all means, it’s fun to fantasize, but be real. First off, WHO’S CARRYING ALL THIS SHIT!? YOU!? Keep dreaming. Bearing in mind that it is possible to keep a larger arsenal when traveling with a party of others, especially if you can find some individuals who would rather carry a ton of stuff than engage in actual combat, do you honestly know anyone who can carry 20 grenades and 6 guns, chris? I don’t. Chris Redfield can carry 255 9mm parabellum rounds and a buttload of 12-guage shells without being encumbered. You, however, cannot. In addition, sniping zombies from on rooftops is an ignorant, albeit effective, method of asking to die. Think. On top of a building (or whatever) you’re safe and can take your time to pick off as many zombies as you have bullets. And no doubt, it would be a blast. But eventually you’ll either run out of ammo or grow tired of the whole ordeal (they both happen fast enough) And then what? You look down from your haven perch, and [Oh, shit!] there’s a SEA of zombies swarming at the base of whatever you’re on top of, all intent on chowing down on whatever’s been making that loud BANG noise for the last 8 hours. Let me sum up your situation. You, sir, are completely and in every conceivable way FUCKED. It will likely become a holdout between you and the mass of undead, and guess who’s gonna last longer? (You get two guesses) And what did you accomplish through all of this? You took out a couple hundred zombies, tops, and that’s IF you came prepared. So you basically screwed yourself over to make an insignificant dent in the vast zombie horde that was once the population of the human race. Oh well, sucks to be you.

    So, in summary, this is my equipment of choice:

    Short Range:
    It’s true that katanas excel at decapitation, but I don’t think I would stand up to cutting through one neck after another, day in and day out. I’d probably end up breaking it anyway, and using whatever I find. Road flares make a great distraction for an easy getaway, but with a major drawback. It draws many more zombies to where ever you are. As long as that sucker lasts, however, I promise you the undead will find more interesting than you.

    Mid Range:
    M1 Garand or basically any decent rifle I can find, doesn’t have to be specific… just has to not be a piece of crap. Semi-Auto helps in tight situations, as long as you don’t go “rock n’ roll” with it.

    Any 12-Gauge shotgun would be handy, as long as I had a partner or partners to help carry it. More useful even than it’s decapitating ability is its sheer stopping/knockback power. A good way out of many tight situations.

    Long Range:
    Just leave it the hell alone. Don’t waste your time or ammo.

  89. P.S. Sorry for ranting at you all (sort of) as if anybody cared about the ridiculous shit I have to say. Well, too late now.

    P.P.S. I get the award for “Most Obscenely Long Post On A Forum Chat About Zombies”, even without the rambling on at the beginning (I still want to do that tho… don’t tell anyone what a dork I am.) Yay for me ^_^ Peace out.

  90. Id use a giant big ass salmon as a weapon against the dead, when the pieces of shit lumber toward me WHAM they will get a big wet slap across the face opening their brains. For a long range i would use a nice powerful flame thrower with unlimited fuel melt the bastards down! have a nice day =D

  91. Also i would first eat a big ass bowl of beans and drink 4 bottles of tacobell fire sauce. Then i would pull my pants down lock and load and completely devastate a infected area with a massive destructive stream of hot shit and dihareah. Then finish the bastards off with a hurricane like fart. =D

  92. i like that one Recon thats gr8.
    Well i think i would use erm well a mustang or some sort of powerful muscle car to plow those buggers down. i would definatley have to use a katana cos they r swift and slice through there heads easily. long range i would use a sniper rifle and just take them out one by one if i was near-ish i would have a coule of molotivs its easy enuf to make so they’ll do, and mayb just mayb i would have to use a sort of small forked garden hoe thing thats in my shed and just stab the living shit out of them, thatll do!
    If i was infected i would either leave my self to change and help control all of britain! or mayb i would just find a hord of zombies and throw myself in i would die quickly and its not bein scard and shootin urself
    I think i would hide in an attic as well that could be a gd snipin spot

  93. LESSON 1

    You haft to remeber when fighting zombies your best weapon would be a high powered flamethrower with unlimited ammo. I mean if i ever got cornered i would have a winndixie bag ready pre filled with my own toxic shit or dihareah. Then i would sling it in the zombie crowd and while they melt in steaming hot taco poop and piss i would run over all of them with spike boots dipped in raw sewege the zombie bastards dont have a chance against me ill eat a big ol can o rotten beans and hot chicken noodle soup and shit the bastards out of my way and when all else fails ill use my giant big ass dead salmon ill have with me and beat some zombie ass with it.

  94. oh and one more thing if i ever got infected i would weld open a spetic tank and jump in and drown in raw sewege this way the zombies would never be able to eat my body be sure to read my other logs they kick ass! =D

  95. well, it’s nice to know everyone has a plan.. perhaps the government should publish a strategy, before it’s too late and the attack is upon us…
    seriously though… i have a real fear of zombies and struggle every day in even simple things, due to my fear of zombies… anyone know where i can get help?…….

  96. new way to survive………… get in lightningcar (real thing… goes the speed of sound) go to NASA HQ launch to space station finaly wait it out………. good idea huh no zombies in space !
    ……………..( hhmmmmmm space zombies???)

  97. another idea…. train yourself in the 6th sence…………(or telecanises)………. and find and partner with someone who can see the future…….. if u can see it you can deal with it… and ya know in the matrix how they bend the spoons… well that is telecanises, but picture haveing that times 100!!!!!!!!!!! see a zombie tom over there says, “oh shit a zombie run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but you say, “oh cool a zombie i wanna see the whole thine explode in 3, 2, 1 ……” and well BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. so ya another perfect idea submited by me

  98. First, I’d us an EM railgun with unlimited ammo. My vehicle would be an M1A2 Abrams with BIG spikes on the treads, and for hand to hand I’d use a trench spike. My pistols would be a Colt Python,
    S&W .44 magnum, and a desert eagle. I’d make the base bikini atoll ( the radiation’s worn off), and if i get bitten I’d sever the bitten limb, cauterize the wound,and if that doesnt work i’d drench myself in napalm, stick on a block or five of C-4, and blow myself up within their undead hordes.


    Id use a giant big ass salmon as a weapon against the dead, when the pieces of shit lumber toward me WHAM they will get a big wet slap across the face opening their brains. For a long range i would use a nice powerful flame thrower with unlimited fuel melt the bastards down! have a nice day =D

    Also i would first eat a big ass bowl of beans and drink 4 bottles of tacobell fire sauce. Then i would pull my pants down lock and load and completely devastate a infected area with a massive destructive stream of hot shit and dihareah. Then finish the bastards off with a hurricane like fart. =D

    ID SHIT THE BASTARDS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and one more thing if i ever got infected i would weld open a spetic tank and jump in and drown in raw sewege this way the zombies would never be able to eat my body

  100. ok dude first thing first zombies aren’t afraid of water they are to stupid to know what water is so they fall in and walk along the bottom my weapon of choice would be a 22 rifle for the head shots, a machete for multi use of having to use it to live and to attack zombies in case i run out of ammo or they ware to close to shoot and my ideal place to hide would be ether a high school or prison because they have enough food and if you have to you can rally the people to help military bases are bad because of marshell law and you will get shot more then likely.

  101. what id do is take my monster truck to the nearest mall (run over any zombies on the way) lock the whole damn place up, take all the weapons i can, get on the roof, lock the door to the roof, and blast at anything i see (living or dead i dont care) and if any people or zombies get up to where i am id beat the shit out of them with anything i see like bricks, pipes, a door, their own body parts, and anything else id have with me. MUHAHAHA!!! i like zombies their so cool infact when i grow up i want to be a zombie myself 🙂 im only a teen lol my imagination is filled with blood and gore.

  102. As a note, the use of guns without a silencer will attract more zombies because of the noise (provided the zombies have the same traits given by Max Brooks’ survival guide). Also, avoid places like hospitals because that’s where an outbreak would happen.

    BTW, does any one know where I could buy a Shaolin Spade? 🙂 Ebay doesn’t have any but they do have DVD’s on how to use them…

  103. I would use TELEKENESIS (ya spelled it wrong) its awsome. And I would have a machete (light weight sharp no reloading or running out of ammo) and an ak-47 best damn gun on the planet.

  104. A Must get Checklist for people running away from zombies, or formally known as being on the move:
    get a compass
    Get a first aid kit that is palm sized
    get a small flashlight (AAA battery size) w/coated lens
    get a six to eight inch long knife. (Preferrably a trench spike)
    get a machete
    get a map of the surrounding areas and use it
    acquire matches that are both wind and waterproof
    get a small signaling mirror
    get a poncho
    get a radio that is handhheld and has an earpiece.
    locate and prchase/steal an M1 Carbine, Semiautomatic Rifle
    locate and Purchase/Steal a .22 Rimfire pistol
    if you get some firearms, make sure that you have loaded clips at all times, and that you also have 50 extra rounds for your rifle, and 25 extra rounds for your pistol
    (if possible, get a silencer for both the pistol and for the rifle)
    get a sleeping bag, or a bedroll, both will be too cumbersome
    get 2 pairs of socks
    get some sunglasses, preferrably with polarized lenses
    get a wide mouthed, quart-sized water bottle
    get water purification tablets
    get a comfortable backpack that can be worn easily, but not loosly make sure that it is fit properly as well, for you will need to be comfortable
    get a bandanna
    get your bicycle, and practice riding around on it with the weight of your pack on your back (this method of transportation is fast, reliable, maneuverable, and it can never run out of gas.)
    get some binoculars
    get some dependable hiking boots, that are already broken In.

    these are the must haves for being on the move

  105. if you are planning to use your home as a “Fortress”:
    barricade ALL doors and windows
    if you live in a 2 story home, destroy the stairs, by any means, EXCEPT burning them.
    Get the following things:
    rifle, 500 rounds
    shotgun, 12 gauge, 250 shells
    pistol, .45 Caliber, 250 rounds
    silencer (Rifle)
    silencer (Pistol)
    Heavy Crossbow (in lieu of silencers), 150 bolts
    Teloscopic sight (Rifle)
    Night Vision scope (Rifle)
    Laser Sight (Rifle)
    Laser Sight (Pistol)
    Katana Sword
    Washizaki, or other short bladed sword
    Two knives with smooth, six to eight inch blades
    Hand Hatchet

    Water, three quarts a day, for cooking and washing
    Hand pumped water filter
    Four replacement filters
    cistern for collecting rainwater
    Iodine, and/or purification tablets
    Canned food, three cans per day (Preferrable to dried goods in that they contain some water)
    Two portable electric stoves
    Advanced Medical kit (Must incde Field-surgery impliments and antibiotics)
    Bycycle powered electrical generator
    Gasoline generator(To be used only in emergencies)
    Twenty gallons gasoline
    Rechargable, Battery powered shortwave radio
    Two battery powered flashlights
    Two Rechargable, Battery powered electric lamps
    Two Rechargeable, Battery and/or Solar powered radios
    Appropriate Reinforcement Materials, including lumber, bricks, mortar, etc.
    Extensive tool kit, including sledgehammer, ax, handsaw, etc.
    lime and/or bleaching powder in sufficient supply to maintain latrine
    one high powered telescope (80X-100X) with spare lenses and cleaning equipment
    fifteen emergency flares
    Thirty five chemical light sticks
    five fire extinguishers
    two sets of earplugs
    spare parts for all afore mentioned machinery and users manuals
    Extensive library of manuals including a general disater manual

    These are the must-have’s for barricading your home in the instance of a zombie attack/invasion.

  106. Good Idea, Monster Dude… Just make sure there’s a Dick’s or Modell’s inside; then u have guns, ammo, and those little caffeine gel packet things that bikers use.
    I still like the military base idea more.

  107. DEATH TO THE ZOMBEEES!!!!!!!!! Ima use a dual mac nD those handy m-16 and some of those reject guns and… huh? oh yea and LOTS and LOTS of AMMO!!!!!!!!!!1 oh and… for my melee… i want a machete >you know the one that jason uses? ima steal it from him ^^

  108. Survivor

    You possess the basic skills and knowledge necessary to keep yourself alive. And you have a pretty good grasp on your self control, strong enough to keep you sane for at least a little while. But your real strenght lies in leadership. People will trust you to make the right decisions and more often than not you will. Keep your group intact and find some people to support your weaker traits and you’ve got a good chance. Estimated Survival Time: 6 Months

    My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

    You scored higher than 66% on Survival

    You scored higher than 98% on Leadership

    You scored higher than 58% on Psychological

  109. I’d most likely be wary of the people around me than the zombies. Zombies aren’t calculating, treacherous, or greedy. I would have to stay alone with a few choice friends, but there’s plenty of stuff to fend off zombies AND people. I have this weird thing… everywhere I go, I look for something that can be used against me and to defend me in the event of a fight. So… I have a closet full of wooden / steel weapons that I have learned to use in a variety of ways.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid. =D

    But I DO have 25 throwing knives that I made from butter knives.

  110. you guys are all ediots. i hope if the zombies attack, you get devoured and go to hell! you guys are gonna blow up someones house or something. elephant guns and rocket launchers? comeon.

  111. i’m trying to make a point here, and you treat me like a fucking baby, and i don’t like that.

  112. the only reason i came to this site is because i was looking to buy some zombie killing gear, so i typed trench spike into google. then what did i find? this crappy forum.

  113. and i promtly found all manner of bullshit.
    oh well, at least i’ll survive the next zombie attack

  114. an M82 Barrett .50 cal. sniper rifle, .44 magnum Colt Python, and a well-barricaded dick’s sporting goods store would be all you needed

  115. surviving zombie armagadon is easy!! #1 stay the hell away from them!! #2 if you have to fight keep it quick and easy, guns would be the obvious first choice but they do run out of ammo. every one should own a sword or at least an axe. with the ammo thing it will finaly pay off having that crazzy cousin who loves to pack his own bullets!!! and as far as choices of fire arms who the hell realy cares!! what ever i have ammo for at that moment is the best gun to use!!! and were pray-do-tell are you dreamer getting rockett launchers and the like!!!! well at any rate if the shit ever did hit the fan and zombies are running amuck, seek me out if you want to live but be forwarned you need to bring something to the party because aint no freeloaders on my ship!!!!!

  116. you don’t need nearly that much power to kill a zombie. you will just end up hurting yourself or others.

  117. Well I would take 45.ACP m1911a1 Kimber as my side arm and gun cleaning kit. For long range a M14 flash suppressor and scope.
    And for medium a good old winchester. 5 sidearm clips 3 drum clips for sniper and 6 winchester loads. And a Hatchet for CQ (close quarters)

    As far as transportation I would not run I am not fast . I would take my stepdad’s bulldozer modify it with a hole for my rifle a holster beside my left hand (I am left handed) a rifle holster and food storage. And water storage.

    For housing my house barricaded with kill zones full uf spikes around my house to slow them down so me and survivors who aren’t good aims cant mow them down with bolt action rifles.

    I have a basement full of ammunition and sheet metal. My dad is 60 now and a gunsmith so the zombies are screwed. He also reloads centerfire shells and molds bullets so we will survive.
    The windows in my home are lexan. 2inches can stop a 50 cal so the zombies cant chew through. I have a “guard Cat” sounds funny? well this cat is very smart. He can sense danger. He is 3 in cat years and I love him hes even obedient.

  118. I would kill all of those bastards with my guns. I would take my friends with me.

  119. ya’ll are really stupid, talking about “unlimited ammo and heavy weapons” do you guys realize how heavy big weapons are? plus ammo and your equipment? Carbines like the m1, an ak-47, a katana and a crowbar, a pistol, silencers or a crossbow in lieu of silencers, ammo, equipment. and w/e,. besides, you need to focus on calistenics intead of weights and stuff, build up the first weapon= the human body. its all in max brook’s zombie survival guide. its cheap, maybe $14, so it’s worth it. i read it and im starting to prepare, that why im on this forum. oh and if you are going to duel weild pistols or smgs, shoot them one at a time, reload one while shooting the other. anyway, that what i have to say.

  120. oh when i was mentioning the ak and stuff, i was listing the ideal equipment.

  121. i would hump every zombie in site until they were all penetrated to death and this site sucks and i would be the lone survivor of all yall hump them zombies dead then poo on them all and you guys are all ediots

  122. aluminum baseball bat (doesnt break as easy as a wooden one) also good for that nice ping sound, for long range, 2 pistols (doesnt matter what) and 12 gauge shot gun, and a few hand grenades. u guys are always forgetting about the flesh protection!!!! would u wanna run around in t-shirts and shorts during a zombie invasion?!?!?!?! i wudnt, ducked tape, wrap urself in that, then long sleeve underarmor, then more ducked tape, and leather, dont tape ur joints, give urself plenty of movement, and wear a motor bike helmet with goggles, not a bucket, (for u guys that mite try it)

  123. ok sence ive read all the commits including some stupid ones ive thought to my self….how on earth do you come on this site to act stupid ..really is it me or do i really think the government is experimenting on cimicals or biological wepons that might perhaps go wrong…or some voodo shit whatever… I dont want to get caught in some shit like this….if this really did happen I MIGHT SURVIVE depending on were it starts…. I live in the city of LA and trust me if it starts here im fucked the population alone is alot. caose(if spelled correctly) there will be cars trucks etc… in the way of roads…lol….but its not a joking matter to me….. yes there is gunstores to raid or markets but I wont want to be caught up with these things…wondering out side on a lil stroll across mary lane is to insain for me…the gun stores will already be raided and market places and schools hospitals prisons or anything eles will be filled with those things….I have a bat WOO HOO ..what the hell im i suposed to do with that with a bunch of zombies ….my buddies not really./ gang bangers probly have guns I dought if Ithey had a gun give it to a stranger so IM shit out of luck inless i find a pig half eatin to death beats his ass and take the glock… yeah now I have a handgun….well I would probly if suceeded try to take over some kind of store AWAY from LA…I will bring only people I trust and a few starngers if not bittin…like that one guy said… entering my doors security check……my choice of wepon if i had one and still on my quest to get will be a light rifal the one that fitsup with a hand gun bullets..a hand gun 45 or 22 just if those decomposed bodys starts rotting on me i can blow there heads off with a 12 gage shottie ones again if i had one or some type of shotgun thats real handy small and light weight…katans are koo but ill stick with a crobar so i can pry doors open…and try to get a silencer with and wepon that I mention will hold one… just in case they are like what ive been hearing… my thoght on zombies that they might not all be slow and maybe get intelligent later down the road… not saying they will pick up guns and start fireing but some how do things thought impossible…like for instence start opening doors or climing or thinking out problems to get to there pray…they need to eat…so why dont you throw you lil brother into them to save your own ass lol..jk ..any ways how do you know for certen that youll survive this whole ordeal…im not saying your going to die.. but im more in terms of realistic.. and if you do congradulations….and its also true… dont just think that the zombies is your main threats think of other people trying to rob your ass for their survival…man is the most dangerous species of this earth…its a dawgie dawg world out there and with and if this happens people will do anything to survive…. thats all i have to say….oh and i really want to read that book the survival guide… looks interisting… I want to check out the ideas of his views….from the boy that will try to survive like the rest of you… good luck…ha ha

  124. well, though my father owns a small construction company here, and we have a rather extensive ammount of automatic hack saws and crow bars, id have to say i would use this rather large hammer. it is kinda like a sledge hammer, but is lighter and has an enlarged version of a normal hammer head. you could bash open doors and crates, and impale zombie heads on the spike. also, moltov cocktails are easily made out of your neighbors gasoline, and though flaming zombies are not perferable, the lights and smoke might blind them and burn down the building there in. one tip though… NEVER USE TAZERS!! totally useless. you’ll just zap them, and unless you have an overpowered cow prod connected to a fully charged car battery it wont really do anything, although you might zap them alive if you had a defibrilator or something. but the car parking meter is a genious idea, but i live in the country by corn, so Zombies of the Corn is a large possibility…. for ranged though, my cousins Mosin Nagant (hes a gun enthusiast), a VERY powerful gun, would do nice, because ammo for it is litterally a box of 100 is like, 5 bucks at the place he gets it. a nice suit of chain mail armor, or even a leather jacket would be nice protection. kevlar suit made of armor from dead soldier zombies just takes the cake. and remember, as the zombie survival hand book says, dont use chainsaws, as it instantly tells all zombies within hearing range that theres food nearby, stay away from hospitals, and always carry a nice emergency weapon. Knife, Pistol, fire extinguisher grenade (shoot it right, and watch it go POOF), or, if your a true extremist and u are infected, a kamikazi bomb stapped to ur chest is a nice way to let ur friends know you care enough to ensure that you wont be a zombie, and you’ll take out any zombie around you. But for all people in the country, use your environment. A boulder that can be pushed into that small gorge or vally nearby or dying tree is a nasty trap. and if its small enough to carry or roll up the hill, reusable. STAY SHARP, KEEP YOUR KNIFE SHARP, AND STAY ALIVE!

  125. For a firearm you want something light(ammunition wise). A large heavy bullet, like one fired from a 50 cal. rifle, will over penetrate the head, causing infected brain matter to spread all over, so when someone stepped in it, it might be brought back to your anti-zombie fortress. I would say a 9mm pistol, and an M1 Carbine, for a melee weapon, afix a bayonet to a light rifle, or use a machete, with a weighted handle for a stronger faster swing, or a hatchet with a weighted head, also for a stronger faster swing, but don’t swing for the neck, for an intact head may bight an unsuspecting passerby, for armor, who needs it, keep you distance, tight clothes, no long hair or baggy clothes.

  126. If I wanted 2 survive an zombie attack I would yet a small bus and 2 chain saws and L96 sniper rifle, a general porpoise machine gun and some 9mm oh and lots of food from Tesco or co op then get up 2 the petrol station and get a full tank of petrol and a huge 100liter container full of petrol and make hundreds of petrol bombs. oh and a loud speaker.

    Next I would turn my attention 2 the bus I would get in a nice safe garage and lock up still with my guns the begin 2 cover the windows with iron girders and cut a hole in the roof then in the fides big anuf 4 two chainsaws then remove the back couple of chairs and put in the extra petrol and weapons and ammo. Then I would go on 2 weld some extra armour on the bus and some spikes and nastiest. Then I would proceed 2 weld the machine gun 2 the top out of the hole Then I would be all ready. Next I would go around looking 4 survivors and get them 2 help.

    Finally I would try 2 find the zombies week ness 2 kill them we all ready no there stupid and slow so I would use that agents them I would stick 2 the motor ways and look for the army CIA what ever and go with them 2 a safe place till it all blows over. and if ever some one got infected I would give them one bullet and a gun and lock them in a room and walk of zombies r stupid they cant use guns. And if ever our bus ever got broken in to I would ether light the petrol or put a gun 2 my head

  127. i would have a hammer one crowbar fire works cause zombies love them and get distracted by them easily katana and two uzis with 50 magazines 50 bullets in a magazine and a bike i would not hide like some people say they would i would recruit pepole on a zombie fighting gang and maybe if i needed to hide i would hide in a jail but have the key so i can get in and out of my cell if i got bitten i would not shoot myself i kill everyone i would see except for friends and family before i died i would run away so i would not come in contact with my friends and family and feast people i dont no and thats my hole plan

  128. firstly: baseball bat for a bit of blunt force trauma
    my ability to drive
    large amout of relentless, its like red bull only more cost effective
    group of fellow survivors

    secondly: bandanna, combat trousers, boots, vest top, backpack, sweat bands, hairspray. got to look good whilst killing zombies

    thirdly: id stay over my friends house, pretty small community, maybe 50 people? a farm, a pub a very long straight roads. easy to see a zombie coming. the house is also large, allowing for many survivors to hold up and live. they have chainsaws and several shotguns and a tractor.

    i recons we could survive the entire onslaught as any zombies would have a way to go to get here, meaning it probably wont happen and any that are ehre would be easy to take out. sorted.

    see you after the infection

  129. In ‘Land Of The Dead’ by George A. Romero, the zombies reach the city by walking under water in the lake then they reach the other side and kill almost everyone.
    Who said zombies were afraid of water?
    I know that’s a movie…but we don’t really know do we?

    As for using a baseball bat as a weapon…wouldn’t you be more inclined to use a gun? That way you don’t risk getting infected?
    Also it’s a quick death. I’d use a machete as my melee weapon. One quick slice to the throat and their gone. Or a savage blow to the head.
    Meh it’s your opinion but I like some of your other methods.

  130. ok but seriously now

    a shotgun cause there in most wall marts and k marts
    as much shotgun ammo as i could carry
    gun cleaning kits
    a shotgun sling

    and shotgun shells and mouse traps make very effective and hasty traps
    and the traps are good for 2 reasons

    1. they will kill a zombie
    2. there loud as hell letting you know something is up

    fishing line and mousetraps for the above reasons
    (anyone with any imagination can figure out what im talking about with the traps so im not going to tell you how so no idiots record themselves blowing there own heads off accidentally)

    a crowbar for its versatility

    a 20 oz framing hammer for similar reasons to the crowbar

    bolt cutters

    for a longer range solution i would get a .22 bolt action rifle

    two reasons

    1. you really don’t need all the high caliber stuff there rotting zombies

    2. boxes of ammo are light and small

    and if i felt the need to shoot at the ones far away i would use a soda bottle silencer so as not to attract them to me

    i think a good place to stay would be up at the top of a water tower or any place with only ladder access cause they

    a. cant climb
    b. if they can climb its a ridicules bottleneck so it will take minimal effort to repel any attempt to get to you

    a .22 to the head will kill a zombie just as easily as a larger caliber

    traveling light is your friend as getting tired is the second biggest problem

  131. Well I am pretty well set for the first few days of the out break. I have 12 gauge shotgun and 45 cal pistol. With plenty of can foods in my kitchen. Problem is getting resupply the town I live in I can find shotgun ammo in 3 stores and food in like 12 stores pistol ammunition I can find in like 1 store. Holding up would be a problem I like the idea of the one guy who said of going to the old castle but I am not in England so that is out. I guess courthouse bell tower just because of the access to it would be difficult for zombies. Getting down from there would be no problem about 50 – 100 ft of rope. Getting back up would be difficult unless I could find some climbing gear. Also no one has mention of usefull weapon would be LP cylinders from gas grill. Open valve roll down street then shoot and booooommmmm!!!! No more Zombie horde. I also think if I could get my hands on any weapon would be a B&T TP9 Tatical pistol. That would be a sweet weapon to have its a machine pistol that is silence and laser sight on it. I would also like to get my hands on a big 50 cal machine gun. Would probably try one of the local National Guard armouries. If I could have my choice of vechiels I would say a Bradely M-3 Infantry fighting vechical or one of the new striker brigade vechicals. Plenty of fuel in the country for those type’s of engines.

  132. zombies are not afraid of water, they do not experience emotions. the virus that killed them builds new links in the brain to motor functions only. the undead do not need air so they will basically just walk around on the bottom of the body of water until they dissolve or happen to get out of the water by mere chance because they have no sense of direction. you need to set up shop in a second floor or higher and need to destroy and stairwells using ladder or rope ladder to get up and down. fill all bathtubs with water because when public utilities shut down you will have a limited reserve. you need a primary firearm, some kind of quick action rifle because machine guns are great in theory but you’ll waste alot of ammo because of the spread. one head shot is all that’s needed. i would chose a Shaolin spade and a Katana or Ninjite and definitely a trench spike for close quarters. goggles and full coverage just for protection from splatter. keep up on current news and watch for signs of potential outbreaks, like unexplained fires or family members being attacked by other family members without weapons. with a little prep and alot of courage and patients mankind can survive

  133. In the case of zombie infestation i would grap the nearest item lying around and hit them over the head then i would smash the windows (if the door was blocked) and climb out. I would then Run to the police station and ask for help. Hopefully they will have contacted the army and they will save us all. If not i would fight with all i have and hope i don’t get eaten. I would steal a moterbike and ask my friends to do the same and go out of town.

  134. If there was a mass zombie infestation, I would first of all find some kind of weapon in my home (a sharp knife or heavy tool) and then get into my car and drive to my girlfriend’s house and take her to a gun shop. I would break into a groceries and steal as much food, water, medical supplies or any other item that would remotely help me. I would find as many un-infected people and go to the bus statio and hotwire one of the buses. I would then drive as far north as i could (i live in scotland) and hide somehwere in the mountains. me and the survivors would probably be okay becaude there would be bound to be someone who is profficient with hunting or fishing and there is animals just lying about in farms just asking to be eaten. I would then find some sort of building (probably an empty farmhouse) and instruct my fellow survivors to build a six foot high wall with as many bricks, rocks, etc as they could find. Then, i would probably have some sort of radio or TV (if i was in someone’s house) so that i could keep a regular check on any more action. i would stay there, occasionaly going out to find food and water and probably sart growing crops or possibly even breeding animals. then, i would stay there and refuse to let any others in (unless their profession could help me and my charge). If it was someone like a woman and her children, then i would possibly let them in, but i would reject anyone who would undermine my authority or belittle me in any way. i would also take all weapons fgrom my survivors so that they couldn’t attack each other and, if possible, keep some sort of video diary or journal. after months or possibly weeks of hiding, i would marry my girlfriend (unless she’d died, but i would never let that happen) and we’d possibly start a family to continue the human race.

  135. there are a few important factors you should take into account when running from zombies:

    #1 – food
    #2 – ammo and weaponry
    #3 – vehicle
    #4 – medicine
    #5 – clothing

    First of all, i would break take as much food and water as i could find from my house. then i wid store it all in a big rucksack and make my boyffriend jason carry it for me (i have delicate shoulders). then, i would probably get my car, because it’s so much better than jason’s, and drive as far away as i could. i would probably break into a boutique first, like marks & spencer’s or bhs and take as many fashionable (but sensible) clothes as i could. then i would break into a hospital and take as many bandages and stuff as i (or jason) could carry. then, i would get away from kilmarnock (my hometown, by the way i’m scotish too) and hide in some sort of cave or house. and forget about having kids and saving others!!! i wouldn’t want to bring a child into an ended world! so jason’s comment can be forgotten!! i would live quietly with him (and his mother too, probably, as he still lives with her) until someone came to save us.

    P.S can i just ask if sandman has recently escaped a zombie infested world? that dude knows what he’s talkin’ about!

  136. What would I do to survive a zombie attack? Shouldnt it be “What have you done to suvive the impending zombie attack?” Mankinds efforts to prolong human life have raised the worlds population to a dangerous level. Natures attempts to lower the rising human population have all been beaten back by mankind. Plague, disease, natural disasters, all have plans, response groups, and research teams working towards lowering the amount of human casualties. Its only a matter of time until nature throws something at man that as a whole, we are completely unprepared for. Zombies. A few close friends and myself have already made preperations for that impending disaster.

    Weapons. I personally have a Remington pump action 20ga, a Winchester pump action .22, and a katana. I have both a gun cleaning kit and whetstone to care for them. I have 240 shells for the shotgun, and 2000 for the rifle. Although the .22 is a lowcaliber weapon, the recoil is low, the shells are cheap, and since only a head shot matters, what good is a 50 cal other then weighing so much? When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, I chose the katana. Can be used either to decapitate or disable. If you dont want to get close enough to a zombie’s head to cut it off, simply slash its hamstrings. I considered cabellas .22 gatling gun kit to reinforce my lodging, but considered it to be a waste of ammunition.

    Transport. We have prepared a friends 1986 Dodge Ram Charger in case of a need of transport. We have removed the carpet and replaced it with spray in bedliner. We sealed off and waterproofed the dash, and put waterproof seat covers on all the apholstry. The two doors and back hatch have been removed for quick entry and exit. Since the key to moving through zombies is to never stop til you get there, we doubt the ability of a zombie to get in a moving vehicle. A cattle guard has been [ut on the front of the vehicle to reduce or prevent any engine damage that might be recieved from mowing down zombies in our path.

    Safehaven. The local county jail. I actually am employed there, so am already familiar with the compound. It has a capacity of about 140, so survivors could live there with our team. The food stores have enough food to feed 140 people 3 meals a day for 2 weeks. Thats 5880 meals for one person, 588 for a team of ten. At two meals a day (to ration food) a team of ten could survive for 299 days without leaving the compound. The steel, autolocking doors should prevent, if not slow, any zombies. There are keys for manual entry to any and all doors.

    Armor. I considered plate mail, but the extreme weight would prevent long distance travel by foot, and impede general movement. Chain mail however, is lighter, and although wont prevent an arrow or sword, should be able to stop zombie jaws from penetrating. Although I have not purchased mine yet, I do have intentions of doing so. Ive priced the pieces, and a full suit can be purchesed for about 500 dollars. This includes shirt (torso and arms), coif (head), gauntlets (hands), and chauces (legs). For my feet, steel toed leather boots.

    Most of the ideas for my plan have been taken from Max Brooks’s “Zombie Survival Guide”. If interested in the gatling gun, or would like a link for your own chain mail, look below.

    gatling gun


  137. First of all, I would find some kind of weapon; a hammer, a bat, a knife etc. Then, I would find my dad and we would drive to the nearest ASDA store. It is far enough a way from the centre of town, but close enough that you could get there quickly.

    Once I got there, I would break into any nearby stores and steal tools, blankets, medicine etc. The I would break ninto the ASDA store and put down all the shutters.

    I would then fill as many tubs, buckets, boxes as I could with water, so that when the water was cut off I woulkd still have some left. Whenever I finished a tin or something, I would store water in that too. I would also only drink water from the taps until it ran out.

    Then I would climb onto the roof and make a sign out of the clothes. I would watch carefully for any zombies.

    As weapons, I would use:
    #1 Cloths soaked with alcholohol in bottles. When zombies came nearby, I would ligfht the c.loths and through the bottles out.
    #2 Nail guns
    #3 Hammers
    #4 Spanners
    # Saws

    I would also fill the biggest vfehicle up with food and supplies, ready fueled with the keys in the ignition in case I needed to make a quick escape.

    If any survivors came, I would rescue them. However, I would take all weapons away from them and if any were infected I would kill them on sight.

    During my time in the supermarket, I would go to the nearest appliance store and steal microwaves, kettles and possibly a radio and TV. I would occasionally listen to the news to hear if anything had gone on or to see if it was safe to come out of hiding.

    If the zombies somehow overtook us, I would strap bottles of brandy with cloths in them and cans of hairspray to a gas tank. Then, I would light the cloths and throw the tank out onto the street. After it exploded, I would take my survivors and run out to the truck (or whatever it was) and get as far away as I could. I would probably have it stored round the back, but if the zombies were there I would do what I could to clear them away.

    If the worst happened and someone got bitten, I wpould refuse to let them on. If they didn’t leave, I would take them on and have them restrained. Then, I would throw them out on the road when I was far enough away from the zombies. After all this, I would head out to Stirling and hide in the castle. It’s up on top of a hill, so it would be hard for zombies to reach.

  138. I would climb into the nearest manhole and make my way through the town. I would use a five shot franchie and samuri sword and sharpen up the blade on a whetstone.

  139. the best weapons for fighting zombies would be a ruger ac 556 as it is nat as complicated as an m16 of m4. you would want a beta cmag in your mag well you would also want a reminton 870 pump action shotgun with sidesaddle shell carrier and stock shell holder a nine millemeter or forty five glock would be the best weapon a k bar knife would also be good. dual weilding pistols is useless you cant aim that way and has no effect since zombies dont duck for cover your best bet is an eagle m4 tactical chest rig with eatra ammo pouches for your rifle and pistol body armor would be useless as all it would do is slow you down a thigh rig is also a good idea it allows you to carry items at your finger tips a molle vest of most any kind is ok though a small molle back pack is also good just dont get too big of one ammunition is always a problem go to wal mart for pistol and rifle ammo taget only has shot gun ammo but it is easily accesible dont take guns with a wierd caliber try to group your self with friends you are the alfa leader of you dont want to die of you friends stupidity also if you find a zombie on the ground and appears to be dead give hime one in the head just incase militay personel should be obayed unless the seem to have gone crazy it is always a good idea to get their gear and ammo too. always carry extra batterises to. if you are thinking of taking martial arts weapons the world will be a better place with out you unless that is all that you can get your hands on for the time being macheties are not a good weapon I know I know the biker in down of the dead has one but if you notice he has to have some one help get it out of the zombies skull an f 350 is a good to have beacaulse you can hual alot and moke modifications over time to problem with military vehicles is most of us dont know how to fix them if they break down

    from commie killer7.62

    ps like the way you think thinker and t0ma70 / ill write more tommorow im tired

  140. Pussies.

    No long range weapons are needed. Use of anything shooting more than 100 meters is a waste of ammunition, unless you are a perfect shot in ALL tactical situations (low light, inclement weather, etc). Concentrate on what is near you. They swarm, so the closer ones will block your aim for the ones further away.

    Contrary to recent movies which put forth the idea that a zombie virus can turn EVERY dead body into an Olympic-class sprinter (how in the hell would it make your decomposing body function BETTER???), zombies are still slow-moving targets. No need to aim all that well with the right weapons. Given sufficient time and a good shop, you should construct an air-cooled gatling-style belt-fed shotgun.

    Spread pattern can take out multiple targets per shot, you would only need to go full auto in the event of a truly massive swarm. So fill a backpack with a belt of ammo.

    Given the confined spaces you would likely choose for cover, since you cannot watch 360 degrees around you at all times, other choices of weaponry should take into account the fact that you will often be firing from within a vehicle or in a hallway, or some other structure. Factor that into your choice, and one will easily decide that the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon is an admirable choice. You can fire accurately from the most confined spaces, since the bullpup design means that the barrel does not protrude beyond your own bodies turn radius. Your own elbows would stick out further. 50 round magazines for it take up very little space, and the weapon is ergonomic enough that it would not snag on anything or impede your motions during tactical movement.

    Anything larger than 5.56mm ammunition (.223 Remington for you civilian pukes) is a compromise in weight, and you have to carry everything, so pick a light weapon and ammo that does not weigh you down too much to move. That is how the zombies get you , after all. The 5.7x28mm ammo for the FN P90 is perfect for this. It is smaller than 5.56 NATO ammunition, and accurate as hell. The P90 barrel is good for 50,000 rounds of fire before needing to be serviced.

    And anyone choosing ANY kind of revolver to fight zombies deserves the LITERAL ass-chewing that will take place as they try to reload.

    High-capacity, reliable semi-automatics are the correct choice for sidearm. You do NOT need all those uber-powerful .44 or .50 rounds. Your wrist has to soak up the recoil of all the shooting you will be doing, and hold the weapon straight while you are shooting. .380, .357, .40 S&W, and 9mm are the best selection. Get your gunsmith to do a trigger job to lighten the trigger pull to about 3 lbs. Anything more will wear out the flexor muscles in your forearm from oxygen depletion after rapid-firing 3 or 4 magazines worth of ammo. Just make sure that the ammunition you load is designed for maximum transfer of energy. Hollow-points and Hydra-shock work best, as the wound cavitation from the mushrooming projectile does the most internal damage.

    They will not feel pain, so “hurting” them is not an option… but if the damage you inflict can sever nerve pathways, shatter bones (support structure), or shred ligaments, they will be unable to use or otherwise move the afflicted area.

    And hand-to-hand? WTF??? Who are you, Bruce fucking Lee? When swarmed, your movement will be restricted (as mentioned above), and you are still perfectly susceptible to disarming techniques. Nunchakus will require that you are using no other weapon at the time, and while quick, you still have to deal with the “bounce-back” from an effective hit. Experienced users will know what I am talking about from painful learning events. Baseball bats = too heavy, too slow. Trench knives are too short to be of much use, as you must perforce be within arms reach to inflict damage, so they can reach you as well.

    Better choices include katanas or wakizashis, forged and folded in the traditional style, to withstand the shock of impact while still having a good chance or maintaining a cutting edge. You WILL damage the edge, over time, from contact sustained while cutting thru all those bones. If you use a cheap-ass stainless katana, your buddies will have to shoot you, because you will become a zombie seconds after your shiny piece of excrement breaks.

    A pair of kama works pretty well, too, since they are fast and you can sever nerves and ligaments, without the need for cutting bone.

    Any impact weapon will need to be lightweight enough to move quickly, yet hard enough to break bones on contact. I would choose tonfa for this purpose.

    Nuff said about weapons. The only other thing of importance i have to say is you need to have some means of restraining and immobilizing recently dead (fresh) young female specimens, because they do not yet stink, and just because they are dead does not mean that that pussy isnt fit to hammer.

  141. Its nice to see some people have done their home work on how to kill a Zombie- Maybe the rest of this conversation should try to read “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks

  142. i would arom up a 4X4 and head to guns shops in LA with the SECRET BACK ROOMS sub machine guns granades rocketlaunchers TNT 50. cals long range rifles , then get hummers off the lots and vans , a gas truck , an ambulance , and an army tansport , then go to pomona CA they have tanks , pack up and take fort knox they have an underground bunk with supplys to last 30 years

  143. Id use a giant big ass salmon as a weapon against the dead, when the pieces of shit lumber toward me WHAM they will get a big wet slap across the face opening their brains. For a long range i would use a nice powerful flame thrower with unlimited fuel melt the bastards down! have a nice day =D


  144. The truly sad thing is that some of the people responding with WISH lists of tanks and unlimited ammunition or fuel will be the exact kind of idiots that will be converted to new zombies FIRST, meaning I will have to kill you guys with proven, realistic methods.

  145. I love zombies! When I grow up, I want to be one! Anyone got any tips on how to become a zombie?

    P.S If anyone knows when they’re coming, please write back!

  146. you guys r thinking all wrong. those of you who r thinking of using cars, forget it. there will be crashed and abandoned vehicles all over. and you guys who sugesst oversized or impractical weps, i gotta say u really have no clu what to do. ak47’s r meant to spray bullets. u need an acurrate shot to the head. and m16’s? i wont even go there. they r bad.

  147. ok first off forget the close quarters combat shit sorry guys i would set up a heavy perimeter explosives and decoys something that would pull them off my ass i would hunker down in the nearest low level penthouse maybe five to six stories high any higher then that with a 50 cal warlock sniper riffle and u would need way to much stablizing equipment, 5 5ths of tequila and not to mention a good collection of movies i would be in this for the long haul and any serious amount of shooting zombies would gety a bit boring

  148. as for decoys u idiots that are in the cars would work just fine circle my block till u run out of fuel and then u can run for cover just a warning though dont get to close to my building cause u know a dead decoy is still a decoy

  149. First off the best weapon would have to be a ruger 10/22 carbine 22lr with a 50 round drum. Only because the ammo is light and sold in any gun store and because it’s quiet. Also a sub compact 9mm, and for long distance shots a 300 winchester mag. I would also have a titanium crow bar. It can be used as a weapon and a tool along with a few knives and police issue riot gear. For transportation I would find a horse or some other pack animal, because they don’t need fuel, they are quiet and can go over or around anything, and if needed you can eat them. If none are available then a atv in the back of a 4 wheel drive vehicle just in case you do run into a untravelable road or large amount of zombies. As for shelter a second story house with one set of stairs. Only one set of stairs because after you gather all your supplies you can destroy them so that nothing can reach you. The only foods you should gather are none perishables because you never know how long you will need to hold out. All that crap you read about chainsaws and grenades and moltov cocktails is crap because all they do is draw attention to you [ witch is the last thing you want to do] and you’ll probably just hurt yourself with them and get eaten anyways. Never make to much noise, always sleep in shifts, never travel at night, and never go to police stations, fire houses, or hospitals, because that is were all the first infected will go to be treated. So they will be the first to be over run and locked down with lots of infected inside.

  150. this guy is smart. i would choose a 22. caliber weapon over a 50. any day. oh, and for decoys, try a cat in a cage. it works great. but please, enough with the vehicles and 50 caliber snipers!!!!!!

  151. guys, have you seen the freeway on a friday night? imagine all those cars just stopping. talk about a roadblock.

  152. and unless your gonna use the tequila to blow away the stairs forget it. but it does make a nice BOOM. thats why explosives r usefull. need a trench? BOOM. done. need absence of stairs? BOOM. done. its great.

  153. lastly, YOU NEED CLOSE QAURTERS WEPS!!!!!! you never know when one will sneak up behind you.

  154. A note on “decoys”… a decoy only works if your intended prey (or whatever you are trying not to become the prey of) notices it, and zombies really only pay attention to BRAAAAAAAIIINNS. It is what draws them, even from a distance, whether they can see you or not. They can sense the living brain mass. So whatever you plan to use as a decoy must be 1. Living 2. Immobile 3. With sufficient brain mass to act as a draw for the zombies, to counteract the draw of your own brain mass.

    #3 is the tricky issue, because if you use an animal as the decoy, it won’t have as much brain mass as you do, so you will still be the primary target for zombie lunch. UNLESS all of your decoys are living humans. Good luck getting the cooperation, as they would probably be trying to strap YOU to a fence or phone pole to use YOU as a decoy to keep them safe. It is probably better to use living humans as team-mates or allies, so you have a chance to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time. Also keep in mind that after losing enough sleep, you will probably look worse than the zombies do, and be about as sluggish and incoherent.

    To Mikael123: Sorry, pal, but your idea of tactics means that i will have to shoot you in the head with my smaller caliber weapon, since you will NOT be able to keep a sufficiently sustained rate of fire with your giant .50, without destroying your shoulder with recoil in the process. Seriously, have you ever fired a .50? A pintle-mounted .50 shakes the shit out of a military Hummer, so unless you’re tougher than a hummer, pick a smaller gun. Besides, .50 ammunition takes up too much weight and volume for the quantity of shots provided,

    To Slayer: Buddy, I will take first shift, you’re welcome on the team. But if you’re bringing MRE’s, LEAVE the Omelette with Ham packages…. they are foul.

    To Hunter: You and Slayer can duke it out for who takes second watch shift, but save the cats…. they suck as decoys, but we will need them for the stew pot. And we seriously need to make sure we are all carrying long arms and side-arms that use the same ammunition, so we can cross-load if one of us is running low.

  155. you moron, zombies dont go after brains specifically, they will go after the easiest living prey around. and, when using bait, you always hide. then the cat makes alot of noise and attracts them. plus the cage protects the cat and keeps it alive. oh, and dont use longarms and side arms with the same ammo. the whole point of a short arm is that if they sneak up, but you dont want to risk getting close. the long arm is used for when you want to put them down for good. dont confuse the two.

    long arms: long to medium range.

    side arms: medium to short range. (low powered so use it to put the m down for a couple of seconds and grab your rifle.)

    close range: already covered this.

    p.s. i agree with you about the 50. cal weps, but id like to add that there is so much gunpowder in them that if you find them, you should take them apart and build bombs to use for stuff.

  156. and i chose the cat because they make lots of noise, put up with alot of shit, and dogs should not be used as bait. they make noise, but a dog is a good companion in an attack. they wake you when zombies are near, they r practically your best freind, and they r good at sniffing out food, bombs, drugs and they r good at attacking and hunting stuff.

  157. i mean what r you gonna put a parrot in there? too quiet, and die too easy. a horse? too big and too usefull. come up with a small, noisy animal and i will congragulate u.

  158. i would put a crow cause there loud there small they make a very annoying loud noise that would attract zombies. but my plan would be to hide in a jail cell because if they can keep some one in they can keep someone out and its has food weapons and running water.

  159. 1. Authentic Katana. It was meant for cutting through bone, through the uses of cutting someone in half or beheading them.
    2. Double-Barrel Sawed-Off Pistol-Grip Shotgun x2. Primarily for when things get to close for comfort, blast a head clean off or knock them back with it’s scattered-shot. Also guns give away location so if it’s gonna be neccesary, might as well have a nice bang.
    3. Trench-Spikes x2. Meant for stabbing through metal helmets then piercing the brain, perfect considering zombies don’t wear helmets and it’d work even if they did.
    4. Lots and lots of shotgun shells.
    5. Rations of some sort, gotta stay alive somehow…

  160. I think I would not survive this zombie out break. Just for S*#$’s AND Giggles I loaded my self up with 250 rounds of 12 gauge ammo, 100 rounds of 45 cal. ammo. 12 gauge shot gun and 45 cal pistol walked around in my house a bit. Let me tell you that was a heavy load after 10 min. I dont think you could last to long without that kind of load and if it is a full blown out break then you would probably need twice that x 200.

    So I am definatly looking into bunker type position. But where! You would need a Fort Knox type position with plenty of escape routes supplies allready at that spot. You would also need very dependable transportation and somewhere you could pull into under ground garage to service such transportation. I would not want to goto a big city and try and find this because of the zombie population that would be there. I would still try and find some kind of armourd car with 4×4 cabablity and maybe a snow plow on front to ram through congested area’s. And again I think you would stay away from metro area’s just to much can go wrong there.

    I also think that big 50 cal machine guns on mounted transportation would give you an edge. Remember that big 50 is going to do damage to alot of things standing behind the one you hit. And we are talking herd mentality here are we not so lining up a shot were you can take two or three down maybe some compensation on the weight of that ammo.

  161. Hunter, by your logic, they just go after meat, and I think it would be safe to assume from this that they are not picky….. not likely to get a tummy ache. By extension of this reasoning, they would go after each other first because what is more available to zombies than more zombies? If they are relying on their failing senses, then olfactory cues would be hard to miss or ignore. Face it, them bitches STINK!

    However, all movies depicting zombie infestation show them clustering around buildings even when there is no living prey visible, even when there is no prey on the ground floor. So it can’t be just the five senses they are utilizing to track us, or any other prey.

    But if i grant that they are merely drawn by life, then our problem gets pretty bad after only a few months, when we survivors have already HAD to eat all the living prey WE can catch. If they just go after life, then the increase in natural prey (living animals) due to our lack of leisure time to hunt in the wilderness would simply draw them out of the cities and away from us… our problem is solved, isn’t it?

    But wait, it isn’t… because then they are competing to win out as top predator just like we are, and with all the zombies chasing down anything that breathes, it soon reaches the point where we are back to just hunting each other… and both cover and shelter are most easily available back in the towns and cities.

    We are assuming that our zombies of choice are based on movie zombies, not Caribbean voodoo zombies. Given that, the majority of movies seem to indicate that they come after humans over any other available prey, if given any option. In short, we are apparently NOT “just living meat”. There are only a very few factors that set us completely apart from animals, and i am pretty sure they won’t be checking me out just because I am a biped, or because I have opposable thumbs, nor because I use tools.

    The remaining variable is brains, or more appropriately, BRAAAINNSS. So if I am the moron, I am safe, as I don’t have any brains to speak of.

    And sufficiently powered sidearms, with the proper energy-transferring ammunition, actually cause damn good wound cavitation. Overall better damage than rifle rounds that may have the problem of over-penetration, as they still have a good bit of velocity after travelling thru the meat target.

    If you’ve ever shot a deer in the neck or shoulder, just to watch it run off, then followed the blood trail to find that the deer didn’t bleed out, then you know what I am talking about. 5.56mm Nato ammunition is (ironically) considered humane, as it does not blow a body apart, and your enemy has a possibility of living after the event. Sure it often leaves a bullet inside the body, but a zombie won’t notice the pain of a wound.

    I will offer a specific example: Google the Congressional Medal of Honor awardee (Viet Nam), Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez. He lived through the events that got him the medal, even though enough brass was dug out of him to fill several magazines, and it was all RIFLE ammo. LONG ARMS.

    If you shoot ANYONE with one fifth that amount of hydra-shock pistol ammo (at least 9mm or better), there ain’t much left.

    Seriously, I don’t know where you got some of your ideas about ballistics and damage, but as a wartime veteran, TRUST me when I tell you what WILL put a body down, and how difficult it is to shoot long range accurately while enduring the realities of combat.

  162. Thinker… try spending a few years in light infantry. They call it “light” infantry because you don’t have heavy stuff, like….. vehicles. You get used to a rucksack that often weighs in at more than 120 lbs, and yes, you carry it during 20 mile road marches, with full combat load. with all gear, weapons, armor, food, etc, we’re talking roughly 180 lbs.

    Mind, one can do quite well carrying a LOT less, that was just the requirement, due to the fact that we have to carry all our issued equipment.

    The load you mentioned, i wouldn’t notice, but not because I’m “gung-ho”, I’m just acclimated to it.

  163. arron: that is a great idea. crows are very loud. i congragulate you

    mark: that is very true. but of course, im gonna go extra light.
    here is my packing list:

    1: 22. caliber semi auto rifle with scope

    2: 200 rounds of 22. ammo

    3. titanium crowbar

    4. 45. caliber colt commander pistol (its about an inch shorter than the regular colt.)

    5: enough mres to last for 3 days (and anything else i pick up)

    6: 4 extra clips for handgun

    7: trusty combat knife

    this would weigh probably a mere 20 or so pounds and i carry a pack that heavy everyday. but i cant get over the retards that think that they r gonna run around with a 15 pound 50. caliber rifle, with 100 rounds for it, and a million other things they think they can carry. and whats with the two shottys kibakaz? this is real life, not halo 2 stupid. a 12 gauge shell has a considerable kick. and in the gun world, this eqaution is key: shorter barrell= more kick. im gonna laugh when i look out my window, see you running down the street, see a zombie, and then fire and knock your sorry ass to the ground, blood spewing from your nose.

  164. soooo….. any ideas on forts? i know this school that would make a great one. it is solid, concrete construction, some of the buildings have a second story, and they r linked. plus there is a fence surrounding it. i would hook a homemade electric fence up, get it some batterys and a solar panel, and i would fry the zombies. then i go out with gas and burn the bodies. if they breached the fence, i would head to the second story and blow up the stairs. and, i could use the football field for farming, and the greenhouses that r on the roof. it would be great.

  165. oh, and thinker, whats with the vehicles? your not going to be able to go anywhere in them. and enough with the stupid 50. cals people!!!!!!! i am getting sick and tired of your delusions that you would:

    a: be able to carry such a weapon

    b: be able to fire such a weapon

    comeon people, get with the program!!!!

  166. hey, mark, i just read your earlier post, and what r u thinking? is your brain in your dick or r u just stupid? if you do that you have two options:
    1: kill yourself

    2: lop it off with a katana just after you finish (not 100% effective, you could still get infected)

    you r moronic. you have potential, but your no better than the rest of these people.

    p.s. i would suggest you wear a rubber

  167. how about i tie you to a pole, give you a gun with 1 bullet, give you a couple of porn magazines, and just say, “survival of the fittest man, survival of the fittest.”

  168. oh, and recon, your gonna end with a smelly useless fish in your hand, really bad gas, and get bit in the ass!!!!!!!!!! man, it sucks to be you…..

  169. Well I don’t think you are going to carry a 50 cal machine gun with you where ever you go unless it is vechical mounted or in a defense position. And I agree with you about conjestion in an urban area but I think if you go into a city you are asking for trouble.

    Thats why I say your vechical will definatly be a 4×4 or some kind of all wheel or tracked vechical so when you do come up to a conjested area you would have the option to go around if you cant get around then turn back the way you came and find another way to get from point A to point B. I don’t know about firing a 50 cal weapon but I have limited knowledge on guns but I can usually figure a shotgun out in about 20 min. I would probably take a little more time with something as big as a 50 cal. but I am sure I could work it out.

    Mark if you were in the light infantry my hat goes off to you. Although I did not serve in the Armed forces I do appreciate what you guys and gals do for us. Thanks! and if you are still serving our country stay safe.

  170. hey mark, they dont go after each other. they dont even recognize them as being there. but yes, they do choose humans over any other prey. but if there is nothing else around, they will eat just about anything. and no thinker, you cannot use a 50 cal. the rounds are too big, it is too noisy, uses too many resource, and it is illegal in california.
    you could carry about 5 times as many 308. rounds as you could a 50 cal. and for 22.’s? about 3-4 times as many as 308. rounds. do the math.

  171. and it doesn’t matter if your car can turn all four of its wheels, or just two. if the road is blocked, you cant get through. you have got to stop thinking like the movies. in dawn of the dead for example, they rig up some parking shuttles and head out. they had like two cars out there. in real life, there would be like 40. you cant just push them out of the way. you will just end up moving it a couple of feet, ram it into another car, and end up with a damaged, useless vehicle, and a bunch of curious zombies coming to see what the noise was.

  172. in my case, i have four possible scenarios for surviving:

    1: i stay on the roof of my house with some supplies and weapons, contact the military with my radio, and coordinate an effort to destroy the zombies.

    2: i go to my office building, (yes, i have a job) and fend them off till i get a chance to go to the Hilton across the street. (i do the same thing as above, and destroy the zombies)

    3: i go to the school i told you about and live there, and i would have a bigger group of survivors to help if it happened while school was in session, considering there are over 2,000 students there. (and i have the same thing as above, with a little bit higher success rate)

    4: i head to my freinds house in missouri, (which is highly defendable, two stories, next to a lake, one road in…) and defend it. it is in the middle of a forest, so there is easy escape.( i wouldnt worry about calling the military, since i am so far away…)

    the only problem with this, is that if i fail to contact the military, i will get a nuke dropped on me in the first three scenarios. lets hope im succesful.

  173. and yes, i do think that they will nuke this place. they will doubt that anyone has survived and will want to clean it up. see, my theory is that area 51 is a place where they are testing solanum, the thing that makes zombies. several governments have tested it as a possible weapon, with catostrophic results. it is in max brooks survival guide. sooner or later, the government will mess up. especially if those democrats make it in to the white house.(not trying to start a political debate, just proving a point….) i mean comeon, pro-gun laws, and all the other stuff they want? we will be so in debt that the military will be unable to do anything. it might spread, and spread, until finally they nuke it. they are gonna screwup bad. so bad, we might have to take care of it ourselves. i am going to prepare, whether the government likes it or not.

    P.S. terrorists might hit before zombies do. you know, the democrats have been saying they want the troops out of iraq. just to keep you on your toes……

  174. oh, one more thing, (god, i have got to start reading your ENTIRE posts…) the thing about zombies is, your not going for take down, or pain, or huge explosions, all you need is a decent enogh hole in their brain to kill them. i never said side arms couldnt do the job. you could go a whole zombie atack with just a pistol. but most people arn’t superacurate war heroes. were talking an average guy, with moderate to no experience. a 22. cal does the job. they are easy to find (what kind of gun store doesn’t carry them?) and they are easy to use. i am an experienced boyscout, and i have taught nine year olds to shoot them. just about everbody i know can get as many shots as they like through a target the size of a qaurter with those guns. heck, some people i know can do that with a shotgun! remember: a person is alot different than a zombie.

  175. and can you make your posts a little shorter? practically all your posts are like this:

    blah blahh blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    and so on and so forth. it is getting to be a pain to have to read your painfully long posts.

  176. what the fuck i came across this fourm by accident and fuckin a what a bunch of questionably retarted teenage jack off artists what the fuck are you blabbing about

  177. Hunter….

    Sorry if I get a little long-winded, but I’m in the field for days at a time, so i have to save up my thoughts and get ’em out when I can.

    And I am assuming you were making reference to the comment about keeping a fresh zombie cheerleader….. yes, my brain is in my dick, it’s the safest place to keep it… that way, if they do try to eat my brain, they gotta start by giving me a hummer. ( Sorry, hydraulic pressure does that to me. I promise to get a hooker before giving in to the impulse to write something like that again)

    Fortresses? For simplicity’s sake, and for obvious reasons, you CAN’T beat a lighthouse. Setting up on a water tower could work, too, as long as you do something to limit the means of getting up.
    With either set-up, for quick getaway if dealing with a truly huge swarm, run steel cables from top of structure to another building or ground at some distance, and have some sort of pulley to use as a zip-line. Install a braking method, if you can, or it will HURT when you get to the other end.
    Keep a spare rucksack with gear at other end, so you won’t have added mass to arrest when you reach the end of the zip-line. It sucks during jumps, air assault, and rappelling, so avoid it if you have the choice.

  178. BTW, I’m not super-accurate, either, but enough to stay alive (so far). That’s why I am so adamant about ammo that is lightweight enough that I can expend enough to meet “current market demand”, and hit what I am generally aiming at, and still have ample supply.

    It’s an old military proverb that it is a physical impossibility to carry TOO MUCH ammo. I disagree, as once you reach a certain limit, you are no longer agile or even mobile.

    “Spend wisely”, as my aunt used to say.

  179. mark: you are totally right. lighthouses are awesome! they have one set of stairs, are usually equiped to hold a couple of people for months at a time (at least the old ones. the new ones are automated) and are high up.

    P.S.: i am so srry about flipping out like that about your earlier post. i just saw it and got highly offended.

    wtf: if you are still reading this forum, give this a try: SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!

  180. oh, and i didn’t mean You were a military hero, (or maybe you are. i don’t know.) what i meant was, most people have never even seen a real gun in their life. therefore, they obviously dont know how to shoot one.

    P.S.: i think it is great your in the field fighting for us. keep up the good work.


  181. oh, i almost forgot about ranting to wtl…..

    wtf is wrong with you!!!! we are not retards!!!!!! and comeon, if you are gonna call us retards do it right!!!! you dont say “questionably retarded”
    you just flat out say “retards!!!!!”. geez, it was that short? i guess ill add
    some random letters to fill up the space.




    this has been a rant by Hunter, the zombie killer

  182. how do you like that asshole!!!!!

    P.S. if he isn’t here, i am srry for taking up space on the forum

  183. and tell me, mark, how do you like my zombie survival scenarios?
    do you think they will nuke this place?

  184. The best firearm would be a Ruger 10/22 with a folding stock. The 22lr is more that enough to penetrate the skull and scramble a brain. I would have multiple 50 round magazines fully loaded. Another advantage of the 22 cal is that thousands of rounds can be carried with ease. Add to this a 22 cal semi auto pistol for backup.

    For people protection the Glock 22 in 40 cal would be my choice. In it I would use black talon ammo.

    My hand to hand weapon would be an all steel axe, simillar to the estwing camp axe. It would stand up to repeated use, and be usefull for other chores as well.

    For a location, I would stay in southeast alaska and live on my boat. I can subsist here for year without outside support. My boat could easily carry other supplies like my hunting rifle and fishing gear.

  185. my location would be a jail cell theres a bunch of advantages 1 ammunition and guns 2 food 3 a library 4 nice protection 5 running water 6 the prisoners would be let free in a world wide epidemic so we dont have to worry about them
    PS wtf fuck you

  186. If zombies do come to kill all and end life as we know it I would take 2 katana swords ( medium length ) 2 dessert eagles with UNLIMITED AMMO an ak47 with UNLIMITED AMMO a box of grenades UNLIMITED and a rpg launcher to take care of the big zombie crowds !

  187. OH and dont forget i would mod u bus up like in DAWN OF THE DEAD find some people and shoot all who are infected find a missle silo shoot a missle at the town / city ect. To wipe out the infected if the virus has escaped all over the world keep on fighting till the day I die =)

  188. close combat=light metal baseball bat

    mid range=dual desert eagles

    long range=M40 sniper rifle w/ 4X to 12X magnification scope

    shelter=my school (MDVE)flip the desks to use as cover in case they learned to use guns

    if I run out of ammo=fragmentation grenades

    sleeping place=green hallway with big heavy metal doors

    I would use night shifts for the night hordes(a team of 12) 6 up per hour


  190. sam, you moron, you cant have unlimited ammo!!! and how many times do i have to say, you cnat use vehicles!!!!

  191. and enough with the stupid dual weild!!!!!! you couldn’t possibly use two desert eagles!!!!!! you will end up with a whole shitload of bruises on your face, and a zombie gnawing on your arm!!!

  192. and for gods sake, WHERE are you going to get an rpg? or grenades? you dumbass.

  193. hunter, mark, and any other reasonable person i fail to mention thank you, oh for the love of god thank you for being within the realm of reason.

    to all the lap whackers have you ever fired anything closely resembling half the shit your talking about. i for one doubt it. .50 cals desert eagles miniguns please. heavy weapons, bah, please pray tell where you are going to aquire one of these let alone military issue ammo? shot guns ha let them get close enough to take out several heads in a single shot and you might as well pour salt on your arm and say munch away.

    melee weapons. metal bats, i would crush one of those in a single 9 inning ball game have any of you ever heard of a solid injection polypropylene base ball bat? no? sucks to be you. shaolin spades yep here in america those are a very common item, katanas unless you have an authentic one it will snap and then you have a zombie with a sharp object in its neck.

    im not saying that any one idea is better than another but please try and stay within the laws of reason. explosives ahh theres an idea lets blow up several zombies and spead infectious meat everywhere. fire nope have you ever tried desposing of an animal carcess by burning it, it takes hours, unless you have an incineration pit.

    cars yep again a real winner one mile down the road if your lucky enough to make it that far without finding abandoned cars and then you are basically a rolling food can.

    my transport would be a bike with a couple repar kits that fit under the seat, a polypro bat my personal melee weapon, sidearm 22 easily, a crobar for odd jobs, and a M-1 carbine

    p.s. sorry for the long rant but COME ON ask yourself 1. availability 2. longevity 3. carriability and 4. lethality

  194. if you became infected then there would be no point in killing your self because your gonna get up anyway.

    All i would want is a M4A1-Carbine assult rifle, a fire axe, and frag grenades.

    If i was infected i would get as far away from other survivers as possible and keep fighting till the very end.


  195. it is in the laws of reason if you know where to get what your talking about.

  196. o please sam grow up, were in real life not resident evil. We have a limited source of ammo and we need to work with whats on hand.
    And ****** please wake up from your land of bullshit because *DUAL* desert eagles would break your wrists if yoou fire them in rapid succesion. and you wont need the sniper because they would be right on top of you as soon as you went to sleep.
    Think about it, this hasent happened yet so we need to prepare by what movies we have seen.
    In dawn of the dead, within a matter of weeks the mall was surrounded by what seemed like millions of the undead.
    Remember they said that the undead will react on their memories, the last place they remember is probably where they will end up.
    And people please where in the fuck would you get your hands on a turret to put on a truck or a bulldozer for that matter. Let alone lift in off the ground with out some undead prick gnawing at your neck in the process.

    (sorry for the long rant, but i needed to get my point across)

  197. I agree with Hunter and several other reasonable people on the forum. I am a practical person and carrying a .50 caliber rifle is simply dumb to say in the least. Have you ever held a .50 caliber? Better yet, have you ever shot one? My uncle has several of this guns he let my buddies and I shoot them. A buddy of mine broke his collarbone shooting one. Think about that. Not to mention the rifle itself is a burden, including the ammo. Now think to yourselves, this is real life, not a game. There are no health packs or piles of ammo just lying around. There are no flame throwers sitting around nor unlimited ammo. Now let that soak in to your flaccid, gamer brains.
    Myself, I won’t be sniping at any zombies. Shooting at them would merely draw more zombies to your position. My goal is to make it out of my city (I do live a big city mind you) alive and possibly with some survivors. In the country, they are less zombies and less of a chance to attract them. There is also plenty of food and water, not to mention every farm house has a few guns and ammo (at least here in Missouri). That is, assuming the owner is dead or just really generous.
    In the case that I cannot make it out, there are several places I could hole up, but I will only mention one. A lot of people seem to overlook the average Wal-Mart. Thick concrete walls, few entrances, shatterproof glass, food, medical supplies, weapons, bedding (did anyone think about a soft bed to sleep on?), clothing, entertainment (plasmas and PS3 anyone?), water, bathrooms (you ever try and take a shit with the enemy right next door?), shower facility’s (you can make one out of any hose and a sink), exercise equipment, propane for cooking, cookware,hygiene, etc. The list goes on and on. Still another reason is that many Wal-Marts have a repair garage that is made for 4 cars. Talk about an easy escape route. Simply fix up the cars and you can use them for raiding, escape, and scouting as well. Now after boarding up all the windows and concreting some entrances, all you have to do is hang out and play games on your plasma while you wait for them to starve to death.
    For the ultimate escape vehicle, nothing beats a good old school bus. Multiple gun ports, two entrances, and off road capability are a plus. Also, it’s tall enough that the zombies cannot reach in and grab you. In addition, an average school bus weighs 15 tons. That’s a lot of crushing power. One more thought is that there is a lot of room on a bus. You can store a plethora of food, metal drums for gas, ammo, and possibly even beds; even a zombie killer needs a nap sometime. The only downside is gas mileage, which is really, really crappy. However, by keeping a speed of less than 50 M.P.H., you can alleviate the problem. There is also plenty of buses around schools and it will be a lot easier to get than a tank.

  198. For those of you who don’t have two black belts with the use of the katana, don’t use one and stick to a crowbar. You will probably slice your own leg off anyway. I just remember what my drill sergeant said when I first got into Ranger school, “keep it simple you piles of shit!” Just remember that when you are choosing a weapon. Also remember to stay away from cheaply made armaments. These will simply break after a little abuse and then where will you be? Now that I have criticized a little, I will tell you about my choice in weapons. For a handgun, any will do really. I would prefer a 1911 Colt .45 because I have a lot of experience with them. The .45 cap will do nicely in destroying brains. I would also recommend something smaller, such as in the 9mm range for more practical use. Stay away from revolvers! Try and reload one on the run, you’ll understand. For a rifle, again, any will do. Just make sure it’s reliable and easy to reload. My advice is something like an AK-47 or any type of AR-15. My M-4 never once jammed on me so don’t tell me that AR-15’s aren’t reliable. However, I would choose an AK if I had the choice. It’s a little more heavy, but has more knock down power at short ranges. Not to mention a good AK has a sniping range of around 5-600 meters for all you snipers out there. Also, there is plenty of ammo for them everywhere. That is pretty much it for guns, you don’t want to overburden yourself with too many guns, that’s dumb. Also, I would carry a good knife as they come in handy more than you think. My favorite is an OSS subhilt fighter. Now, like I said, I have two black belts with the use of the katana, so naturally I will bring it too. I have one, and its damn good. I have cut probably around 3,000 tatami mats with it and it has yet to chip or lose an edge. I will probably also carry my Chinese War Sword from Cold Steel, but I doubt it. I would probably give it someone else in the group. The short, broad blade is good for tight places like hallways and if it has cut through 2” ash poles, surely it can sever a spinal cord. Now, don’t think I am going to go slash away at zombies. No, this is a last ditch effort to get away if I am out of ammo. For clothing, I would probably choose khaki shorts, tennis shoes, and an underarmour shirt. The underarmour shirt will keep you cool, dry, and show off your six-pack while you run for your life. Also, the khaki shorts are flexible and have plenty of pockets. Watching many zombie movies, I see people with loose clothing get grabbed by a zombie and then they die. So stay away from big jackets, trench coats, and the like. Also, a good load harness is major plus, invest a lot of time in finding one that fits you. Still one more thing is a good bandanna to cover your mouth with. Zombie guts and brains are going to go everywhere in close a fight and you don’t want to win the fight to find out you got some zombie shit in your mouth. Because then you turn into a zombie because of fluids, duh. If you have long hair, chop it off, the zombies don’t care what they grab to get you.

  199. One last thought in this rant, zombies cannot survive under water. Okay, now bear with me on this; I know what I am talking. When you breathe, you take in air. Air has oxygen. Oxygen is used in cellular respiration (look it up if you don’t believe me). Without oxygen, the body can’t produce Adenosine Triphosphate through cellular respiration, which necessary for energy at the cellular level. Without energy, cells cease to function. Oxygen is thus important to keep you alive. I respect Romero greatly, he’s a great guy. However, even if zombie’s metabolic functions were severely reduced, the lack of oxygen would simply kill them. In conclusion, zombies cannot go under water.

  200. saaaaaaammmm!!!!11!!!!!!!!!! EEEnnouhgfhhhhh!!!!!@!@ no more bullshit!!!11!!!!!! PPPPPLLLLLEEEESAAAAASSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!



    man, i feel better. okay, onyxhand, thank god, there is somebody sane here besides me and mark. these people are driving me crazy! oh, and superspic, no, zombies don’t end up in the last place they think about in DAWN OF THE DEAD they went to the mall because thats where the food was. and don’t say that was a long rant, because you will get out-ranted. (is that a word?) oh, and one more thing onyx hand,(my train of thought is rather random today) where i live, you wouldn’t get a mile down the road unless you went in circles. and Pedro Cosme, all i’m gonna say is, you’re a dip shit who will be the first to go.

  201. hunter pay attention to what ving rhames says in the movie. thats as close to an explination that they get.

  202. is he the cop? cause he was just theorizing about it. he also says it could be because they are coming for them. and Pedro, at least you are accepting it. hope you don’t mind when i blow your undead brains everywhere.

  203. nah, hey if i were able to talk at that point then i would thank you, but yea i would probably sacrafice myself while taking a handful of them out first. (grenade)

  204. and to answer your question directed to superspic, yes ving rhames does play the cop (but i cant remember his name, lets just refer to him as big black guy or bbg) and i would rather go out in a blaze of glory then in hiding!

  205. hey, hunter since they are dead and their bodies would be decomposing then wouldnt it be possible to kill them with a bb gun (the one that you pump so you can get alot of power into the shot)

  206. some of you guys REALLY need to read the zombie survival guide by max brooks. Others are either intelligent, or have read it, and some just paraphrased directly from the book. anyway, i’d go with 2 trench knives, a shaolin spade, an ak47, a shotgun and 2 45. mm handguns(silenced, as well as a crossbow, clips for all, scopes, etc.) of course being innovative, i would just commandeer the goodyear blimp, land on the roof of wal mart, and fill it up with canned goods and water bottles(enough for 1-2 years) and just stay up, floating in the air with all my friends

  207. so does anybody else think a school bus would make a great get away vehicle in a zombie apocalypse?

  208. I would make a full suit of d3o (shock absorbing foam), then get an oversized wrench or a baseball bat as a close range weapon. I would obtain a police riot helmet (to shield face), and I would probably hide out in a school, considering There is a “Lock down” feature. I would throw Molotov’s at zombies as a long range weapon.
    I would stock up on survival stuff, like canned food, water purifier, space blankets, etc. Just to be safe. Although, I see no need for a first aid kit, as if you’re bitten by a zombie, there’s no use trying to take care of the wound.

  209. thank god you gave her to me!! a good ghurl friend, cute, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, lovable, caring 4 short perfect ghurl friend for me. i wish you will not leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Hey, wolf u really r retarded huh? Do you really think a goodyear blimp would have enough gas to stay afloat for 1-2 years, and your going to have to land sometime to re-fuel and who do u think is going to be waiting for you at the pumps? Because its not going to be the pump manager ready to fill er’ up! Its probbly going to be someone you offed and is now ready to off you but with BILLIONS of other zombies for back up, i dont think u would have enough ammo to take out 1/10 of them unless they stand in a line.

  211. well in case of zombie invasions i would use a light long spear, you can fassion one out of a sharp knife and a lond piece of wood if you cant find one, a long sword, and tower shield or round shield to help push em back (also with spikes for extra stabby. for long range a heavy crossbow (ah the heavy cross bow, the hand cannon of medevil times) with explosive tiped bolts. oh and grenades. be cause every zombie destroyer needs grenades.

  212. of course he could stay afloat in a blimp. when he runs out of gas he wont have control, but if you already fled the area, what do u have to worry about? his big problem would be food/water. he wouldn’t be able to carry 1-2 years worth of food in a blimp.

  213. and gwiz, you are a moron. d30 is not a suitable barrier for a zombie invasion. have you ever seen “a chrismas story”? u know the part were the kid cant get up because of the stupid ass snow suit? that will be you, but instead, youll look like a complete ediot and have a couple zombies gnawing on you. and what about injuries not caused by a bite? the first time you trip over something you will wish you had a band-aid.

  214. oh, and i still think your a moron pedro.
    you cant puncture a skull with a bb.
    if they decompose, it will be easy to get through flesh, but bone never decomposes. in history class, they teach about skeletons that people found hundreds of years ago.

    just think of it this way:if it can kill a human with a head shot, it will kill a zombie.(but no expirementing please! ) :O

  215. and wolf, how would someone carry all those weps around?
    you obviously need to get to the blimp before you can set your weapons down.

  216. Arright, i’m back. Hunter, a 50 cal is an “anti-materiel” weapon for use against light vehicles(helicopters), NOT tanks. but i’ve seen the error of my ways; i now know that a h&k G36/G36c, an M249 SAW, an Ithaca Model 37 stakeout 12-gauge, and a Kel-Tec PLR-16 5.56mm automatic pistol, and a FAMAS. a nice, heavy Machete, too. THAT’s ammunition universality(except for the Ithaca)

  217. So had anyone thought about what to do AFTER the zombie apocalypse? I mean, those zombies have to decompose or something. Or they will starve to death after awhile, kind of like in 28 Weeks Later. What will you all do when there is no zombie left to kill? That is assuming all of us survive Z-Day.

  218. Thats the problem though hunter, in the program i am in THEY choose the classes for you, i want to take history but i cant because the system i am in is fucked up. (Pardon the language), and i didnt know that bone doesnt decompose.

  219. If it is an apocalypse then noone will survive. If its an outbreak however, then thats another story entirely. (I wonder if you would get compensation for survival, heck even grief counseling)

  220. If I had to choose some guns to fight the zombie hordes as I ran away, i guess it would be an AK-47 and a Saiga shotgun. An Ak has great knock down power and the Saiga shotguns use clips so it’d be faster to reload. and both are easy to find anywhere.

  221. WTF are you talking about? Crusadeboy, the 2 (maybe 3) places I’ve ever seen an AK47 are at the gun show, on ebay(which sure as hell would deliver even slower in an outbreak), and once in a surplus store(which, in case of an Outbreak, I’d move into.) the only place I’ve seen a Saiga is online. besides, why all the russian guns?

  222. Stevo you’re right. But with the Wal-Mart argument, there’s bound to be sone looting, and besides, When you think about it, there would probably be a lot of people there already.

    oh, and I’d take my Farbairn & Sykes Fighting Knife with me.

    And a schoolbus would be great, so would a hummer(tall, thick&heavy)

  223. And scratch the FAMAS; it’s french, so it would have phobably broken down early in the fight.

  224. dude, if yer floatin’ in the goodyear blimp. eventually its gonna rupture. besides, that cabin is TINY,4 ppl could fit in there but not much else.

  225. I dont know Darkeagle. Here in the midwest they are everywhere. i have never been to a gunstore and not seen a whole rack of them. So i guess that may not be an option for everyone. The reason for russian guns. well… they are easier to get than a lot of other high power weapons ive seen in this forum. and if you are gonna be running from zombies, when do you think youd have time to stop and fully clean a gun. russian guns are easy to take down and really dont require that much cleaning.

  226. yeah, i forgot about those darn looters eagle. i guess if you can get there quick enough and the people inside are nice, then itll work out. otherwise, find somewhere and keep running. by the way, has anyone seen andy’s last footage on dawn of the dead?

  227. okay, has anyone else thought of this. in the new Dawn of the Dead remake, when Andy and the people in the mall were trying to figure how to get food to Andy and guns to the others. Why didnt they use a compound bow and about 400 yards of rope? i mean, andy’s was maybe 200 yards away, at most. a good compound bow can hit that easily. all you gotta do for rope is is tie a string to the arrow, connect the string to the rope and fire at Andy’s roof. then you can just pull stuff across the distance, not heavy stuff of course, but still. you can even make a pulley system out of it if you want and increase the speed of the whole transfer. then, andy gets his food, and they get their guns. any thoughts?

  228. good point on simplicity crusader. I live on the east coast and its hard as heck to find a gunstore, let alone one that actually stocks automatic weapons.

  229. Simplicity is good. If you live on the east coast, it may be easier to find hunting rifles than automatic weapons. but here in the heartland Darkeagle, automatics are everywhere. you can go in almost any gun store and they’ll have lots of ar-15’s, ak’s, m-14’s, mini-14’s, and lots more makes and models.
    by the way, my last resort weapon would be a shotgun. just because yeah they have great firepower at short range, but reloading would just take too long in a close firefight. however, if i had other people laying down adequate cover fire or good cover to allow me ample time to reload, then itd be okay. im sorry to all the shotgun fanatics, but im not gonna risk getting infected while fumbling for shotgun shells.
    another thing on this rant to the shotgun folks. please go get your shotgun, about fifty rounds of ammo, and then shoot at targets and try to reload as fast as you can. you can even pretend zombies are coming at you. see how far you get… if you change your opinion, let me know. if not, then you’re a badass and ready for z-day!
    one last thing is about the .22 folks. i like .22’s, i have one and they are great. however, im not sure that one .22 round would cause enough trauma to the brain to fully stop a zombie. i know they break apart upon entry, but im just not convinced. i think a couple rounds might do it though. your best bet would prolly be a modified 10/22 with fully automatic capability.
    any thoughts on any of this?

  230. There arent any gun stores near here, however in a case of a zombie outbreak like the new Dawn of the dead, you definatly need a car, Resident Evil, you would need a gun, the old Dawn of the Dead, a hand to hand weapon would work best, although a good shotgun in case of emergency wouldnt be too bad either, if no ammo atleast itll give some (if any) peace of mind that when you find the ammo for it you have a weapon that kicks some major ass! (glass half full people, need to be optimistic in a time like that)

  231. never even held a 22, most of my experience comes from side arms…..(i need to find a fucking gun store!!!)

  232. well, once again i must say: HOLY CRAP!

    you are excpecting to load 100-200 pounds of weaponry into the nearest vehicle, drive around till you find a half-looted wal-mart, and end up dead!
    and an ak is all well and good, if you like cheap guns made from sheet metal and plywood, but when you run out of ammo, you will wish you could still have it shipped in. instead of fighting, you will be sitting inside modifing .308 rounds to fit it. (very hard to do it by yourself with no special gear) personally, an m1a is my gun. you can find them everywhere, they were built to withstand the most brutal war in history,(wwII) and the ammo is very, very,common. they also are a great mix between an assault weapon and a sniper. they have an 800 yard range, but you can empty the mag in less than 10 seconds. with a scope, you can make shots at 1000 yards. the zombie wouldnt see or hear you shooting at it. the noise can only be heard at about 200 yards, with a supressor, about 50. its an awesome gun. heres my list for survival:

    50 rounds(or maybe more,depending on the situation.)
    .45 cal.colt commander pistol (an excellent gun to own)
    20 rounds(like 3-4 clips)
    crowbar(titanium if i can find it)
    survival knife(for those close calls)
    military medics kit (those store bought ones dont cut it)
    food andd water(you are what you eat)
    electricians kit(might need it)

    if i find other usefull things while im travelling along, ill pick it up.
    oh, and pedro, shooting a rifle is just like shooting a hand gun, except stabler(you need to exercise breathing control, trigger pull, etc.) and if you have handled a shotty, don’t worry about kick, it is considerably less.(if you havent, then when you pick up the shotty,be sure to lean forward slightly, brace, keep it tight to your shoulder,(it hurts ALOT if you dont) and prepare to be amazed by the considerable kick. and dont say “but in this movie…” for movies, they use blanks, so they don’t hurt the actors. blanks have almost ZERO kickback. you could be holding it with one hand and it wouldn’t hurt. thats how they do the “dual weild” trick in movies.

    just remember this: it seems like alot to learn, but it will all be ok in the end. either that, or you’ll be dead.

    (oops, did i say that out loud?)

    one more thing, crusadingforyou, why would a fully automatic 22. be usefull in the slightest?

  233. oh,and your right about shottys. they can only be successful when used with a TEAM which is armed with other weapons(m1a, ak, whatever) in that case, it is usefull at keeping them at a distance.

  234. thanks for the honesty hunter. my whole theory on surviving a zombie attack just depends on where im at when it hits. if im at school, or work, or hanging out with some friends at walmart or where ever. it all just depends.
    i do like AK’s particular because i have had good luck with them. i had forgotten completely about M1A Springfield rifle or i wouldve written something about that.
    overall, i think a TEAM would work much better than fighting all alone. however, it depends on who is in the team, if you know what i mean. i also think if you have several teams that that would be even better.
    another thing is that i think people should address is looters. say your all set up in your fortress with people, weapons, and food. what happens when someone else or another group wants what you have? how would anyone in here handle that?

  235. Also, i got thinking about the kind of guns i may want to use and ive made a rather long list. maybe itll help someone in here. note, i am not planning on taking all of these guns, these are just my favorites that i would prefer to have. other than that, feel free to criticize.

    AR-15 (bushmaster)
    Thompson (oh yeah!)
    Saiga 12 gauge
    Any 12 gauge (browning, mossberg, etc.)
    P-90 (never used one but looks interesting
    Marlin lever action (.45, .357, or .44)
    any kind of high power hunting rifle (never know when you may need just sheer power)

    Colt .45 (classic)
    any type of Glock really
    Taurus .357

  236. I’d drop those other handguns and go with the Glock . theyre simple, hard to break, and besides, the 9mm round would be perfectly capable of blowing a zombie’s face out of the back of its head.

    Oh, and 22s? the bullet doesn’t fragment, it just doesnt have the energy to leave the skull, so it bounces around untl it loses all velocity.

  237. ok what you all need to do is go to your local book store and pick yourself up a copy of Max Brooks “The Zombie Survival Guide” it tells you everything you need to know about what to do. It includes weapons and compares the advantages and disadvantages of almost every weapon and vehicle. It also talks about where and how to survive.
    But anyways if it was me I would take my trusty 12 gauge my machete my 12′ dagger and a titanium crowbar. i know i can carry all of this gear i have before and i can do it fine.

  238. Glock is a good choice period, haha. but yeah, P-90’s arent cheap, but who cares when its free.

  239. And i know i was talking about taking an AK if i got the chance, but right now i have two guns (and yes they are mine) that i think ill be okay with. the first is a marlin lever action .44. great gun, good firepower and light. the second is one i just bought, a bushmaster AR-15 and its got like a 4X20 scope and collapsible stock and all the goodies. i got like a 200 rounds for the marlin and almost a thousand for the bushmaster. so i think ill be okay for at least awhile during a zombie attack. i also have a dragonfly katana ($800!) and yes, i know how to use it, but in all reality, i probably wont. also got a boar spear (it looked cool 5 years ago) but i dont think ill haul it around. in ten months, ill probably buy a springfield armory .45. im also saving up for a 100rd twin drum clip for the AR. im also a really good shot with both guns.

  240. a p90 is for military use only, because they are concealable. plus you can only custom order the ammo, because it is a completely new round. but in a few years gun makers will catch on to its advantages. and a glock just seems like it wont work. the gun is good, but it sometimes jams very badly, it needs constant maintenance to keep it running, and the out side is made of plastic. plastic makes your hands very sweaty, and generally something that moves around every time you use it shouldn’t slip out of your hands, especially when said object is moving towards your face.(recoil) and plastic makes it lighter, which means recoil will be worse. and it can break. 22 rounds are good too. bouncing around rips apart brain matter. which means its more likely to kill and not paralyze said zombie.

    and some thing that helps me is everyone i know can fire a weapon. well, not everyone, but i have a person that can everywhere. whether im at school, work, or home, me and others are safe.

    oh, and the basic mentollogy (is that a word?) of most survivors is that if someone has supplies and you don’t, your probably semi-retarded, and are to stupid to survive on your own. so they just stay with the smart people like us who prepared beforehand, and can eat the food we get. isnt being smart fun?

  241. oh, and p 90s are made of plastic too, so same warnings go with them. and im not shunning plastic coated weps alltogether, im just saying if i had a choice.

    oh, and as for glocks internal firing pin(waaaaaiiiit, not firing pin, the doohickey used to cock the gun,its no there on a glock but it is on a colt? idk) i’ll say it once, ill say it again: I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you better be careful where you point it, because if its a friend you hear stumbling around in the darkneess, and not a zombie, you’re going to have ALOT of brains to clean up afterwarrd. with no way to quickly and safely decock and make the gun unable to fire, you better have a steady trigger finger. it will accidentally go off. i suggest ALOT of training before the outbreak.

  242. well yeah, that makes sense. you dont want to blow a buddy’s head off. or worse, shoot your girl. so make sure and exercise discretion while shooting.
    and i dont mean to argue with you hunter, but do you know about the ballistics of the .22? it may bounce around but you gotta remember it is a small piece of lead flying around at supersonic speeds (yes, it does go around the same speed of sound) and things like that usually break apart on any kind of contact. trust me. im not trying to sound like an expert or anything, a buddy was telling me that. but, i have hunted with .22’s and yeah, ill find chunks of lead in the meat.
    but you are right about training. i suggest anyone here who wants to be ready for zday to go to the gun range. thats your best bet. or if you have some land (or a buddy does), go out there and practice. shoot in different positions, different guns, etc.

  243. good, somebodys agreeing with me. but the only reason it fragments is it is soft lead. you should get steel, armor peircing(not shure if they make them in22.),or copper jacket. you could also try tracers.

    but any way, as i was saying…what was i saying?

    oh, right, yeah, and training is really a whole lot better if you have an expert trainer there with you.

    taking potshots at rusty old cans in your backyard wont be very good training

  244. wow, i was looking at some of the first posts, and im amazed at how far it has come to make people more ready for an attack.

    i mean we started with people who were probably retarded, total nerds and in the middle of jacking off. and then it gets better and better until we have leet people like us.

    IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!

  245. I got a quick question though. Wouldnt Rigor-Mortis (im not sure if i spelled that right) make a big part of what type of zombies there will be? And if that even makes a diffrence then I wonder if they will have enough coordination to run?

  246. no, they can’t run, because of three main reasons:

    1:their decaying legs wont let them

    2:they dont have enough coordination,balance, etc.

    3:they are too stupid to realize that running is better than walking.
    (this aspect also explains why they dont use weapons)

    and rigor mortis(im assuming you mean decay) happens about the same in all humans. plus, it is all caused by the same virus, so, therefore, they are all the same. their simple, stupid, but very deadly.

  247. I would make a huge group and secure an aircraft carrier, everyone armed with the trench spikes get satellite imagery of huge gathering groups of zombies and missile them

  248. You know, that aircraft carrier idea isnt too bad. They have tons of food on board. It might not be a bad idea to consider.
    oh, and i dont know if zombies would suffer from rigor mortise. that occurs when blood conjeals in the arteries and veins. but if they are moving again, perhaps itll be a lessened form of rigor mortise. thats just a thought but the worst case scenario for me would be to have fast moving zombies.

  249. yeah, it does cogeal, and thats part of the reason they are so clumsy. and richard, im sure if an aircraft were around during a zombie attack, by the time you got there:

    a: it would probably be gone

    b: you wouldn’t have access to it:

    c:you would probably be shot when you appproached it

    and finally d: there wouldn’t be one because those people would “take care” of the problem

    but supposing they did screw up badly, and got themselves killed, it would be nice to have it, but it would be a bit of a problem

    you would have to search and clear out the whole thing before you could call it “safe” . it would take a buttload of time and energy, and you could put yourselves in danger

    and then if you dont get eaten, you might endanger everyone, including you, the zombies, and survivors. you probably don’t have experience with these weapons, and you would make a mistake, andangering your “team” ‘s lives.and then if you did manage to fire off a round, you have no clue where it went. could be a succesful hit, or straight into a large group of survivors. thats bad.

    see, its people like you that make survival so difficult

  250. that is very true hunter. but think about the results of such a venture. yeah, it is gonna take a buttload of time to clear the whole carrier. and yeah you have to watch where you are shooting. but if you work as a team, itll be okay! have a plan of action, a back up plan, another backup plan, and know where your people are! i think the results will be really good if someone can pull this off. first off, if you do manage to secure a carrier (however unlikely), you have a ton o’ food. second, you have a mobile platform with which to move around and raid coastal towns. third, you dont have a perimeter to keep! unlike surviving in a building, you dont have to build defenses, check the walls, ensure all entrances are secure, etc. i dont know about you, but ill sleep much better knowing that there is no way those zombies will be chewing on me when i do go to sleep.
    however, it does make sense that ACTUALLY SECURING AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER will be next to impossible. most will be out at sea anyway, and those that are docked wont stay that way for long after a zombie break out. not too mention the security and personnel. but yeah, i think having one will be a pretty good deal, at least for awhile. eventually there will be problems and you will need a new course of action. im thinking a walled city, kinda like in I Am Legend. not like a castle, but nice, tall, thick walls. maybe out in like wyoming or something. out in the middle of nowhere with less chance of being swarmed by millions of zombies.

  251. I would just engineer a zombie virus to kill all of them, like Zombie AIDS (or ZAIDS as some might say).

  252. that is very true hunter. but think about the results of such a venture. yeah, it is gonna take a buttload of time to clear the whole carrier. and yeah you have to watch where you are shooting. but if you work as a team, itll be okay! have a plan of action, a back up plan, another backup plan, and know where your people are! i think the results will be really good if someone can pull this off. first off, if you do manage to secure a carrier (however unlikely), you have a ton o’ food. second, you have a mobile platform with which to move around and raid coastal towns. third, you dont have a perimeter to keep! unlike surviving in a building, you dont have to build defenses, check the walls, ensure all entrances are secure, etc. i dont know about you, but ill sleep much better knowing that there is no way those zombies will be chewing on me when i do go to sleep.
    however, it does make sense that ACTUALLY SECURING AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER will be next to impossible. most will be out at sea anyway, and those that are docked wont stay that way for long after a zombie break out. not too mention the security and personnel. but yeah, i think having one will be a pretty good deal, at least for awhile. eventually there will be problems and you will need a new course of action. im thinking a walled city, kinda like in I Am Legend. not like a castle, but nice, tall, thick walls. maybe out in like wyoming or something. out in the middle of nowhere with less chance of being swarmed by millions of zombies.

  253. Okay guys, i just want to ask if you have ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT??? I’m very disappointed with you guys, and you were the 3 smart ones on here. The US Navy currently has 12 active aircraft carriers. Of those, 10 are of the Nimitz class and have 2 nuclear reactors. there is one of the Enterprise class, 8 nuclear reactors. the only one with a non-nuclear powerplant is the Kitty Hawk, and it’s in Japan. Now, unless you live in Japan, the only type of aircraft carrier yer gonna get yer hands on is nuclear powered, so good luck movin one. IF you were looking to get a boat, look up reserve fleets- there are lots.

    I like the walled city idea more.

  254. oh, i thought we were hypothetically talking about a “what if” scenario of getting an aircraft carrier. yeah, the chances of finding one are slim to none here at the states. but reserve fleets arent a bad way to go either. haha, you could have your own flotilla during the zombie apocalypse. yeah, i got the idea for a walled city from the last part of I am Legend. it would definitely be a good choice, depending on the circumstances of course. you would need a place with lots of farmland, a good supply of stone, and a good distance from a major city. the way i see it, you need to form a perimeter to keep zombies away from the work crews. second, you should form a basic ‘keep’ if you will that will be the primary protection of homes and such. it doesnt have to be a huge thing, maybe 15-20 feet high and wide enough to walk on and fire from. a strong gatehouse would be another plus or multiple gatehouses. you could possibly set up cameras to watch specific areas, thus decreasing the amount of patrols you would need to secure your perimeter. then i would suggest to form a smaller wall to surround all your farmland and pastures that you will need. after that, you need to find a good supply of fresh water and pipe it in. thats why i suggested somewhere up north because of all the fresh water lakes up there. i would also think that you should clear the trees back from your wall at least a 200-300 yard distance. this is a good idea to prevent zombies from accumulating in the forests around your new home. also, it is smart to ‘raid’ smaller towns for canned goods and other necessities. even though you can now grow food, you will need something to eat while you wait for the FIRST harvest. of course, i always recommend lots of guns and such. but if they do come up right to the walls, you might save your bullets and use a bow. its easier to make than a gun and so is the ammo. you can also retrieve your arrows if need be.
    i dont know about a trench/moat. it might be a good idea, but at the same time i dont know if it would be worth the effort. concrete walls should do a good enough job at keeping out dumb raiders, wild animals, not to mention zombies.
    another thought is that it might not be a bad idea to have a backup defense as well. maybe a moat inside the walls of your main ‘keep’. that way, if someone/thing does break in, this may give you and your people enough time to react.
    it would also be smart to develop a ‘task force’ for specialty raids outside your area to gather supplies, fuel, weapons, and even news. this should be a highly trained and disciplined unit with specific missions. vehicles should be armored and have good power. speed isnt necessarily important as opposed to having the power to push through throngs of undead if need be. they should also have plenty of cargo space for storage.
    of course, you want to leave lots of room for expansion and such. now dont get me wrong, im not talking a HUGE walled city, like off lord of the rings or anything. im talking sturdy and strong and easy to construct. i would suggest finding a small city (pop 750-2000?) to start with and have the houses already cleared and use that as a base to expand outward.
    also, you can do this on a town next to the ocean or a large lake of something. fishing can provide extra food. you can also use boats to raid up and down the coast for supplies and such.
    however, in all actuality, this is something that would be difficult to do because it is such a large undertaking. it would require many months to accomplish and may people. also finding the right location not to mention a motivated group of people is gonna be hard. but i hope you can also see the advantage of having a walled city in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.
    any comments/criticisms would be much appreciated. maybe some of you have thought of something important i havent

  255. But how will you know if the refugees that are coming to your walled city are infected? 1 infection could start the plauge inside the walls too.

  256. good point. well obviously there will be a very careful evaluation and physical examination of any and all refugees that come to this walled city. and most likely they will be in containment (fancy talk for a strong ass jail cell!) for roughly a week to see if there are any changes. likewise if someone sneaks in, they will either be shot or detained, their choice by their actions.
    in addition, it will be probably be common place to see everyone walking around with a gun after they complete gun safety and use courses beforehand. dont want any nasty messes from someone accidentally shooting a neighbor or something. i dont know, it may just become ‘mandatory’ to complete said courses and have a weapon with you. it works for switzerland.
    of course, most all the sleeping quarters will be in the ‘keep’ where the area to defend is smaller and the walls are taller and more heavily patrolled. as bad is it may sound, there may be a lockdown at a certain time or something. but definitely the houses doors and windows to everyones ‘sleeping quarters’ will be reinforced should an infection start inside.
    another thing to mention is that this place should definitely be built ‘off the beaten track’ or out in the middle of nowhere. that will significantly decrease the chances of zombies, refugees, or most likely other raiders knocking on your door. of course we will send out long distance patrols in armored vehicles to scout, collect weapons and supplies, as well as find other survivors. not only that, but not everyone is going to want to stay cooped in a walled city all the time. so sending out patrols will at least give people the chance to get out for awhile. i know i owuldnt want to stay in there forever. also, that way we wont be totally disconnected from the rest of the world. we could find out information from tracks (tires, people, etc…) to see if there might of been a large convoy that passed through recently, damage to property from fights, stories/info from other survivors, and perhaps even find another settlement somewhere. that will allow perhaps some form of an alliance and communication to other people.
    radio contact is also a must for all patrols along the perimeter of course.also, i have thought about weapons for patrols and how big they should be. im thinking maybe 6 people (men or women, doesnt matter), and of course heavily armed. however, i would suggest that they carry bows and arrows. the reason for this is most likely they will find of anything, some zombies clawing at the wall below them. using bows, they can easily dispatch the zombies. a head shot at maybe twenty feet isnt hard. and the “clean up” crew can they recover the arrows to be used again. the clean up crew is a larger sort of patrol. the squad along the walls radios HQ that there are some dead bodies along the wall. the clean up crew then exits one of the gates in an armored vehicle to haul the dead bodies away and burn and bury them. the wall patrol stays and covers the clean up crew if need be. now thats the most preferred scenario of how it should work. it can be lmited by things like fuel, engines, manpower, etc. and it can work well even if there are a hundred zombies or just one and obviously it will not be done in the dark. the reason for all this is first, you dont want small children to see that sight. second, the smell may draw other zombies or animals to it. third, the smell may permeate into the city and you dont want that of course. now there is still a lot of ‘kinks’ to work out. like patrol schedules and if the patrol stays to cover the clean up crew, then they will be off schedule. also things like backup squads on duty to help reinforce and protect a section of wall. im thinking of something like a barracks where the ‘reserves’ can just relax while still being on call. something like what firefighters do. they can work out, watch tv, take a nap, whatever. and if possible, there should be a vehicle outside that they can use to quickly reach a section of wall. im not sure what the spacing of the stairs may be like along the wall. thats up in the air, but there may just be stairs at the gates. that would hinder response time, but help with safety.

  257. U could use an industrial furnace to cremate the infected remains. for perimiter security, you’d try to get a mid-sized killzone (1/4 mile wide) of cleared land and seed it with bouncin’ betties, razorwire-i’m talkin the thin, ubersharp stuff-and concrete pillboxes with MGs and tunnels (collapsible, incase the zombies capture it) leading back inside the wall.

    srry bout the earlier comment. was havin bad day.

  258. About the industrial furnace, i dont know. i would like to keep all zombies (dead and alive) outside of the complex. thats why we would haul them off, burn them, and then bury them. its more risky to do it that way, but i feel much it would ultimately be much safer for the community.
    the defenses (pillboxes) you described would be an excellent defense for a bridge, or other narrow crossing. i feel it would be harder to do that for a huge walled city. there is just too much ground to cover and not enough people. my plan, or goal if you will, is that it will be a farming community. but again, there just wouldnt be enough people to man an entire perimeter defense 24/7. i would like to have as many ‘unmanned’ defenses as i could. mines, bouncin betties, cameras, razorwire, and barbwire would all be excellent defenses. and the patrols should be able to handle the rest. and yes, clearing the trees back is a smart choice anyway, barbed wire would be okay too along the perimeter and even on the walls. they would be on the walls to prevent easy access to raiders and such. tunnels, i dont know, maybe. it would just depend on the situation. an escape tunnel from the city to an area several miles away would be smart. that way, if infection does get inside the walls, there would at least be a way for the people to escape. it wouldnt be very wide of course, a thinner hallway would be much more beneficial. that would allow a few people to hold off the zombies in that narrow corridor and slow their advance. .
    and dont worry about comments, its all cool. im just glad to be considered one of the ‘smart’ people in here, haha.

    and of course, expansionism is a policy that we will definitely pursue. if we can capture hydroelectric dams, key river crossings, military equipment, airports, etc, then i think we will be at a significant advantage. the dams are obviously for power (if we can find someone that knows how to work it, haha), river crossings are big in stopping the area of effect by zombies, gaining military equipment is pretty obvious(armored van or Stryker?), and airports would also be nice. instead of driving to an outpost or another fortified city (expansionism in progress), you can obviously fly to it much safer. and if start a city by a big expanse of water, then we will definitely need boats. i dont know much about boats in all reality, but i think we will need fishing boats, fast boats with a shallow draft, gunboats for covering fire, and maybe a barge or some big boat with lots of room for when we raid and take supplies and equipment.
    ultimately, our goal is to outlive and/or exterminate the zombies. i dont know how long zombies can live for. i have heard some people say 5 years, or 10 years, and that they never die until you destroy the brain. so we will just have to wait and see.

    again, any comments/criticisms would be much appreciated. thanks.

  259. chain saw,grenade launcher,phycic powrs,and a tank oh yeah the tanks would have unlimited amo and i would be imune to the infection plus i could sanitize other infected people and i would steal clark kents super powrs and move everyone to an awesome palace in space and have the zombies becom my mindless servants(to pay taxes and fight wars ect,)then i would build weapons that would kill any alien other than humans and then i would build the worlds first awsome space ship (it would be a suzuki of course) then i would buy some ilegal alien tigers and have them entertain me by dighting to the death then i would invade every planet in the univrse then i would rule like an awsome guy and do…awesome stuff then i would come to earth and give the zombies flu shots and then the infection grms and the flu germs fall in love and move to afganistan to burn to dath then ill go back to space to put the chared remains of the infection in a black hole then ill gt sucked in to the black hole and il gt put into a new dimension and then ill take over this dimension and then ill tak over every dimension in the whole space time thingy and then ill live in a space station and be a lazy jackass the rest of my life…the end

  260. Now, if you got enough ppl & lived somewhere around New Orleans, you could fortify up a casino boat and moor it midriver… build up shore defenses, then start expanding outwards.

    Going back awhile, if u cut down a schoolbus’ roof a little and/or gave it outrigger supports, armored it, stuck in some bunks & gun mounts… you’d have a perfect mobile patrol fort thing. i think.

    comments, plz… im bored so i thought i’d throw these out there.

  261. I have the survival guide, a crowbar is one of the best. The only way to kill a zombie is by destroying his brain. You could decapitate them… but the head still could bite you.

    If u were infected, make sure you destroy your brain, a gernade would to the trick. If u destroy the brain a zombie cant exist.

  262. good idea with the with the casino boat. i hadnt thought of that. there would be lots of room for storage, sleeping, etc. plus you can go up and down the river for raiding jobs. and expansion is always good.

    a bus acting as a Mobile Assault Platform (MAP anyone?) would be an excellent idea as part of a larger strike force. some other vehicles i would like to see and that i think would be most useful are a fuel truck (depending on the distance), scouting vehicles, communications, flankers (for flanking), and some form of Fast Attack Craft. scouting vehicles are to be fast and lightly armoured with good manueverability. they need to be very versatile for a wide range of missions. they can also act as a decoy unit, drawing zombie hordes away from critical structures or objectives. a communications vehicle is a toss up. depending on the amount of technology available or still working. it might be useful. however, i think a satellite uplink for direct communication with home base is something that can be put on the armoured up school bus, thus negating the need for an actual com vehicle. flankers are what i consider the most important. they can be used for scouting, acting as a decoy, evac. they need to be able to hold a position, such as a bridge head or alley. they can “flank” the zombies, thus confusing them. the reason for that is because it seems in movies that zombies are only attacked from one direction and as a result, they use their numbers to overwhelm that position. if you fire on them from multiple areas, that might confuse them and decrease their numbers as they attempt to attack several targets at once. or, they not notice the other vehicles/personnel firing on them and continue to their original target. however, this is still advantageous as the flankers can still take down their numbers. the vehicle for a flanker needs to have medium armour, good firepower, and 4×4 capability. what i would want is to have a squad of flankers put together. something like 2-4 humvees or other modified vehicles to act together in unison with the rest of the attack force. an attack force should around 2-3 flanker squads. that number may change according to the needs of city and the availability of supplies. fast attack craft are also something that may change. they can act as support units for other members of the attack force.

  263. Ok, i feel like a dumbass for asking this question but…what is a “Bouncing Betty”? and yea i think the MAP would work pretty good, only thing to worry about is it tipping over.

  264. a bouncing betty is a US M16, M16A1 or M16A2 landmine. when pressure is applied, it bounces out of the ground to a lethal heighht, then explodes.

  265. i think the best zombie killer would be A.minigun or B.nuclear bomb

  266. I just finished Max Brook’s Survival Guide. I guess I would be one of the “lucky ones” in that I work for a Armored Car company. I have access to an entire fleet of Armored Trucks that could be used for transportation and supplies gathering. The building we are located in is also a fortress onto itself. With the video cameras along the perimeter of the building, the solid concrete walls, and multiple solid steel doors the place would be perfect for habitation. Bathrooms and the break room would make daily living easier, plus the vault area has more steel doors as a last line of defense. The building is fully functional as a stand alone outpost plus we have access to weapons and ammo. Our close proximity to several local shopping centers and supermarkets / pharmacies would also greatly aid in survival. I guess the one place I dread going to everyday would become my family’s safe haven during this crisis, go figure!

  267. Crusadingforyou…going back to one of your earlier comments on the walled city…if an infection would turn up in one of your barracks then how would you deal with it…if it were locked down then you would get alot of protest from survivors. and on top of that who the hell is gonna clear it out…i know i wouldnt as soon as i heard the word “Infection” im out, grabbing my crowbar and as much food and water as i can carry and leavin, probably gonna die but which is easier to deal with zombies in the open or zombies in an enclosed area? (Hence clearing out an aircraft carrier)

  268. Im in the Navy and i live on an Island and the only way to access it is to drive over a long causeway bridge, I’d mount up a 50 Cal Machine Gun (1 Bullet would explode 5 or 10 Zombies if they stood in a row) and if they managed to cross over the bridge (which is very unlikely seeing as though we have Ammo Facilities on the island) I’d pull back onto one of the ships where we’d sail into the harbour and have our way with them using our 55″ Gun or some of our Missiles, im sure they could level an entire City and Rural Areas. If I was Infected I would spread as much of the virus to everyone as i could before changing and becoming the New Evolution Of Man and dominate the food chain and let all the human race join me.

  269. by the way, good idea shyone. i feel dumb for not thinking of that before hand.
    if an infection did end up in a barracks or inside the city, it would all depend on how fast it spread versus the time it takes to respond. lock down is actually a good thing. you can limit the spread easily by doing this. my idea of a lockdown is everyone goes to their living quarters or wherever they stay, arm themselves, and secure all entrances and exits. the houses/buildings in the complex will all hopefully be done before an infection. they will have the regular lookings and walls of a sturdy house, but the wondows and doors will not be of your average house quality. im thinking reinforced doors and smaller, higher windows on houses. for bigger wondows, perhaps something like a sliding panel to cover them should an infection come (watch I Am Legend, you’ll see it).
    knowing this, i dont feel their will be much of a protest with survivors as this is better for everyone. once we know the infection is inside, we can sound off alarms and mobilize our forces to destroy the threat inside the city.

    and your question about whether or not it would be easier to deal with zombies in an open or an enclosed area. i say… that depends. i would prefer open where i can see where they are coming from. but if you have superior firepower, it doesnt matter where you fight them.

  270. wouldnt avoidence be the best situation out in the open, if i need to fight i will, but if not im going around. And how long will setting this place up be, in I Am Legend didnt he stay in NYC for a couple years (i need some help here….im not sure) and yea, the window covers are a good idea, but if the undead are piling up on them you would need another way out…im thinking an underground tunnel leading from the house or barracks into a cabin or something far away from the city, with weapons, food, water…anything. AND we would be thouroghly(spell check needed) fucked if the virus was airborne!

  271. One willing (or unwilling) uninfected person suspended by crane a few feet above reach of the zombies. Slowly raising the uninfected as the zombies crush each other in a massive and unending dogpile. Yeah, that would work very nicely!!

  272. I dont think they will be coordinated enough to climb ontop of others to make a dogpile.

  273. You could isolate any injured raiders for several days in a cell; if they showed symptoms, they’d have to be disposed of, however if they don’t you could release them into the population and keep them under watch. also:
    -Goin back to the .50 cal discussion, you don’t really even have to hit them- the shockwave from a near-miss could take a limb off or disembowel.
    -the armored car idea is good.

  274. If you were to lockdown though…wouldnt it cause some panic among the survivors. Hell i doubt i would even trust my own mother at that time. (Just kidding mom) However, instead of a fortress in the middle of nowhere, why not have a small off coast island. I know that there is a couple off coast islands off of boston. Rig the bridges with explosives and if you see any big mob of undead coming down the bridge…..KABOOM, just make sure you have some other way to get off the island yourself. I.E. Helicopter, or boat.

  275. Oh and going back to the MAP idea, if this does happen then i wanna drive the scout vehicle…possibly a corvette or 2008 Mustang. I always wanted to drive one, and in that time who would need any money when noone is there to oppose of you using the 5-finger discount? Except possibly running into the undead Dealer, but a bullet in the head would win him/her over prety damn quick 🙂

  276. i dont feel lockdown will be a bad thing. of course, there will be drills and practice runs at it. so i dont think it will be too bad. but thats just if a zombie or an infected person made it in. myself, i would be more concerned about raiders than zombies making it in. that would be a chief concern to me anyway.
    oh, and pedro, the whole idea behind the MAP concept is that all the vehicles should be able to go offroad. the reason for that is that you may want to avoid certain sections of the road or even go around specific towns. and since there wont be any construction crews and such to maintain the roads, some roads may be impassable. however, if you know you have good roads, i wouldnt mind driving a corvette or mustang to scout around. it would be a nice quick get away anyway. i would prefer something like a big truck or SUV or humvee to plow through anything on my way through.

    and the reason i believe why this ”city” should be out in the middle of nowhere is simply for the fact that there will be much less of a chance for raiders and zombies to come that way. that will allow us to expand and improve the city without too many problems. if you constantly have zombies and raiders threatening your position, how can you possibly divide your forces to deal with all the threats while trying to build a new city and a new way of life? by placing yourself in a unpopulated place, it will be much easier to get everything done that you need to without the threat of constant attack.
    oh yes, and the five finger discount will be used quite extensively…

  277. Oh…I knew about the roads…but i always wanted to own a mustang and/or a corvette. Thats y i brought it up. but for off-road well, anything with 4-wheel drive…but what about gas. Its gonna run out sooner or later. And i dont think anyone will be able to comeup with an alternitave fuel source while zombies are knocking on your door., and you (or anyone for that matter) gave me any feedback about the idea with the tunnel. (Damn im bored……WHEN IS SCHOOL GONNA BE OVER HERE!?!?!?!)

  278. Oh and i checked the local bookstores and noone has a copy of the zombie survival guide…….. damn :'(

  279. Mustangs are rolling pieces of crap. hahaha! no, but really, I’m a dodge fan. So i’d go w/ a challenger. A faster, lighter, and much better armored MAP would be an armored car, like thay transport money in. Also, has anyone seen those Spec Ops dune buggies w/ 50 cals? you could make one out of steel tubing. OR you could get an old ford Bronco, Bolt on some armor plating, and put gun slits in the side and… TADAAA! A good reason to put the city in the middle of nowhere (such as in the plains, or somewhere open for miles around) is that you can see any/all raiders inbound.

  280. I grew up around mustangs, so yea im gonna try to get my hands on one if this happens, if not then i guess im doing it the hard way. But everyone is entitled to there opinion i guess.

  281. i definitely like the idea of an armoured ford bronco (not the bronce II). i had one for awhile and those things are hauses (sp). and yeah, the idea to have this ”city” in the middle of nowhere is that you would be able to see for miles to watch for anyone coming, zombie and raider alike. and to pedro, i think i talked about the tunnel idea somewhere in my rantings. and if i havent, i think it would be an good idea. it doesnt need to be too wide. that way a few people can hold off the advance of the zombies while others escape. maybe every quarter of a mile or half a mile (depending on how long the tunnel is) should be a door of something. that way, if you have zombies on your tail, just shut one of those, lock it down, and you should be okay. however, hopefully it wouldnt come to that and the city can thrive. i did some research and found the longest a zombie can live is around 20 years or so (depending on diet, environment, etc…). if im wrong let me know, thats what i found. so if you can hold the city for that long, you should be in the clear for zombies. however, the next part will be holding the city from raiders and such. thats way the expansion policy is so important. take smaller towns that are in a strategic position, such as bridge crossings, well travelled or big roads/highways, up on high ground, etc. as a result, that will severely decrease any chance of the original city being attacked. instead, raiders will attempt to assault the smaller outposts and waste their time. while the outpost is under attack, they can relay the information back to HQ, and then we can launch an attack from there. it may take a few hours for vehicles to arrive, but i think the outposts can at least hang on for that long. also, depending on fuel, parts, the availability of training, etc; we may be able to have a small “air force.” a few helicopters and maybe some planes. that way, we can very quickly respond to threats on all fronts.
    as unfortunate as it may sound, this society may be militaristic, at least for awhile. in addition to gun safety classes, everyone may be ”asked” to go through a form of boot camp. that way, everyone has some form of military training. also, enlistment in the ‘army’ may include a lot of benefits to get people to join.

  282. First i would get a katana a real one not a replica and a crow bar and a varoius amount of others wepons and then i would go to one of those shipping container ( i live right near one by the way) places and use the crane to build a big box fence and I would carry all my canned foods in my truck then after everthing calmed down I would Raid houses and recruit people to stay in my metropolis of shipping containers slowly but surely we would build up 3 teams of people to elimanate the zombies in and around are neighbor hood we wouldrebuild the city

  283. sorry if i offended you, pedro. the society would have to be militaristic; a selective draft (males only) would have to be enforced for the first few years of the panic if wwe wanted to survive.

  284. I wasent offended, the one thing i wouldnt like though, is that my dad and nephew would be fighting too…..that would be the only thing i would disagree with

  285. and when you say “asked” i see a military officer holding a gun to your head and telling you to start running…..maybe this would be the way or maybe my mind is just extremely messed up.

  286. in all acuality, i dont believe there will really be that much fighting to begin with pedro. any ”soldiers” will either be safely behind a wall or safely in armored vehicle. so casualties will be very minimal i think. and darkeagle is right, some form of selective draft would have to be instituted to survive the first few years. as to whether women will be asked to join is something im not touching with a ten foot pole.
    again, it all depends on the situation. if there are enough volunteers and time, you really dont need that many soldiers though. however, i would still feel the need to further protect the city and the people in it. so a type of draft will be definitely be instituted. training will be the best it can be given the circumstances.
    going back to what i said earlier, any patrols along the wall will definitely have bows/crossbows. why waste a bullet when you can use an arrow again and again?

  287. ok, well if the undead shit hits the fan then you can count on me… long as im able to get my family to safety first…..but, 1 more question i have is….who is gonna get the arrow?

  288. Well, someone/people are gonna have to go out and clean up any zombie bodies. at the same time of that, they can retrieve the arrow/s.

  289. hey whats up its been a buttload of time since iv been here ive seen some good ideas here, and some bad ones:
    1: i see some people clinging to the full auto weps alot. not good.

    2: the casino boat: awesome. only thing i would have different is to make it a sail boat in case you needed to get away

    3:the awful, awful nuclear weapon. sure, it causes extreme damge in the area where you hit, but it isnt practical ill just list some reasons why:
    radioactive zombies on the outer edges
    lives and property lost
    how will you get one?

    4: the clearing of trees and buildings near your fortress.
    this is sooo important! if you cant see the zombie, it is a threat. however: the crud near your base(wrecked cars,wall pieces,etc.) should be left there, and ill tell you the physics behind this principle. lets say, you baricade a door with a well built wooden wall. but if you get about 50+ zombies pushing against it, it dosent stand a chance. so lets say you park a big tanker in front of it. the zombies now cant directly push against your barricade. sure, they can climb under it, but have you ever tryed hitting something while on your stomach? its really hard for a human, much harder for a zombie

    and by the way, if using a bow/crossbow, you might get a few uses out of each arrow, but trying to retreive the arrow from every zombie you kill could be risky. a bullet is much more economic. but if you have it, use it

    and for the last time: the chance that you could clear and organize a whole city is slim to none!

    if i missed some of your comments, im sorry

  290. and one more thing. if you think women cant fight, your dead wrong. for one thing, its endurance, not shear force that will be required, and quite frankly women have more of it than men. there are women i know that could kick any mans ass. but of course it all varies. ability, not gender should be the determining factor

  291. like being able to shoot stuff, first aid training, engineering skills, etc.

  292. oh, and if you are in a large group,(over 10 people) make multiple outposts for better coverage of the area! you will have greater chance of surviving that way!

    but never, ever lose contact with your outposts.

  293. Dude, didn’t you read the Max Brooks book? Zombies aren’t afraid of water–or fire, or anything really. They are slow-moving eating machines without the capacity for fear. And an aluminum baseball bat might work once or twice, but it soon becomes so bent out of shape that it’s useless.

    Of course, I guess I’m not the only one here who knows that. ORGANIZE BEFORE THEY RISE! 😉

  294. Hey no disagreement on the ability thing. I’m not arguing with you. And yet another idea: A semi trailer as a mobile base.

  295. lol, ya it was pretty hilarious.
    it is so weird how noone wants to completely evaluate the threat of zombie invasion. think about this:

    every nation is wanting a super weapon of some sort. why not zombies? with this genetic engineering they have now, it would be easy. just take some common virus, like the cold, or the flu, or something, and reprogram it. then they just dump a sample into some villages water, and they all end up dying one way or another. then a clean up crew goes in, kills the zombies, and the land is theirs. the supposed “accident” would just be some freak of nature, unable to be pinned on said government. there would be noone left(especially if it is a third world country) and they would just have to take the land for themselves.

    p.s. i did kind of hate you guys, but it wasn’t personal. we must educate the world about this threat to society.

  296. and by the way, (slaps hand against forehead) how the hell are you going to get a semi through any kind of road?

  297. although, if you have one not too far away from your base, it does make an excellent barricade.

  298. oh, and i think i found another place to hide: costco. it sounds ridiculous, but it might work.

  299. Wasnt there a news story on a woman who was pronounced dead for a couple hours…….and then just “woke up”…..i may be wrong about this but i do remember this (if not something similar) being broadcast on the news, and on the “women kicking mens asses” topic……this I know from experience….i have 2 older sister that could knock me the hell out. Granted i still wouldn’t want them fighting the zombies though. I dont know….maybe its just the way i was raised….always to look after my siblings and vice versa.

  300. S***…i just remembered my family in NY…….dammit….im gonna want to go in after them….well that prediction you made long ago Hunter about me being the first one to go may just come true.

  301. dont worry, im sure you will be sensible about it and you will go in there and come out alive. nothing is stronger than the will to survive.

  302. and besides, with all the high rise buildings, the great city officials, and the stubborn newyorkers, ny might be the safest place of them all. just think about it: a large, organized force taking refuge in a 30+ story building? they would be practically invincible.

  303. after further research, i have found costco to be the safest place to go. it is strongly constructed,(concrete and steel) has very few entrances/exits, the main door is one of those giant roll down doors(very easy to barricade) theres everything a person could ever need in mass qauntities, and the high shelfs and pallets full of stuff could be used for construction(barricades, “steel treehouses”, rooms, holding pens,etc.) the place is practically a fort. which makes sense, considering it was built to be a mix between a warehouse(one of the safest buildings there is) and a grocery store/department store (where the stuff is) but you would want to avoid it for a week or 2 to make sure you dont get caught in the rush to find safety. (damn stupid people)

  304. plus, in my town there is a large area downtown that would be horrible during the first week or so, but a proverbial goldmine of resources after that. it has a mall, hospital, a few resteraunts, police station,and an oil refinery within a few city blocks(the refinery is a little farther away from everything else) once everything blows over i am going to set up a large system of bridges and elevated platforms(most of the buildings there are anywhere from 2-15 stories high with houses in between) and stay in a nearby hilton hotel. all the buildings would be modiyed to alcomodate this (blow the stairs, barricade things,etc.) there is also a book store nearby incase we get bored. if we do it right, we could accomodate anywhere from 2000-3000 people. maybe even more. im not sure if the supplies could hold up that long. i would want about 100 people spread out through the system of buildings.

  305. oh, and yes, mustangs suck. so do fords im a chevy fan myself, but i like dodge too(’69 charger! hells ya!!) but please consider your using a vehicle before hand so you dont get stuck. i mean if you live in the country or something, and theres like 4 cars total in you town, and you own one of them, you could get away with it, but if you live anywhere near/in a city, your better off on bike/foot.

  306. Srry…have been busy with school….i see where youre going with new york….however i would try to get there early so i wouldnt have to (possibly) fight through hordes of the undead to get to my family. The crowds would be a problem though

  307. yeah, sorry too. been busy with school and moving and a new job. luckily, most of my family either lives in the sticks or small towns, or are in the military or cops. so we have some advantages there. ill help you get into new york pedro, but i dont think we’ll be able to get out (escape from new york anyone?). just think, 7 million undead between you and your family. thats gonna be a good time.
    oh and hunter, you probably wouldnt find me near a city. when the proverbial shiest hits the fan, im heading for my familys house out in the sticks. its nice, but big. but before i go, ill do my fair share of looting including such fine establishments as gun stores, pawn shops, bass pro, any grocery store, and possibly a wal mart. after that, im jacking a bus (i live like 2 minutes away from where they park all the school bus’s in the city) or two and high tailing it there. i may try and grab a tanker if i can and some cigs (gotta feed the addiction) before i cut out completely. not to mention nab some friends and other family members.
    and then after that, i guess ill help pedro get into new york to save his family and help hunter with his ‘bridged’ city. my final plans are to just get hitched and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

  308. sorry, i know that last post was chuck full of errors, so please forgive me. beer is an amazing invention but darn if it doesnt make my typing suck.

  309. Thanks for the support……what about the sewers…i know i may not be the only one that thinks of this but it would provide a bit of saftey since your out of plain view…..just dont mind the brown “stick” floating near you. And hope to god that they arent down there too. Also gotta hope you dont get lost.

  310. man….what a big change….earlier i remember hunter gunning for me….now hes reassuring me…..i think the end is nearer then we think…….Just joking Hunter…. 🙂

  311. yaaaa… about the sewers…. who in their right mind would go down ther? they should be secure, don’t think a zombie is gonna pick up a crowbar and lift the 65 pound lid off, but eeeewwww. and the bridged city will be rather simple. it will use the roofs of houses to span a few of the distances, so not much construction there. then we blow up a few stair cases( creating distractions later for the zombies) and we are good. the problem will be waiting until the area is safe. there is a small warehouse like 2 blocks away with a tile place next to it(nothing like a huge pallet of solid stone and a forklift for a barricade eh?) that should keep me safe. so where exactly do you guys live? i just want to get a picture as to how fucked we will all be when this happens

  312. and i should be able to defend myself. i have years of experience with firearms and some explosives.

  313. dude, friends dont let friends blog drunk. lay off the beer, crusading.

  314. man, imagine what our main force would be if this blog wasnt here from earlier posts i can gather that the average “zombie hunter” would be:

    1: over caffienated

    2: dumber than dirt as far as zombies go.

    3:weighed down by their heavy packs and unable to run

    4: not be able to shoot shit

    5: later due to the caffiene would fall asleep and be eaten

    6: not hole up in safe buildings

    7:use vehicles

    8: screw us over by yelling help! help! let me in! right next to our base atrracting zombies

    9:probably light their asses on fire due to unsafe use of firepower

    and the list goes on. i say that we try to educate as many people as possible about the threat of zombies and how to effeciently take care of the problem. if you can educate just one person, that is one more that will be there to watch your back.

  315. and, i came up with a solution for the hordes of zombies. too many zombies on your defenses? simple. get everyone inside a building, behind something, and quiet. then find some sort of visible aerial launcher(flaregun, roman candle, etc.) fire it over your barricade at a 45 degree angle (preferably in the opposite direction of your wall, so they go away) then just stay there, stay, quiet, and hope they go away.

    oh, and if you can block off an area around your base, do it.

    my place is just next to a large residential area. fortunatley, it is next to a fairly high crime area(not too close though) so their is some extra beefy security on a bunch of fences around the area im just going to pile shit in front of a few streets in my area to give me an advantage (one less route for zombies to come through)

    note: these will not act as my outer wall. they will simply be stuff that will get in the way of zombies to deter them from seeing me or my base it will be like a line of small sedans (bumper to bumper) or something.

  316. well, i would rather deal with the shit, than hordes of dead shit…..but yea, the bridged city does seem rather simple, but where to get the supplies to build it? I don’t think Home Depot will be open with the manager trying to eat all the staff, and that place would probably be raided for supplies early on.

  317. The best weapon to have during an invasion, is a crowbar! They’re good for forcing open doors and locks; They are lightweight; They can be used as melee weapons. The bent edge could easily penetrate a zombie’s skull.
    The place I would go would have to be the Mall. the only drawbacks, are that there are too many entrances.

  318. ohhh, i doubt someones going to make off with all the building materials. a grocery store would probably be higher on someones list than a hardware store. i mean, if you had the chance to loot one building, would you grab a weeks worth of food and water, or a feww sheets of ply wood? plus it can be made from other things we find. and if it aint open, i will just break in. are they going to catch me on camera and arrest me when there are zombies everywhere?

  319. home depot isnt going to be raided that much. a grocery store is more prone to that.

  320. hmmm……havent thought of that…..damn, shows how much i pay attention

  321. the best thing in a zombie attack is to not go and run out into the streets right away. if it happens, you WILL hear about before they get there, so just sit tight whereever you are with whatever supplies you have. dont move for a while unless you either

    A: run out of supplies

    B:think you can get safer

    C: are in a horrible position.(middle of a mall, hospital, etc)

    just had to get that out there. the main danger within the first 24 hours of an attack is not zombies, but other uninformed humans. you dont want to be in the middle of a riot fighting for your life.

    also, try not to shoot and kill zombies AT LEAST for the first 24 hours. your gunshots will make your predicament worse.

  322. also, i have changed my plan. i am ditching the bridged city unless i have a huge ass force. i scouted out the warehouse down my street, and it is LOADED with supplies. there is lots of rock, wooden pallets, huge beams, steel stuff, not to mention lots of piping(great for building in a pinch) plus there is a baseball field behind it.(no idea why) that would be good for farming if i need food. also in my area are numerous stores with good supllies.(radioshack, kragen auto parts, etc.)

  323. im going to build a signifigantly smaller base too it will have an extensive structure on the roof, walls everywhere, and a special entrance. you know those things in those “pipe” playgrounds?

    there a sort of tower with “ledges” on either side. it will look sort of like this:
    I— I
    I —I
    I— I
    I —I

    zombies lack the brainpower to think: “oh, i need to go this way, then that way, then this way again to get in” i will also sand and oil the outside of this so they cant climb it. motor oil should do the trick. but any human could scramble in without thinking about it.

    it will extend all the way to the structure on the roof, and there will be stairs down into the building. it will be a little ways from the building(20 feet or so) so that the zombies passby it without realizing it is a piece of the building

  324. is that like those tower thingies in Chucky Cheese…..damn i miss those things…i cant fit in em any more :'(

  325. exactly. that is where i got the idea from actually. by the way, to let all of you know, i am now on the zombie survival and defense wiki if you want to look me up. my username is hunter57. a thread i post on alot would be the zsdw base ideas thread. hope i see you there!

  326. Hey guys, I’m back. on the above subject of the first 24 hours, i think it’d be best to hole up in your house until the riots and such cease, then go out and loot for supplies. as i live in northern VA, an area criscrossed with Highways, it would bee easy to move to a safer location and secure weapns- tons of Home Depots, Walmarts, grocery stores, Costcos aroun. thank god

  327. For Weapons I have three 10/22’s w/30 round mags, 1911 in 38 super, ak in .223, pump 12 gauge, a digging crow bar (5ft to 6ft of pure iron and weighs about 25 to 35 pounds) it’ll make inertia work for you, breaking skulls, bones etc…
    the best hold outs are… power substations ( if you town’s got them, the walls are usually at least two feet thick, with heavy steel doors big enough to drive large vehicles through (note: take an rv or portapottie, cause these places don’t have no shitters). One summer in high school I worked at the local power co. cleaning the yards at these subs, and was told that the walls and steel doors were engineered to take a semi tractor @ 50 mph with no damage!!! The walls are usually 18 feet tall!! P.S. be careful, especially if there is still power, do not ever,ever, ever, ever, ever touch the high voltage power lines or transformer and condensors… unless there is no power!

  328. Just a good ol chuck norris roundhouse kick will clear em all. And some berretas. :violent

  329. those are some pretty odd weapons of choice there Rojo, definitely have variety there. and good idea for a place to lay low, didnt think of that. umm… dont really have that much else to add really. i think hunters idea for his fortress is a good one, especially if you have the time and manpower to accomplish this.
    on a different note, i feel that the main threat stems not from the zombies themselves, but instead from other survivors. i think that that will be the most difficult thing to get past. i am of course referring to scavengers, looters, and such. although what i plan on doing will very much be just that.
    my plan as of right now is simple. i live in town now, so my first course of action would be to get the hell out! i would contact my various family members and friends and tell them to pack food, supplies and weapons. then i would tell them to head out to my da’s place. he has a really big (6 bed, 3 bath!) house w/ a finished basement out in the country with only one road leading in. i would have already armed myself with my new M-4 (thats right!) and my various other weapons, gathered supplies quickly and headed out there.
    it is also advantageous as my uncles store all their hunting gear out there for when they come down from the city. that means a couple hundred extra rounds of ammo, bows, and other gear, including rifles; some of which are very nice. and yes, the house will have already been barricaded. we have a bunch of extra lumber just lying around, as well as barbed wire.
    and then, depending on whether we are attacked by zombies or whomever, or if we have enough food or any number of exemptions, we will most likely loot the grocery stores in town. we can check the two gun shops and the pawn shop downtown (it has a ton of guns, ammo, and gear!), although i think that may end fruitlessly. theres also a national guard outpost about twenty miles from here that we may also explore.
    then, we sit tight for the time being because i am not really sure what to do next, haha.

  330. If I had any weapon, I would have a chainsaw, its powerful, and its a classic, just as long as the fuel doesnt run out.

  331. First thing this guy is of his rocker. The only way to kill a zombie is to either cut of is brain cord or cut of his head as you cannot move without a brain so the only thing that would be able to move would b his head though if you burn his body the individual body parts may still move around according to the Girls Guide of How to be the Best at Everything. So if I were you, I wouldn’t even bother with guns.
    Second thing, when you are bitten or scratched by a zombie you have one hour before you turn into a zombie of which you don’t even know is going to happen. And once you turn into one YOU ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, BRAINDEAD! You can no longer think for yourself to kill yourself so more people don’t have to be killed. My best advice to you would be to check your body carefully after a encounter for bites or scratchmarks, and upon finding something, put your head between your legs and kiss your rear end goodbye.
    Third the best thing you can do would be to gather together in a well stocked large hideout (such as a supermasrket or mall)with plenty of exits.barracade yourself in and make sure you have a emergency exit. When heading out dress in full bikers leather gear. Don’t venture out often. When you do your best form of transportation is by bikes as cars can run out of gas and can break down more likely than bikes.

  332. At least now I know I am not the only one still checking this…..I feel so alone :'(

  333. My armor of chioce would be a shark suit (head to toe chian-mail). Try biting throgh that zombies! 😉

  334. So okay, i’ve got a question. Let’s say you have your ride ( say a Yukon XL with a brush guard) with plenty of food, water, fuel, 1 assault rifle, 1 handgun, 1 sniper rifle, and with 500 rounds per gun. Alright, now your tired of being on the run, sleeping in your ride and just want a place to fortify and hold up for awhile. Now stay with me, you happen by a wal-mart (or variant) that is abandoned save for zombies everywhere. FIRST, how would you go about taking it over?
    SECOND, how would you fortify it? And keep in mind that you can only use whats in the store or on the premises.
    FOLLOW UP QUESTION; say theres a home depot (or variant) nearby; if you could only take three things from there, would you take and why?

  335. anyway, all i was saying earlier was that if you had the people and equipment, i dont think itd be a bad idea to go out to wyoming or somewhere and take over a city (one thats possibly already abandoned) and build walls around it. thats the just of it

  336. the perfect weapon for a zombie invasion is a chainsaw and a swan off gun and a bottle of Cola !!! the perfect battlefield is in MALL

  337. My weapon(s) would be a machete,a hatchet,a wooden baseball bat with a metal shell,and if I could find it a.22 something.

  338. Im not to sure if this has been said yet but a chainsaw it a dumb idea. Think about it Requires full which you could use on better things and it’s noisy as hell and after you chopped up a few zombies with it, it wil lstart jamming because of all the zombie guts and shit.

  339. Hmmmm…I would use a mace. You know, a steel handle with a steel ball at the end with spikes. Then I would have a chain mace, which in my head is a chain with those steel balls + spikes on either end. Then I would have a quiver of arrows, a bow, a bag of steel shuriken stars, perhaps a Winchester rifle or a .45 revolver, and a bottle of poison to dip my arrows and shurikens in. Then maybe a lighter to set my arrows on fire before shooting. 🙂

  340. Go up stairs and watch tv. Seriously Zombies are fucked. Have you every tried to break down a locked door? It takes a concentred effort aimlessly ponding your fists on it is not going to do it. Your biggest problem is going to be food and water but with a few hours warning you can stock up enough to last for months. Just wait for the military, which is designed to kill large groups of intellegent people armed with automatic rifles and explosives, to clean up a few randomly shuffling morons too stupid to open a car door.

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